Alright, our regular Naruto spoiler guy has his spoiler posted.  Enjoy!

Spoiler for Bleach…

Still waiting for One Piece.  Will post once it is released and confirmed.


~ by Miranda on July 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Spoilers!!”

  1. We finally will get to see the Vizards in action soon. The next couple of episodes will be full with mouthwatering action !!

  2. Yawn.. How many chapters has it been since they have the fight.. Is this going to be the final arc for Bleach???

  3. Ok, for the naruto manga spoiler…is it just me or did the phrase “the Kages show themselves…” strike others as, ahem, as an innuendo…?

  4. Yeah I was also thinkin bout that.. By the way is there going to be a Spoiler with pics for Naruto??

  5. I mean more pics.. Hehe.

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