It’s Time for Manga Spoilers!!!

It’s me, Tsunades Twin with your weekly spoiler fix.  First up we have….


Then there is Naruto!!! OH MY GOD!  Looks like you Danzou/Madara theorists may be onto something….


I will add others as they become available.




Edit: There is no One Piece this week, so no spoilers. It will be back next week…~MsMandi


~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on July 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “It’s Time for Manga Spoilers!!!”

  1. O_O wow

  2. awesome spoilers !!!

    Shocking !!!

  3. 1 month ago i said: Hokage are said to be the strongest ninja in their village i wounder just how strong Danzou really is.

    I’m pretty sure that i said danzou could be madara. tobi covering right eye obito right eye smashed. he only showed sasuke the side of his face with the sharingan and not his full face so he doesn’t know how he looks only his name is madara.

  4. i’d like to add danzou only show his left side of his face to the elders and villagers

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