The Underscore’s Bleach review 366

The Underscore’s

366 The Revenger’s High

Hey there, welcome to another Bleach review. This week we have chapter 366, The Revenger’s High, a chapter which focused on the Vizards -yes I’ve finally adopted the normal spelling- and their rampaging in the Fake Karakura town. Sadly, this week’s chapter offered little other than this with the exception of the last frame of the chapter. Suffice to say, I’ll be covering this chapter nonetheless. This week I’ll mainly focus on the Vizards individually as there is little story to cover. With last week’s poll coinciding with this week’s content of the chapter, I’ll be going over the results during the review itself. For this week’s review I’ll be using the SleepyFans scanlation once more, thanks to them for this quick release.

Strike a Pose

Need colored version for background purposes

Well, this week’s chapter started off good. Masks revealed, Gillian screaming, Vizards getting in their battle pose, both sides charging towards each other, too bad that there’s one problem with this all. The problem is that there’s too many Vizards to cover in one chapter. With each Vizard deserving his/her time to shine, they each got about one and a half page worth of screentime, which added up to an entire chapter. Like I said, story wise it was probably not worth it, but at least it looked good! The picture above for one is an example of how good the chapter looked. So let’s see who did what and how shall we?

6th place, Sarugaki Hiyori

She’ll never stop monkeying around will she?

Hiyori is the one to start off the merciless slaughter of the Gillian as she cuts and blasts a Cero through the poor Gillian’s mask, taking out two more Gillian in the process of the Cero. Hiyori’s mask is one we’ve all been familiar with long enough, which could explain why she ended up in sixth place with six votes. There’s little to be said about the mask at that. It looks pretty good to me, at the time it was introduced the design worked well to represent the fear Ichigo had for his Hollow side as it does look rather fearsome. The horn on top of the forehead was the one thing that stood out most as opposed to Ichigo’s -at that time- smooth mask. This week’s chapter didn’t give a real good close up of Hiyori’s mask, though we’ve got other chapters if we want to take another good look. As for Hiyori’s fighting style, it would seem she’s one to close the gap while barraging her opponent with powerful attacks. Whether her Zanpakutou will be able to complement this fighting style is one thing I’m rather curious about.

2nd place, Mugurama Kensei

Just because you weren’t first doesn’t mean you have to get this angry!

Following Hiyori, Kensei steps up to the plate to pound some sense into the Gillian who are dumb enough to fight captain level Vizards. Using only his fists he is able to take out a Gillian with relative ease. As another Gillian tries to attack him from behind, Kensei uses his Tachikaze to stab the Gillian in the face. Kensei’s mask was one we’ve seen in the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, when he was turned into a Hollow by Aizen’s experiments and Tousen’s betrayal. The rather simple, but effective, mask design serves as a protective gear for one such as Kensei who seems to be inclined to use Taijutsu in spite of his rather impressive Zanpakutou. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the mask, or the fact that it reminds you readers of his Hollow form, but with 15 votes Kensei’s mask has secured itself the second place. As for Kensei’s fighting style, it seems to be more focused on Hakuda -hand to hand-, rather than Zanjutsu -swords- when compared to other characters in the story. Kensei’s Tachikaze seems to be used as a support weapon for long range attacks and -as seen in this chapter- for quick lethal blows. From what I can guess, Kensei is able to focus Reiatsu in his fists while in his Vizard state the same way his Hollow form could. For what’s left of Kensei, I’m curious about more of his Shikai abilities, and of course, his Bankai.

8th place, Kuna Mashiro

At least she won’t care about her last place in the mask division

With Kensei around, Mashiro is sure to follow. While she lacks the protective gear her Hollow form had, she still goes around kicking some Gillian butt. She easily kicks four Gillian into submission without a Zanpakutou in sight. The only Shinigami we’ve seen who mainly focuses on her Hohou -footwork that is – sadly only received two votes in last week’s poll, giving her the last place in the list of Vizards masks. Her bug like mask design just wasn’t enough to win the heart of the readers in comparison to the others. Her fighting style does seem to add to the grasshopper theme she has going, where she seems to prefer the high ground as she soars through the sky while aiming to kick her opponents in the face. Her fighting style is almost reminiscent of Yoruichi’s as we’ve seen in several chapters, though Yoruichi also uses her fists and Kidou from what we’ve seen. Perhaps this hints at a high level use of Shunpo from Mashiro as well. So I expect to see a Zanpakutou from Mashiro alongside some high level Shunpo in her future fights.

3rd place, Ushouda “Hachi” Hachigen

With that mask, and the Voodoo you do, anyone would think it’s a festival

With a few snaps from his fingers, Hachi traps the heads of four Gillian in separate barriers, only to lop their head off with ease. Focusing on the Kidou branch of the Shinigami battle styles, this mad Shaman got third place with thirteen votes. Hachi’s mask design certainly does look funky with the popped out eyes, big psycho smile, and big nostrils. Where he usually isn’t one to show many facial expressions, his mask makes a 180 to show a real party animal. It is almost reminiscent to the mask where the reserved bank employee turns into a maniac by putting on a mask. Of course, Hachi’s personality remained the same in spite of the mask. Thing to note is that Hachi actually drew his Zanpakutou, where it suddenly disappeared in this part of the chapter. Perhaps his Zanpakutou is in the same barrier we saw at the start of the chapter, which is similar to the barrier that was used to lop off the heads of the Gillian. Perhaps there’s a relationship between the two. I’m just hoping to see some more high level Kidou from Hachi in the future, and perhaps an explanation on what happened with his Zanpakutou in later chapters.

5th place, Yadoumaru Lisa

She’s tearing up the place, I mean, his face

Jumping on top of the barriers thrown around by Hachi, Lisa makes her way to her target that is cut so many times in horizontal cuts, that he’s torn to pieces. Zanjutsu is obviously her preferred battle style and, just like her personality, it is rather straightforward and it can eat you up if you’re not careful. Her mask got her the fifth place in last week’s poll with nine votes. There’s little to say about the mask as it is even more straightforward than Kensei’s mask. The only thing to point out in her case is that her eyes haven’t become black, as opposed to what happens to most Vizards. As for her battle style, it seems she’s more focused on cutting up groups of opponents while she runs through them. The way she holds the hilt of her Zanpakutou on her right side almost makes it seem like she would be one to use Iai techniques, though that’s not what we’ve seen here of course. Strangely, in her case, I’m more interested in her fighting style rather than her Zanpakutou’s release -though I’d love to see it of course .

7th place Outoribashi “Rose” Roujurou

Everybody in the house, SCREAM!

Rose then takes the stage as he embraces his audience -consisting of only one Gillian- with sound. His Zanpakutou is somehow floating in front of him with no apparent Kidou used or release. Almost directing his opponent as if it was part of an orchestra, Rose uses an air piano to play him a sweet lullaby as he then ends the concert by putting him to sleep eternally. Rose somehow only got five votes in last week’s poll, which is rather peculiar as his mask design is one of the most original ones we’ve seen in the Manga. The bird like design and his apparent music theme go together nicely as his design seems reminiscent of a Dutch pianist whose name I’ve forgotten . I expect to see plenty more of this bird masked captain as his abilities are still shrouded in mist from what we’ve seen here. And as a captain level we can expect to see plenty from Rose.

4th place, Aikawa Love

This guy tears me apart

Whereas Rose squishes his opponent, Love tears him in two using his bare hands. Like Hachi, he seems to have drawn his Zanpakutou for no apparent reason as he is fine just using his hands. As for Love’s mask, there’s little love to be found there. The Hanya like demon mask certainly looks impressive though, and with at least 10 people thinking that as well Love has deserved his fourth place in last week’s poll. Of the Vizard masks we’ve seen in this chapter, Love’s mask is the most dynamic one as its mouth actually opened as we saw when he tore a Gillian in two. Love’s fights probably will make for some great scenes with such a fierce looking mask, as well as the fact that this former captain probably has plenty up his sleeves. I’m just looking forward to seeing this jump reader showing us his skills, that’s for sure.
This display of power by the Vizards doesn’t go unnoticed by Soul Society, however, as we can see Omaeda and Hitsugaya’s reactions to the slaughter of the Gillian. Aizen also seems to be enjoying the show from what we can see, and he’s about to get his personal show from none other than the winner of last week’s poll.

1st place, Hirako Shinji

Bow down before the owner of the most popular mask!

Standing amidst the slaughter of the Gillian we have the ever elusive Shinji. The most powerful of the Vizards already won the poll with 19 votes and seems to be itching to get another victory as soon as he can. His mask is the one we’ve seen as often as Hiyori’s, yet the design is rather original. It is the only mask that has parts that seem to be made of some form of cloth. Reminiscent of his old hairstyle, the mask seems to have adapted to this. Shinji has been said to be the strongest of the Vizards during the chapters where he was training Ichigo and proved this point while fighting Grimmjow. So this captain will be the one to watch in the upcoming chapters.
Shinji is also the one to bring back the story progression in this chapter as he asks Aizen what he thinks of the Vizard’s progress with their hollow forms. As Aizen smiles at the sight of his former experiment subjects proving his theories, Shinji decides to reveal the face of the one to strike him down. As his mask is removed, Shinji swings his sword at Aizen with the promise of a great chapter next week.


So, with the Vizards cleaning up house in this chapter, there’s nothing left to say about it. It looked good, that’s for sure, and the end really made for a great cliffhanger for the story. Other than that, the chapter was probably more fun for those of you who enjoy the action, rather than the story progression. This is all I have to say on this week’s chapter in a nutshell. So what do I predict to see next week?


Next week’s chapter will at least start off with Shinji’s attack on Aizen again. I’m pretty sure about that. Then, there are three possibilities I can think of ensuing this part:

1. Shinji isn’t attacking Aizen, but his illusion. The same way Shinji was able to reveal Aizen’s presence in the turn back the pendulum arc he may reveal the truth behind the Aizen we see here. Shinji may reveal something even more mind boggling than Chunky in this manner.

2. Shinji’s attack is blocked by one of the Arrancar. Harribel or Wonderweiss are candidates to block Shinji’s attack as Barragan isn’t one to sacrifice himself for others and Starrk is probably too lazy to save Aizen who probably can save himself. With this, the fights will continue in the Fake Karakura town after Aizen comments on the Vizard’s abilities with their Hollow forms. The fights will then also include the Espada as the Gillian clearly aren’t enough to handle the Vizards.

3. With the swing of Shinji’s blade, the scene goes to Hueco Mundo where Renji is probably the one who is attacking at that point with his Zabimaru. We then get to see how things go in Las Noches with the Vizards having arrived. This probably is one of the last things to happen, though it is still possible Kubo is planning to tease us with the Shinji vs Aizen set up.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll

. I’ll see you again next week!


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  1. Love’s hatching from an egg !
    And that Hachigen caption, with the festival bit, I totally agree ! LoL.

  2. I can’t wait till we see some action. I expect the match ups to be created next week. Hopefully not too long from now we will also see some Bankai + Hollo Mask Action.

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