Vampire Knight 1: The Night Class at Cross Academy

Hey everyone! As you can tell we are going to be expanding our manga/anime breakdowns. Today i’m starting with Vampire Knight which is one of my favorite mangas. So on we go, I hope you enjoy.

We begin with snow and blood, and apparent confusion.

And a little girl, lost in the snow,

A man asks if she is lost. Then asks if he can drink her blood, a vampire.

He grabs her, and lowers his mouth to her neck as she cries for him to stop. Then another mysterious man appears, saving the little girl, calling the first man a disgrace to Vampire kind.

The mysterious man asks if she is ok, then we skip ahead ten years to the Cross Academy.

The little girl is Yukki Kurosu and she is now a prefect for the day class at Cross Academy. She tells everyone it’s past curfew and directs them back to the dorm, but the school girls appear to be waiting for something.

Cross Academy is a school seperated into two classes, Day Class and Night Class. They share the school in rotation, but when the time comes for the classes to switch it is complete chaos and that’s because….

Yukki tries to hold the Day Class girls back, but they push her out of the way and she falls. Someone reaches down to help her up, the same mysterious man from that night ten years ago….Kaname.

Kuran Kaname, the representitive of the Night Class and dorm leader, and the man who saved Yukki’s life. He reaches out to put his hand on her shoulder, but he is grabbed by a white haired boy who takes a protective stance over Yukki.

The boy, Zero another prefect of the Day Class, tells Kaname to get to his class, and Kaname scoffs at him. He turns to Yukki and tells her to remember the rules, because not only is the night class a elite group of students…they are something else too…

The job of class prefect is a cover, Yukki and Zero are the “school guardians.”  They protect the secret of the Night Class students. For many centuries there were conflicts between humans and Vampires, and many are still scared of them. Yukki and Zero are charged with keeping the peace, and making sure no one in the Day Class finds out the truth.

Yukki and Zero go to the chairman, where Zero yells at him. Asking him how he expects them to guard vampires and a screaming pack of fangirls and calls Yukki useless, to which they get into a fight about who is more useless. Zero demands the chairman to bring in another prefect to which the chairman says “impossible.”  He goes on to explain why and we also find out that Yukki and Zero are brother and sister, and the chairman is their father. A fact that Zero seems to dispute.

The chairman says that he hopes for a day when vampires and humans can coexsist peacefully, which is the reason for Cross Academy. Zero gets pissed and takes off, the chairman says he understands how he feels, that there are still vampires that feed on humans. Yukki defends the vampires, saying they are pacifists and they wouldn’t do such things. She tells the chairman not to worry about it, and jumps out of the window.

Here we get a little history, after Kaname saved Yukki he took her to the chairman where he raised her as his own daughter. She has no memory from before the night she met Kaname and considers that to be the night she was born. And she believes that Vampires and Humans can coexsist together.

We jump back to the story with Yukki and Zero both asleep in class, earning them detentions. Yukki wakes up and begs her friend Yori to go to detention with her so she doesn’t have to be alone with Zero. Even though they were both adopted by the chairman and share no blood they act quite alot like normal brothers and sisters do. The bickering, name calling ect…

We then change over to Kaname, where he explains that he and the other Night Class students are the first to test the newly developed blood tablets, and that they are the pride of the entire vampire kind. They are the first to try to live with humans and exsist peacefully.

The story jumps back to Zero and Yukki who are on watch, and Zero starts giving Yukki a hard time about Kaname, calling him her “hero.”  Yukki comments that all is peaceful and that they could take off and go to bed, but Zero says that he doesn’t trust the vampires, and there is no way he’d let his guard down around them. We then find out why Zero hates vampires so much.

Yukki sees that there are some Day Class girls breaking curfew, so she jumps down and demands their names and class, scaring the crap out of them. She tells them wandering around after curfew is against the rules and to get back to their dorms. Then she notices one of the girls is bleeding, which puts her in a panic and she demands they leave immediately. She starts pushing them then she feels someone else there, and she pulls a weapon out of her sleeve.

She swings the weapon, but it is caught by one of the Night Class students.

Yukki jumps in front of the girls, and tells Kain and Aidou that if they touch the girls they will be sorry. But Aidou suprises her, saying the blood that drew them to that spot was not the girls, but hers. He grabs her hand, and Yukki panics. He leans down and bares his teeth at her hand. The Day Class girls freak out, calling him a vampire. Yukki tries to pull away, but Aidou is too strong and he bites her. He then asks if he can bite her neck, and the Day Class girls collapse. Yukki continues to struggle, and Kain stands in the back doing nothing. Then from out of nowhere Zero appears, holding a gun to Aidous’ head.


Aidou tells Zero that it was just a taste, and Zero starts to pull the trigger but Yukki grabs him and the shot goes off into the distance. It was enough to scare Aidou, and piss off Yukki. Aidou stares at the mark that Zero’s gun made, and asks wtf. Kaname comes out from behind the tree, and explains just what the weapon that Zero is holding is.

Kaname takes away Kain and Aidou, berating them the whole way. The girls are taken to the chairman for memory modification and Kaname say he hopes the incident didn’t bring back any bad memories, and Yukki says no she’s fine. Zero grabs her hand, wraps it with a cloth. Then they leave, with Zero commenting on the smell of blood making him sick. Yukki goes on to talk about how Zero is mor talkative than he was four years ago, and how he’s changed. Then he suprises her while she’s drying her hair, they get into a sibling squabble over the bathroom, and she promises that she’ll be more careful from now on.

Then it jumps to Aidou and Kaname. Aidou is saying that after tasting Yukki’s blood he won’t be able to endure the blood tablets, and the trouble he is in is worth it. Then Kaname keeps his pimp hand strong by slapping Aidou.

And that’s the end, I know it starts out pretty slow, but it picks up soon. I hope you guys like this, and come back for the rest of the breakdowns. Don’t forget, Broken1 starts his FMA breakdowns 2morrow and expect some more manga breakdowns in the next week or so!

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~ by Miranda on July 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Vampire Knight 1: The Night Class at Cross Academy”

  1. YOOOOSSSHH!!! AWESOME BREAKDOWN MANDI!!! I’m going to start reading it now! This manga about vampires and their big creepy anime eyes. 🙂

  2. Well make sure you keep coming back to read my breakdowns!!

  3. See look!! I read it 😀 Cool breakdown 😉 Got to love this manga!

  4. I was hoping that Zero would blow a hole in Aidou’s head ,just to see him regenerate or something like that. 🙂 that would have been awesome. Like you said so far its been a bit slow but i think i’m going to try to follow along with you . Some things look promising so far.

  5. ITS KANAME AND YUUKI! that are bro and sis

  6. Hiya! I simply want to give a huge thumbs up for the nice information you will have right here on
    this post. I will be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

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