Vampire Knight 3: Vampires Within the Vampires



Hell of a way to start the new chapter don’t ya think? Flashbacks with Vampires always kick ass methinks. Anyways this chapter starts on the night Zero came to live at Cross Academy. The chairman introduced Zero to Yukki and tells her to take care of him. Yukki takes Zero into the bathroom and gives him a bath. Covered in blood, Zero sits in silence as Yukki scrubs him.

Then we jump ahead to the end of the class day, and Yukki asleep at her desk. Zero tells her to join him on prefect duties after she’s done with her extra class. As he walks out Kaname walks in and they exchanged a few words.


Kaname goes to the chairman and asks him how long he is going to let Zero stay in the day class. And says that it won’t be long before he goes through “the change.”  We jump over to Zero, who has drawn his gun on some of the Night Class. Ruka wants to know why Kaname is so interested in Zero, and Kain tells her that it doesn’t matter, and that if Kaname found out he’d be pissed. He tells Zero to put down the gun, and Zero grabs him by the arm and throws him. Zero asks if Kaname is the reason they all decided to gang up on him and prepares to fight. Then out of the blue Yukki jumps in the fight and reminds them that fighting is against the rules. She tells them she won’t allow it and the Night students go back to class. Then she turns on Zero and asks him what’s going on because he hasn’t been acting like his self. Zero pulls away from her and tells her to leave him alone.

Then we switch back to Kaname and the chairman. The chairman tells Kaname that he knew he wouldn’t be able to fool him, he is extraodinary. He also said that it’s because of him that the Night Class have behaved themselves. Kaname gets pissed and tells the chairman that he endured the situation because of his deep respect but for the sake of the normal students Zero must be controlled.



We jump back to Zero who seems to be in pain again. Yukki runs after him, and thinks to herself that Zero still won’t let her in and wonders how long it’s gonna last. Yukki catches up to Zero, and Zero tells her not to look at him. He grabs her, and licks her neck.



Yukki screams and asks Zero what’s going on. Then she punches him and gets away from him.



We jump back to Kaname and the chairman…..





Well there we go guys, we now know what Zero’s secret is. And what will Yukki do now? Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out.


~ by Miranda on July 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Vampire Knight 3: Vampires Within the Vampires”

  1. No wonder Zero had the strength to trow a vampire around like he was a rag doll. He is a Vampire himself !!!

    It must suck to be a vampire hunter, someone who was raised to believe that vampires should be killed, who is then turned into a vampire himself.

  2. oh yes, Zero goes thru an internal battle for most of the manga over it….

  3. Awesome breakdown Mandi!!! Short and sweet!

    If I were Zero I’d embrace the gifts offered to oneself as a vampire. Enhanced strength, vision, speed, everything. I’d use the powers to help fight against…my own kind. I can understand the internal struggle though..he hates vampires so effectively he hates himself. He better get over it though and start kicking some ass! 😉

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