Full Metal Alchemist Manga 97 + FMA Premiere on WoM!

Hey everyone,

For the past two months I’ve been laying low and catching up with the Full Metal Alchemist series.  From watching the original anime to reading the manga to watching the new anime entitled FMA: Brotherhood, each with distinctive differences despite Brotherhood‘s aim to follow the manga.  Given that, I’ll be covering the latest chapter but before I do I must warn you that this review is further into the story than Brotherhood.   But I have a proposition for you.  Depending on how many votes this poll receives, I’ll start doing volume reviews so you’ll be up to date with the series, although I highly suggest reading them for yourself.  What’s 97 40+ page chapters anyway?  On to the poll and then the review!

Just a heads up before I start.  The FMA: Brotherhood job is still open for those who are interested in covering the weekly episodes.

What's it like having souls within you constantly talking to you? Hmm..

wonder what it's like to have souls within your body speaking to you...

We begin with Hohenheim’s flashback which took place several centuries ago after Xerxes was wiped out and he became the Philosopher’s stone.  He was left stranded on the desert without a home to return to.  Shortly after being bombarded with voices in his head (voices from the people of Xerxes), he faints and is  found covered in sand by traveling merchants from Xing.  This possibly explains why he’s familiar with the Xing Arts which he so often points out when Lin, May, Fu, or Lan Fan perform some of their techniques.

This explains his gifted ability to socialize...

This explains his gifted ability to socialize...

The scene shifts back to the battle between Hohenheim and his clone “friend” from the flask.  For centuries Hohenheim took time to strengthen his alchemy and talk to the souls of the civilians that were wiped out in Xerxes.  With a flick from his wrist, Hohemhein used his powerful alchemy to grow a cone shaped dildo out of the first ever Homunculus.

Fact: It's illegal to own more than 3 dildos in Arizona.

Fact: It's illegal to own more than 3 dildos in Arizona. This is why.

Hohenheim went on to draw more spikes from his fake look alike.  For the sake of avoiding confusion, let’s refer to the fake Hohenheim as the “Father” since he really doesn’t have a name.  As the “Father” was being gutted from the inside out, the sharp cones suddenly turned into some barf-like substance that reconstructed itself into a human-shaped doll with dozens of eyes scattered across its body.

eww he ate that...

eww he ate that...

After ridding itself of the Hohenheim like container, the “Father” goes on to suck in the remaining skin that you see in the panel above.  Why?  No idea really but soon after he swallowed the skin whole, the dreaded eyes he had when he lived in the flask appeared.  He obviously intended for his first “son”, Pride, to look somewhat like his original form.  With each new “son”, came an attribute suited for their sin.

And so the battle of omnipotent alchemists begins...

And so the battle of omnipotent alchemists begins...

I’m clueless as to how this battle will go since neither could lose nor die.  Perhaps one will absorb the other?  Or maybe Hohenheim has a few tricks up his sleeve, who knows.  One thing’s for sure, when all is said and done Hohenheim will join Trisha on the other side.  Comprende?

Hmm what is she up to?

Hmm what is she up to?

The scene shifts to Central where Izumi, her husband, and the soldiers from Briggs were taking down the immortal army.  Just as one of the higher-ups was going to get ripped to shreds, Izumi saves his life and asks for information on the “that man”.  Now is she talking about the “Father” or King Bradley?  She’s probably talking about the “Father” because everyone thinks Bradley is dead.  Any who what does this old man know besides the “Father”‘s intentions and location, if even that?  I propose this question.

I ask this question because the panel from above seems very fishy.  I don’t know if it’s the translation but she’s on to something.  She’s most likely talking about the “Father” since he doesn’t have a name but who knows.

Every villain has a secret bat cave...

Every villain has a secret bat cave...

As Buccaneer and company took over the rest of Central, the Armstrongs seized the Fuhrer’s office and came upon a room with an endless set of stairs.  As pointed out by Olivier this will most likely lead to the lair in which Hohenheim and the “Father” are dueling.  Izumi will probably catch up and join them as soon as that old geezer tells her about “that man”.  This is all hypothetically speaking of course.

He's backkkkkk...

He's backkkkkk...

So everything seems to be going according to plan until this guy shows up.  I mean seriously, did you think he’d go down so easily?  Not a chance.  This is where it gets ugly.  King Bradley appeared so confident that he took on the Brigg’s soldiers dead on.

sure got him...

sure got him...

Bradley took on the Briggs white squad first, avoiding dozens of bullets with his quick speed.  After he took them out he went straight for the tank.  The tank shot a missile directly at Bradley but it was no use.  Bradley dodged it with his incredible speed and stabbed the dude you see above in the eye.  He proceeded to slice and dice the tank into pieces and toss a grenade inside for good measures.  I don’t know who had it worse, the guy who got stabbed in the eye or the guy who screamed helplessly as a nade exploded in his grill.



Buccaneer tried to take on Bradley head on and got royally owned.  His automail was turned into table knife.  Next up was Falman.  The dude was pissing his pants, but I don’t blame him.  How would you react if I guy who took out a whole squad, a tank, and a squad leader approached you? Any who, Buccaneer wasn’t done just yet or at least he was still alive.  The last panel was absolutely awesomeness.

can't wait for these two to tango again ^__^

can't wait for these two to tango again ^__^

I was seriously not expecting Lin, ahem, Greed to show up.  I thought he had abandoned Ed’s group to take over the world which are still his intentions mind you.  But how does fighting Bradley help further his aim?  I guess he’s taking down all the homonculus.  So yeah Lin (Greed) vs. Bradley part deuce, well part three since Lin took him on when Lan Fan lost her arm.  Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Final notes:

So everyone at Central is banged up except Izumi and her husband but its hard to predict their actions since we don’t have a lead on where they’ll go next.  Mustang’s group is elsewhere in the “Father”‘s lair.  Hohenheim is fighting the “Father” head on which is bound to make some noise that’ll reach the ears of Ed and the others.  Yeah I’m gonna cut this one short.  I thought making predictions for the Naruto manga series was hard…Please share your predictions in the comments section.  Before I go please answer the following poll.  Choose your absolute favorite two characters from the poll below so that I can add them to the logo.

The top two characters make the logo.  I might consider a third.

“Priceless Panel” Award

Do the Falman!

Do the Falman!

Until next time my fellow readers.  I’ll be back with next months chapter review so be sure to tune in.



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9 Responses to “Full Metal Alchemist Manga 97 + FMA Premiere on WoM!”

  1. i got some catching up to do but i think i can do it on my own time 🙂 Good job on the review I can’t wait till i catch up and am up to date as well. Welcome back to Mars Ron !

  2. actually its more like part 4 for Greed/Lin and Wrath

    1. Pride wrecks greed at the devil’s nest
    2. Lin and Pride fight each other when Lan Fan loses her arm
    3. Greed/Lin Remembers he is Greed and attacks Pride at his house

    So this is part 4 i guess

  3. Great to be back Manny ^__^, you’ll catch up in no time.

    @Anon: True true. Forgot the Devil’s nest incident. You confused pride and wrath :P, but you’re dead on.

  4. I made it I am finally up to date !!!! Wooo !!!

    I am totally ready for when you review chapter 98. It only took me one month to catch up 😀

    I hope King Bradley gets completely owned by GreedLin. I wonder if Ed will witness his father’s battle. If he does it probably will be in Hohenheim’s last moments.

    Everyone’s so dispersed all over the country that I have no idea what will happen next. AWESOME !!

  5. There is a Raw version in Manga helpers of FMA 99 !!!!
    It has a lot of awesome fighting scenes.
    I can’t wait for the english one to come out so that i comepletely know what happens.


  6. Sweeeeett…can’t wait to review it!

  7. FMA 99 is out !! 😀


  8. Yup, review should be out by tomorrow ^__^ crazy chap

  9. eduard at winry bagay

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