Vampire Knight 2: Zero’s Secret

Hey everyone, here’s the breakdown for chapter 2 of Vampire Knight….Enjoy!

We start this chapter with the girls of the Day Class standing outside the gates, making lots of noise which wakes up Akatsuki. He looks out the window and he realizes what day it is….

We cut to Yukki, who is once again trying to get the girls to quit bothering the Night Class. She tells them to go to class and notices a girl sitting on another girls shoulders trying to get her chocolates over the wall to the Night Class. Yukki yells at her and the girl starts falling backwards. Yukki rushes to try and catch the girl before she hits the ground but Zero jumps in and catches her. She thanks him and he glares at her. Then proceeds to give all the girls a royal ass chewing.

Yukki then tells Zero he just lost all his chances to get a Valentine and he asks Yukki what he should have said. He tells her they have to prevent the girls from finding out the secret, and Yukki agrees. Then we jump to Akatsuki and Aidou who think it will be a fun evening…..even if they’d rather have blood than chocolates. Then it jumps to Zero and Yukki talking about Valentines Day with the Chairman. He tells them that the danger is increased on Valentines Day and they must be extra dilligent. Yukki agrees with enthusiasm, but Zero says that they should just ban the holiday, to which the Chairman replies…

The Chairman tells Zero that he understands that he thinks Vampires and Humans can’t coexist peacefully, but there are some Vampires that want to try…despite the past. But Zero says it’s impossible because the past can never be erased. Just when the converstation starts getting serious Yukki jumps in with this…

As she drags Zero to class she askes herself why the Chairman says things like that when he knows they open old wounds for Zero. He pulls away from her, and she looks up at him startled, then apologizes saying she didn’t realize she was still holding onto him. Zero says it’s fine, then looks away.

Later that day Yukki is sitting in class and asks Yori if she is giving chocolates to anyone. Yori says she can’t be bothered and asks Yukki the same. Yukki blushes and says she’s not, but Yori sees the ribbon and asks who they are for, and  she assumes it isn’t for the person sitting behind them glaring, Zero.

Zero berates her, telling her shes a prefect and can’t believe she’s giving chocolates to “him.”  Yukki sinks down in her chair and then the bell rings releasing them from class. It cuts to Yukki trying to keep all the Day Class girls organized as the night class comes out.

The Night Class lines up at their assigned gates and Kaname reminds Aiduo to behave himself. As they get in their lines someone comments about it being moronic. Things go peacefully, and Kaname gets so many chocolates he has to start turning them away. He turns to leave, which disappoints Yukki. He tells her to be safe, and she says she will. She watches him walk away, then gets into a shoving match with a few of the girls and she drops her chocolates. Zero picks them up and….

Kaname looks at it and tells Yukki he accepts it and then….

As Kaname is walking one of the Night Class girls comes up behind him and volunteers to carry his valentines. He tells her to get rid of them, except for the one he got from Yukki. Saying it’s the only one he wants. Then we jump back to Aidou misbehaving again…

Yukki yells at him, then turns to talk to Zero but he’s gone. We find Zero, leaning against a wall, he collapses and then…..

Next the story jumps to the Chairman talking to Zero, who is clearly in pain. He asks Zero why he does this to himself, why he fights it. Zero tells him to shut up and shudders in pain. The Chairman hands him a glass and says if he drinks it, the pain will stop…..

Zero says never, and the Chairman looks at him in silence. He talks to Zero (see inset), and Yukki wobbles back to the dorm….


Yukki walks into the bathroom to find Zero on the floor crying. She asks him whats wrong, then she drys his hair and puts his shirt on him. Then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a gift. A chocolate, which she feeds to him….which hints at a little sibling lovin…..and it’s not really incest since they aren’t really related…but it does show the beginnings of the love triangle that is to come.

Yukki looks down and Zero is holding something in his hand….a blood tablet. She takes it from him, and she wonders why he has it. Then it jumps to Kaname who is putting a blood tablet in a glass of water, one of the Night Class students, (I can’t tell which one), comments to Kaname that Zero was looking off color and Kaname says it was bound to happen.

 Alright that’s the end of this chapter…..not much really happened until the end…we get a hint about Zero’s secret and you can see the love triangle coming from a mile away….so stay tuned. I’ll have the next breakdown in a day or so.

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~ by Miranda on July 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Vampire Knight 2: Zero’s Secret”

  1. LMAO!!!! I love the principal of the school. This manga has nice comedy and do I sense a little romance coming up so soon? Lol, I kinda know the question that already. 😉

    Great breakdown once again Mandi. I’m on chapter 10 now and it’s picking up nicely. 🙂

  2. Well Super, what another 30 chapters to go? 😉 *waiting patiently for next update* @_@

  3. Hey Mandi,

    I had been having trouble branching out from the Naruto manga but I have to say that this one is fantastic. You did an awesome job on the breakdown. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe that Yuuki didn’t see the Zero’s secret when she picked up the Blood tablet that Zero had.

    Zero + Blood Tablet = Dum Dum Dum @.@

  5. Yukki is a bit slow sometimes, you see it more than once throughout the manga…..

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