One Piece Manga Chapter 550 ~ Marine Headquaters ~

Yo there.  Its Zekks again breaking it down just like I know you like.

The past week in One Piece Numero 550:

Like Supertrek seeing a lady...

Like Supertrek seeing a lady...

Usopp…sigh…Not a fan personally.  But hey what can you do.  Only problem is I can’t tell what he’s salivating at if ya get my drift.  Oh well.  On to the breakdown of this week’s chapter.  Boy, it was name (or rather picture) dropping left and right of the who’s who in the world of One piece as well as giving us a bunch more of mysteries like an episode of Lost.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ok with this being the only appearance of the rest of Luffy’s crew.  Right now, to me, there are just so many more interesting characters out there that I want to see and find out more about. I mean, the other Shikibuki, Shanks, Whitebeard, Blackbear, Garp, Ace, Boa, Captain Fatty Fish, and heck even our friend Sandman.   Probably the most interesting of the rest of the crew right now is Zoro, and well that’s probably just cause we all want to see what his next move is going to be in training or whatever to getting one step closer to re-challenging Mihawk.

That all aside, back to this week’s chapter; Marine HQ.


We’re started off to an around the world view of the different seas each with their own slightly different opinion on the soon to be execution/apocalypse that is assumed to be right on the horizon.  And from the looks of it,  most of them don’t seem that optimistic about the outcome in terms of surviving.

Think they show it in HD?

Think they show it in HD?

Then we get a cut to the place where the main event is gonna go down…dum dum dum…big bad Marine HQ.

Hmm....can you say foreshadowing?

Hmm....can you say foreshadowing? Eerily similar of something I just can't put my finger on.

And then Ace.  Dear older “brother” Ace.  Yeah I know, I put the quotes in.  And for those of you who don’t know why then I’ll just let you read on.  It does look like this picture of Ace right here with the swords crossed before him on his knees….hmm….remind you of any other famous pirate and scene in the past?   I will say though.  Are those chopped up exclamation points really necessary?  And are the symbols at the top of the picture supposed to say something or just supposed to impress us in their Japanese “we’re better than you” style of black lines?

And this corner...

And this corner...

Then a few pages are spent revealing the inordinate amount of defenses that have been prepared in order to prevent any sort of rescue attempt.  We see the island, the marines, the goompy looking Marine leader, battleship after battleship, and then finally starting on the main course part 1: Shikibuki.   I think this is a really interesting line up personally.  First off, if we remember back correctly, I don’t believe we yet know what Mr. Bible toating bearstein bear told the Dark King before scattering Luffy and his crew.  Is it something that might affect his actions here supposing that Luffy is able to show up in time to try and prevent the execution.  Second thing.  Boa is here.  After being the one responsible for letting Luffy do his thang in Impel Down, how’s she going to react if and assumedly when the time comes when Luffy shows up.  Does she shown her Marine loyalty and duties or is she bound to join forces with Luffy?  Lastly, we got the other 3 there.  I think that this would be prime time to see Mihawk end up having to get involved and having someone else like Shanks or even Zoro show up with a last minute block to precede an impromtu duel between the two.   And I think we’re all waiting to see Feathers McPink and what his powers are capable of doing in battle.

Too cool for school

Too cool for school

And……..Badass-ery part deuce.  Los Tres Amigos de Marine.  To be honest, I’m a little suprised to see all three of these guys here.  I was thinking before this that there might be one or two present.  But with this revelation that the three Headhonchos in terms of fighting strength are all sitting right next to our boy Ace,  I’m thinking that this battle is going to come to present in one of two ways.  First:  Whitebeards a coming, and we’re going to see all Heck break loose with everyone from the fishmen, Blackbeard, Shanks, and their third mysterious bud break a can open causing all three of these guys to have to get involved.  That being said, I think that some of the unknowns that we haven’t seen fight like WB and Shanks are going to have to be more powerful than we thought for this fight to be more than just one sided.  Then we come to the second option:  Ain’t nothing gonna happen,  any resistance is overpowered/suprised by the 3 of them being there, and we see a repeat of old Jolly Roger.  I think this is much less likely but I kinda have this feeling at the same time that somebody out there opposing the Marines knows something or has something they shouldn’t and because of this, its going to give whoever’s trying to free Ace an advantage.  You know, like a mysterious item causing the Kaze’s (heh.  Wrong Manga meeting) Admirals to be affected cause of their fruit powers or the cliche hidden tunnel under the Marine HQ.  Any other theories out there.  I’m interested in knowing if what others think is gonna happen or if I’m just way off in left field as they say.   Did I forget to mention to that on the previous page, there was a mention of Marine patrol boats going missing.  Yeah…the storm….she’s a coming..

One last comment about the image from above.  I cut it off, if you look again, you notice that Ace’s full name is used very ominously in the page as Portagas D. Ace.  Not just Ace.

I think that's like a rat tail...for his face....

I think that's like a rat tail...for his face....

Cut to a quick look at Luff and Jimbo about them arriving at the Gates of Justice and just as quick as that, we’re back to the Marine HQ with something big going down.  Seems that Garp as well as Goku SSJ4 Fleet Admiral Sengoku are mingling with the crowd as well.  And to top that, it seems Sengoku’s got a bit o’ info that Garp ain’t too pleased about being spilled to the rest of the world.

Cut to Rat-tail face addressing the various who’s who of the Marine rank and file that we’ve seen in the past.  Then we get the classic:


Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke...I swear that that was the One Manga translation

Not quite at a Star Wars level but as Rat-tail continues to blab and Ace acknowledges only Whitebeard as his father.  Then we learn that through a little known back channel of their very own CP that….

Baw chicka chicka bow wow

Baw chicka chicka bow wow

is actually Ace’s Hottie Mama.  Again bearing the D. in her name…

And if that wasn’t enough for ya…

Insert your own Momma joke in the second bubble.

Insert your own Momma joke in the second bubble.

And of course, last but not least the big reveal that his father was in fact……

None other than Gold D. Roger himself.   Yeah. sorry.  Just couldn’t resist putting in that extra space to make you scroll down.

Two men of mysterious facial hair...

Two men of mysterious facial hair...

Of the last pages, this was the part that I wanted to emphasize because think of its meaning.  Garp now obviously had a relationship with Roger.  Garp knew about Roger’s son and presumedly his wife.  He knew.  Period.  I think this just opens up the door for what else has Garp done that we don’t have a clue about.  That’s why this picture is clipped the way it is.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think Ace being revealed as Roger’s son is amazing.  But at the same time, the stunning truth here might be more related to Garp and especially his relationship with Roger and then what he’ll do in the future in terms of where his loyalties lie.  Any and all thoughts/theories on the issue would be greatly appreciated.

So that’s it for this week.  Let me know what you think in the comments section.  The more people comment that happier I get and the more you get in the future not that I’m trying to bribe people.  How bout we try and prove that One Piece can get as many comments from our readers as the Naruto and Bleach ones.

Oh and P.S.  Here’s your awesome fan art of the week as well as a random hilarious web comic as promised to keep on coming thanks to and copyrighted to


Last night. Me and her.

And your weekly hotties in dedication to the awesome Bleach anime episode:





~ by zekks on July 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “One Piece Manga Chapter 550 ~ Marine Headquaters ~”

  1. YOSH, great breakdown Zekks. Liked how you highlighted all 3 Admirals being there and what Boa Hancok and Kuma must be going through. I think Boa will cooperate with the marines fully unless it’s Luffy she’s personally fighting.

    *stares at Bleach picture some more* 0_0

    Ahem…also good idea signaling out Garp’s and Roger’s relationship to each other. I wonder how deep it goes…no homo…;)

  2. Awesome breakdown Zekks !!

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