One Piece 549: Ship Sailing Forth

Hey broken1i here,

I’d like to introduce our newest author, Chris a.k.a Zekks.  He’ll be covering One Piece manga so be sure to check his reviews out.  The following is a review, written by Zekks himself, of the most recent chapter.  Feel free to comment below and email him with suggestions at Until then my fellow cadets, adios.


Seriously, the title is Ship Sailing Forth? Is that a bad pun to go with the opening page of Franky seemingly creating some yellow snow for all the readers?

Mustve been 80s week when they were passing out haircuts...Must’ve been 80’s week when they were passing out haircuts…

And there you go. *Insert Vanilla Ice music* Blackbeard’s back. with a brand new invention, Something grabs a hold of me tightly, Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly…err..nevermind I’ll stop there. So it seems as though Shinryuu is the new go to man for them . I know that Blackbeards going to be a major contributor and character in the near and possible far future in the series, but I mean come on, at least give him some decent looking crewmembers not a bunch of long haired fruity hat wearing weirdos.

Big man faces pictureBig man faces picture

Did he seriously say a man of your stature? Maybe that’s why the image of Blackbeard is cut off at the waist..

One other thing; Blackbeard + no shirt = bad images engraved in my mind. I hope its not that hard to draw him a shirt so we can go a week without seeing his man….ness being bared. But back to the plot. It seems now the Shinryuu can’t pass up another offer from Blackbeard to become one of his crew now that’s he’s done them all a solid. The first question that comes to my mind in regards to this is how are they going to get off Impel Down? Obviously they had their own ship to get there in the first place. So I’m guessing that its still there for them to take and depart on. But then that begs a few other questions like how come Straw Hat and the others didn’t see it at all when trying to escape? And we still know that a now superly pissed Magellan is still around after having been tricked and letting Straw Hat and company get away through the Gate. Are we going to see a round two of Blackbeard pirates versus poison fiend Magellan? And how are they going to get the gate open to escape assuming that they are to follow Luffy to the grand skirmish that we all hope is going to happen between the Marine and Whitebeard contingencies at Marine HQ.

Back to Senor Luff. We find out that Inuzuma is still alive though hormone…boy…girl…thing Ivankov has saved his life but can’t do much more at this point. They we move on to the continued mourning of Bon-chan numero dos. But instead of being able to read the mood of the rest of the crew, jolly old Buggy boy suggests a party and tries to pop the balloon of Luffy who hopes against the seeming inevitable loss of Bon-chan.


We then skip over to a quick conversation between the former Shiki’s about… I think that with Sandman calling that…”out of the ordinary” is like the kettle calling to pot black if ya know what I mean coming from a guy that basically is one with the sand. Then Luffy steps back into the conversation with Jimbei and does it seem to anyone else that it sounds like Luffy’s almost giving him the “Hey, thanks for everything. NowI want you to become one of my crew” pre-talk? I know that this isn’t probably very likely all things considered because why would Oda give Luffy’s crew someone so powerful that might skew things in terms of the whole underdog overcoming the stronger opponents theme but who knows. I’m just throwing things out there for people to discuss….or totally ream me for. What about this then: Jimbei’s saying that he gets another chance to achieve his goal thanks to Luffy of saving Ace. So we’re obviously missing backstory between the two, so that would always be great to get more info on in future chapters. I’d love to see a flashback of a fight between Ace and Jimbei. But what’s going on with the flash to Arlong inbetween thoughts? I mean, seriously? This guy again? I don’t have a clue where that would be going. Jimbei is way stronger than Arlong will ever be I would think so I don’t know where Oda would take this storyline. And then we have finally the realization of Luffy and Buggy after Jimbei declares himself to them. Something that the rest of us had known for like the past 3000 chapters.

Sir Croc: too cool for schoolSir Croc: Too cool for school

Then we get the invetible talk between the WNN (weakling no-names) and the rest of the NG (Named Guys) that:

NG: “Hmm…ok…now on to Marine HQ”

WNN: “…right…..ahhhh..whaaaaa?!?!?”

Duh.  We all knew Buggy was behind it the whole time....Duh. We all knew Buggy was behind it the whole time….

The only interesting part of this that Luffy has the testicular fortitude to go ahead and call Marine HQ and tell them exactly what he’s gonna do. They we get the little revelation that the marines think that Buggy is the other mastermind behind the breakout along with Luffy. Buggy?!? The only thing this tells us is despite all the information in the world that they’ve been able to collect, they can’t think outside the box. They, along with some many others fall into the trap of Correlation and causation. For those of you unfamiliar, its “the incorrect assumption that because something correlates, there is a causal relationship. They fail to understand that, just because results show a correlation, there is no proof of an underlying causality. The correlation here is that the Marines think that because Buggy was on the crew of Roger, therefore he must be a lot smarter and stronger than previously thought and therefore also must be a cause responsible for the breakout from Impel Down. Not sure if this explanation is very good but hopefully you know what I’m saying. And if you don’t, check this out for another explanation of the concept.

Finally somebody says what we've all been thinkinig since first being introduced to BuggyFinally somebody says what we’ve all been thinkinig since first being introduced to Buggy

The only thing I find really interesting about this whole thing is I wonder where they got the information from. Other than that….all I kinda hear is blah blah blah…until Luffy throws down the gauntlet affirming that he’s going to save Ace. Then probably my favorite part of the chapter with the quick cuts to the rest of the NGs on the ships. The segmented lines just cracked me up especially Sir Croc’s (which totally fits his attitude of someone who thinks they’re too cool for school) and Ivankov’s comment. Oh snap! Those were the comments we all were thinking that Oda finally expressed the whole time Buggy’s been back on the scene especially since being shown again in Impel Down…

And then we go on with the name dropping. Luffy dropping Rayleigh’s name like it ain’t no thang in casual conversation to Buggy about his old crew.

Luffy: “Oh yeah, we met that guy…what was his name? Rayleigh?”

WNNs: “You mean the second in command to like one of the strongest pirates ever? The Dark King?!?! ….*insert collective jaw dropping here*

After their initial shock and Buggy’s inner monologue…blah blah blah…the WNN get the idea that they can take over the ship from Luffy, Croc, Jim, and Ivankov. Those being the same ones who just took out a whole fleet and Impel Down jailers to get this far…..hmm…great thinking there. No wonder they ended up imprisoned in the first place, espeically on the higher levels of Impel Down. I like Croc’s thinking on this one—“Eh they’re weak, lets just get rid of ‘em.” But then Buggy gets his moment on the stage. And just when we think he might be supporting Luffy, he goes on saying he wants to “top” Whitebeard. Sigh….would it too much to wish that Croc might just “nudge” him over the side accidently in the near future? Though Buggy does prevent the so-called uprising of the WNNs and gets them onboard traveling to Marine HQ, I still see how he’s going to contribute to saving Ace from being executed in the future.

Cue Led Zeppelin here....Cue Led Zeppelin here….

I hope someone gets the caption…I mean the staircase…Led Zeppelin….Ace about to be executed and go to…..awww just go google it already.

Cue Led ZeppelinEnter the Sandman et al?

Sorry bout the lame caption again. Just couldn’t resist another song reference. Promise there won’t be any more in this post.

Last two pages are dedicated to Ace’s view finally as we see him being led towards his final place of detainment at the gallows. Here we also get a sentimental flashback of him and Luffy as kids promising to live their life as without regrets and as free as they can before he’s led out into the light from the darkness. So what do you guys think? It seems like Ace is almost being set up to be another martyr like Gold Roger was at the gallows. What do you think the chances are of him getting saved from being executed versus being a martyr for the pirate cause and inspiration for the next gen of pirates like Gold Roger was to Luffy et al?

One Piece Motivational Poster

Well, that’s it for my first breakdown of One Piece. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If things go over well or this gets any response whatsoever, maybe I can continue doing them in the future. I’d love to hear some predictions about what everyone else thinks is going to happen in the next couple chapters? Who’s gonna pop up that we don’t expect (Mihawk, Shanks?) and who’s gonna get it on the royal rumble that you know is just chapter from hopefully starting.

And now, I leave you with this: my personal Goddess of Anime Yoruichi (at least for the week cause I just saw the new Mizukage. Rarw!). Or, just comment if you want to see me post more pics of hottness. I’ll take that too.


PS: here’s another quick funny for those of you out there that read this far.   Also, don’t forget to let the mouse hover over the pictures for a few seconds to see if there’s a comment you may have missed.

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  1. First!!!

  2. thanks for posting it here… nice picture… ^^

  3. LMAO, Nice breakdown Zekks! I especially liked the poster and the vegetable pic at the end. XD

    Shanks! Definitely Shanks needs to join the fight.

  4. Nice breakdown lol, i agree lets all vote shanks, i wouldn’t be surprised if he came

  5. Great Job Zekks!

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