Bleach Anime 228: Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!

Konichiwa! Here is this weeks breakdown of the Bleach anime, which yes is a filler, and you all know how contempt I am of fillers. I chose to do the breakdown this week for a few reasons, one cause the guys might get a kick out of it since it’s all about the beach and swimsuits, two because the anime will be going on hiatus after next weeks episode and three…well..Yachiru is just so cute in this ep! Anyways, on we go…

We start this episode with the ladies of Soul Society picking out swimming suits. And the first part that I got a kick out of in this episode was this right here….

Methinks Soi Fon wants Yoruichi to be more than just her Sensei

Methinks Soi Fon wants Yoruichi to be more than just her Sensei

So, while Soi Fon is drooling over the thought of her Sensei in a bikini, Yoruichi is busy picking out a swim suit for Soi Fon which is a hideous magenta one piece. Soi Fon freaks out, and tries to pick another swimsuit but is over ruled by her Sensei….

Now for your viewing pleasure, the sexy ladies of Soul Society….

Rangiku- The new Hooters poster girl

Rangiku- The new Hooters poster girl

*Cough Cough* Im sick, is there a doctor with huge knockers in the house?

*Cough Cough* I'm sick, is there a doctor with huge knockers in the house?

Isane blushes as the legions of male Bleach fans nosebleed to death

Isane blushes as the legions of male Bleach fans nosebleed to death

Two very dull characters that look very good in swimsuits....

Two very dull characters that look very good in swimsuits....

Soi Fon doesnt look so bad in that one piece.....but DAMN her Sensei is smoking!!

Soi Fon doesn't look so bad in that one piece.....but DAMN her Sensei is smoking!!

*SQUEEEE* Yachiru is soooo CUTE!!!

*SQUEEEE* Yachiru is soooo CUTE!!!


Anywho, now that everyone has got their drool on back to the story…..Ichigo asks why all of the girls are at the beach in the real world, and we find out that Byakuya destroyed the pool in Soul Society.

Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Pool Edition...I am your host Byakuya

Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Pool Edition...I am your host Byakuya

And Yachiru’s reaction is classically epic!

Yachiru FTEW!!

Yachiru FTEW!!

So the ladies decide to head the the real world for some “fine arts” training. If fine arts means running around with hot chicks in bikinis all day, i’ll take that class!! Ehem…sorry…anywho. They explain to Ichigo that they have put up a barrier between their spot on the beach and the real world, then low and behold…guess who is at the beach….

Now why exactly did you blow up the pool again?!

Now why exactly did you blow up the pool again?!


Ichigo asks why Byakuya is there, and Byakuya says that being at the beach is good for him……Ichigo scoffs and asks why….then um…well…

 H-H-HOTNESS!! *drool* . *Mandis brain explodes* X.X

H-H-HOTNESS!! *drool* >.< *Mandi's brain explodes* X.X






Hey all, this is Penny. Sorry about the delay in the breakdown, we’ll be back with it shortly, once we’ve pieced Mandi’s brain back together. So stay tuned!!

*Penny whips out her mad scientist coat and puts Mandi’s brain back together with some fishing line and a crochet hook. She then take a set of jumper cables hooked up to her car and attaches them to the new bolts in Mandi’s neck and revs the engine while laughing maniacally and scream ” LIVE, DAMN YOU! LIVE.”*

Ehem, sorry about that guys….I had a melt down from all the hotness…..

And now, back to the show! 

Ukitake tells Ichigo that they are all there to have fun, and they all needed to relax and the proceeds to pass out from 5 seconds of heat exposure.

Unconcious and still does that work out exactly?

Unconcious and still does that work out exactly?

So, Ukitake is getting fanned by his minions so Ichigo and  Renji go to get some ice for him…..and guess who is working at the shop they walk into……..that’s right Tits Mcgee *retch* and dun dun dun Emo Boy Ishida!!! As well as Chad….well, the gangs all here…just what you’d expect from a filler episode….*sigh* Ichigo freaks out and goes, WTF are ya’ll doing here, and then the meaningful music starts playing in the background as Renji reminds Ichigo that Ukitake is depending on them. Tits giggles, *retch* and Emo boy says tho shinigami are still his enemy he won’t refuse Ukitake…..So Ichigo explains to Tits *retch* why he needs the ice, so Tits *retch* calls none other than Hitsugaya to produce some ice….ok really? who didn’t see that coming from a mile off?! *facepalm*
Ichigo asks why Hitsugaya isn’t on the beach with the others….and Toshiro says it’s too hot for his body…and I restrain from making a comment about Toshiro’s body because I don’t want to look like a pedophile. So, Hitsugaya uses his zanpaktou to make his little ice dragon which Ichigo calls overkill…I agree….and Tits goes off on a tangent about making stuff with the left over ice….I really do hate her. Ichigo, Renji and Chad stare at Tits with a look rather reminicant of my own….
Would you just shut the hell up already? their faces seem to say

"Would you just shut the hell up already?" their faces seem to say

Back on the beach Rangiku is munching on a popsicle, except she looks like she’s giving it head….*male Bleach fans nosebleed in unison* And Ukitake tries to prove that he is ok, but one arm stretch tires him out. Renji askes Ukitake why they are all gathered on the beach and Ukitake explains that they are holding a sand sculpture competition. Renji and Rukia huff at  the idea, but Ukitake mentions that there is a cash prize for the winner, and everyone jumps in on it well everyone except for Rukia and Byakuya. Rukia asks her bro what he’s  gonna do, and in true Kuchiki style Byakuya turns his nose up saying he doesn’t need reward money and he is there to show off his “fine art” display….and they Kuchikis go off to build their sand sculptures. Ukitake notices that Soi Fon and Yoruichi are missing and Nanao says that they are off “fishing.” Yeah, uh huh, I believe that one….
We jump to Tits *retch* in a very revealing bathing suit bitching about how the waves look scary *rolls eyes*  Matsumoto tells her to not be scared of the waves and proceeds to squeeze her boobs together like so….
Boob Shot FTW!!

Boob Shot FTW!!

Rangiku explains to Tits *retch* that their huge chichis keep them afloat in the water….(bleach fillers are rather crude sometimes)…Nanao comes from behind and asks the Titty Twins what they are doing….and Rangiku says…
DUH! What else would we be doing with these huge things?! Jeech Nanao-Chan, get a clue!

DUH! What else would we be doing with these huge things?! Jeesh Nanao-Chan, get a clue!

Nanao freaks out on Rangiku, saying she has more self-respect and Matsumoto with a sly look on her face asks Nanao if her boobies are bigger than usual. Nanao yells at Rangiku to quit starting at her chest, and crosses her arms as Matsumoto gets an up close and personal faceful of the vice captains milk jugs…Rangiku glomps onto Nanao and she tries to struggle away as Matsumoto sticks her hand in Nanaos bikini top *nosebleed* and pulls out….



We jump to Ichigo, Renji and Ikkaku working on their sand castle. Ichigo says that he doesn’t want to work on a stupid kiddie duel anymore….there is a show of manliness and they all jump head first into their sand…thingy….Yachiru *YOSH* runs up and puts a crab on Ikkaku’s bare hiney…Ikkaku freaks out and destroys the sand castle.

I love Yachiru...Shes so cheeky!!

I love Yachiru...She's so cheeky!!

Next we jump to the snob part of the beach where Rukia and Byakuya are making their sand sculptures. Rukia bitches about everyone being too loud and Byakuya tells her to pay attention to the task at hand. We get to see what their sculptures look like….

Chappy the sand bunny!!

Chappy the sand bunny!!


A dude made out of grapes with a condom on his head??

A dude made out of grapes with a condom on his head??

Then we see Nemu standing on a cliff, with weird branchy things coming out of the water….

Next we jump to Ukitake who is exhausting himself in the heat, so he asks Sentaro if he will take over so he can lay down. Sentaro agrees and Ukitake passes out on a towel. Sentaro stares at Ukitake like he’s gonna eat him, then we pan to Kiyone trying to do Pamela Andersons Baywatch run…and failing at it completely. She comes up to Sentaro who is building a sand sculpture while Ukitake is asleep….they bicker like normal then Kiyone runs off for flowers and ice…and you’ll see why oh about….now

Hes not even dead yet and theyre trying to bury him...Poor Ukitake!

He's not even dead yet and they're trying to bury him...Poor Ukitake!

OMG, it’s a sand coffin!! Sentaro = Gaara?! >.<

So everyone is standing around admiring the awesome sand coffin when something similar to the Jaws theme song starts playing, the weird creepy branch looking things sneak up and grab Nanao and Isane. And out of the water comes a nasty looking sea creature with some wicked teeth…

I am the Krakken from the sea! If you can tell me what movie that is from ill love you forever!

"I am the Krakken from the sea!" If you can tell me what movie that is from i'll love you forever!

Unohana makes a comment about the monster being massive, Ichigo goes OMGWTFBBQ!, and Unohana says that she’s been sensing a hollows reiatsu all afternoon. Ichigo asks why she didn’t say something and Rukia says to leave her alone and that they need the Vice-Captains help. Ishida whips out his light saber bow, Chad hulks up and they shoot their respective loads at the hollow, but the hollow catchs them (get it, the hollow caught Chad and Ishidas loads)… and destroyed them. Nemu says that can’t attack with reiatsu because the hollow will eat it up and get stronger. They all comment about not having Zanpaktous until Renji whips his out *sigh* he goes to take care of the hollow but it just grabs him by the foot and throws him into the ocean. Then the hollow starts attacking and Ichigo wants to know where the hell Byakuya is at…but of course Rukia don’t know. Ukitake is asleep so he’s no good, what are these poor Shinigami to do?! The hollow grabs Tits *retch* and holds her in the air with Isane and Nanao. (Yes, maybe it’ll kill her and I won’t have to put up with her anymore!!) She screams Ichigo’s name and my annoyance level goes over 9000. Chad and Ishida volunteer to hold off the hollow so Ichigo can go get his shinigami seal but another hollow comes up out of the sand and grabs him. Then out of nowhere comes the lesbians Yoruichi and Soi Fon kick some massive hollow ass….

Girl Power FTW!

Girl Power FTW!

Yoruichi bitches Ichigo for slacking off…Then it turns out the hollow was made out of watermelon for a watermelon splitting  contest…*facepalm* Nemu tells everyone it’s not over, Yachiru (yay) get excited and more watermelon monsters come up from the ground.
And the end is Toshiro sitting in the shade eating a snow cone…….The End!
Ok, this episode has some pretty good parts…but over it was filler crap….anyways, hope you enjoyed!

~ by Miranda on July 15, 2009.

12 Responses to “Bleach Anime 228: Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!”

  1. Sweet!!

    I liked it!


    Great job Mandi can’t wait to see the episode for myself. BTW, I love Tits Mcgee and I think you know why. 😛

  3. lol great breakdown! i laughed so hard at the “byakuyas a bitch” part

  4. *drools* yummy. mmmm fan service, gotta love it 😛

  5. That part is why I decided to do this breakdown….Yachiru is the shit! I heart her

  6. awww! yachiru is so cute! lol. rangiku and orihime playing with their boobs. 😛

  7. The Penny intervention was awesome lol. Bleach comes up with the weirdest fillers sometimes. Purely epic review overall ^__^.

  8. I knew it was awesome, that’s why I wrote it…and I don’t think Penny even knows about it.

  9. Isane really surprised me as her level of HOTness was way out of the scales. I really couldn’t have pictured her like that in a bathing suite.

  10. Ok, Mandi, ok. Now that I have you back together again, can you help me out with MY brains? I sure could use a few. lmao

  11. “I am a kracken from the sea!” – Juno. Do i win love :D?

  12. goddess

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