Bleach Anime 227: Wonderful Error and WoM News

Hey all, MsMandi here. I will be taking over the Bleach anime reviews from now on. This weeks episode was filler fluff again, about when Ichigo and gang started at Karakura High, not much of importance there so i’m not going to do a full breakdown. I will however be back next week, if it’s not filler that is. So have a good week and look forward to Underscores Bleach manga breakdown and Penny’s Naruto breakdowns. Plus Broken1 will be unveiling his FMA breakdowns on Friday.

On another note I will not being doing the weekly AMV spot any more, i’m only going to be doing it once a month so be sure to tune in for that. We also have a few other ideas we are working on so be sure to come over and check the new things we’ll be adding.

yachiru copy


~ by Miranda on July 8, 2009.

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