Naruto Manga 457 Breakdown : Naruto’s Mea Culpa, Sasuke’s ‘Where’s Danzo?’ and the Kage Show Themselves

This is one of the many struggles I have when writing these pieces:  what pictures to include.  This chapter had so many pictures I wanted to include that I should have just included the whole damn manga.  As you can imagine, for the lack of fighting, there was plenty of other action this week.  This week, we head into the field of politics.  If you are not interested, I’d advise you to leave now…just kidding.

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with this week’s rundown on the Naruto Manga – The Meeting Begins.  Well, sort of…we have all four true Kage and one sort of Kage (Danzo) sitting together to break bread over Sasuke and Akatsuki.  And, a contentious meeting it will prove to be.  The fact that there has to be a moderator from another country is indicative of that.

So we now have the four Kage – and one semi Kage – in the same room together.  For a flashback review, here they are:

Here they are, the Kage 4 1/2 with Danzo being the 1/2.  What do you suppose they are thinking?

Here they are, the Kage 4 1/2 with Danzo being the 1/2. What do you suppose they are thinking?

Just prior to that meeting, Naruto catches up to the guy on the right above – the Raikage.  Yamato’s tracking seeds did the trick and now Konoha’s “Big 3” meet with the Raikage in the snow.  However, the Raikage is anything but As I was saying, Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi catch up to meet with this arrogant group of shinobi – including the group that beat the crap out of Naruto (note the eye patch and no comment from the cloud shinobi involved – grrrrr).   We get a bitter taste of the nastiness in this initial exchange upon being caught.

Hmmm...this is no way to treat a supposed ally.  I mean, if you wanted dogs, you should have consulted Kakashi summons of Pakkun & Co.

Hmmm...this is no way to treat a supposed ally. I mean, if you wanted dogs, you should have consulted Kakashi summons of Pakkun & Co.

Well, upon their appearance, it becomes clear that things are going to be contentious.  When the Cloud Ninja discover that Kakashi is among the three, they know that this has to be serious.  However…Naruto begins to plea for mercy for Sasuke.  When I saw the spoiler for this, the comment that Naruto lay prostrate rang hollow with me.  I couldn’t imagine that Naruto would do such a thing.  However, in Japan, it’s all about honor.  And, honor, unlike when he was younger, is what Naruto gives the Raikage.  This, to me, indicates just how much the Pain invasion/Nagato negotiation influenced and affected Naruto.  At the same time, I noted that it wasn’t all about Sasuke either.  It was about revenge and his plea to stop the revenge altogether.  Now, that’s a more mature Naruto!   This also shows how our baby Naruto has grown (*sniffles*).   

Talk about an emotional appeal!  There is no doubt that Granny Tsunade wouldn't be affected but...what about this arrogant SOB of a Kage?

Talk about an emotional appeal! There is no doubt that Granny Tsunade would be affected but...what about this arrogant SOB of a Kage?

The dynamic between Kakashi and Yamato always fascinates me:  Yamato is the confrontational, higher strung, vocal Jonin while Kakashi is the calm, cool, collected less confrontational Jonin.  However, for what it’s worth, the dynamic works.  And, for Naruto, he needs both types along for this rather difficult encounter.  And, they came through yet again for their junior counterpart.   They came forward to add more stuff to the fire supporting Naruto.  Now, that’s saying something!  If the Great Kakashi, his original Sensei and his now-teammate, is to back Naruto, that’s huge.

The more I see of Yamato and Kakashi, the more I love them both.  Way to go, you two!

The more I see of Yamato and Kakashi, the more I love them both. Way to go, you two!

Well, you can guess, the Raikage is having none of this so-called nonsense.  He’s hung up on tradition and the “oh by the way, you need an appointment to see me” crap.  GAAAAHHHH!

I don't know about you but I REALLY don't like this guy, the Raikage.  It isn't about military strength you nimrod! It's about the ability to use wisdom, too.

I don't know about you but I REALLY don't like this guy, the Raikage. It isn't about military strength you nimrod! It's about the ability to use wisdom, too.

One last thing on the political front – and one thing I know that many of you will mention:  Gaara, the Godaime Kazekage.  Out of all the Kage present, I believe that this is Naruto’s best chance for winning the table debate that is commencing; the wildcard among the Kage.  As we all know, the history between Naruto and Gaara goes WAY back…to the Chuunin exam arc.  Naruto shows Gaara that it is possible to change your life from one of hatred and murder to a more positive path.  Gaara saves Naruto so that he can chase Sasuke to his unsuccessful battle at the Valley of the End.  Naruto saves Gaara from the Akatsuki in their power play to obtain the Bijuu that was previously inside of Gaara.  Gaara even acknowledges that Naruto is the reason that he desired to become Kazekage.  That’s quite a powerful history.  Talk about having friends in high places!

Ok, enough of the politics.  I could go on for days on that one item alone.  As we all know, other things were happening at the same time – and, trust me, some of it was just as explosive as the meeting starting!  The first item was the tagteam known as “Hebi” (although the translations have moved onto “Taka” I am using “Hebi” to remain consistent with the anime and with their original intent).  Well, they are still staking out their location and what they are up against in locating Danzo – not the least of which is being able to recognize the warmongering old coot.  As Zetsu acknowledges, Sasuke has a lot to deal with as Hebi’s commander-in-chief:  two constantly badgering team members named Karin and Suigetsu.  Yikes!

Karin?  I think your rather explosive suggestion is falling on deaf ears.  Sasuke's gonna do what he wants no matter what you say!

Yeah, Suigetsu. For once I agree with ya - I'm tired of this one too. C'mon Sasuke. Give us all a break and stop the "ruling by committee." Become a leader and put the kibosch on Karin, will ya?

Like I said, once Zetsu gives Sasuke the heads up on what Danzo looks like, Sasuke puts his troops into position and a very familiar Dojutsu appears – he’s primed for action.

Target Danzo acquired.  Engage Sharingan...ready, aim, fire!

Target Danzo acquired. Engage Sharingan...ready, aim, fire!

Ok, onto the final items – two items that prove to be explosive in their own right.  Both items happen to involve Sai.  As he is instructed to do by Kakashi, he continues the deception by sending a Chojuu Giga messenger to deliver an update on Naruto’s whereabouts – back in Konoha and not doing much of anything (of course, we all know where he truly is).  However, Sai is really having a tough time of it.  He feels like the third wheel in that he is doing nothing.   Our previously clueless, emotionless Root ANBU now is showing signs of worry for his teammate and his now-good friend, Naruto.  He wants to do something – anything for his friend.  It is still beyond Sai’s reasoning as to why Sasuke is so important to his friend.  I’m beginning to suspect a bit of, ahem, jealousy here.  I think that Sai wants to be the friend that Naruto fights so much for and just about emotionally unzipped his fly a few weeks back when he stopped our Cloud Ninja hounds from beating the crap out of him.

The other piece of this regards Sakura.  If you remember in the chapter entitled “Confession” during the Pain arc, we had a rather explosive admission from Hinata as to her love of Naruto.  We all wondered where Naruto stood as to this.  Well, we sure got a practical admission here, too.

Well, well, well.  Hinata?  I think you are going to be playing second fiddle from here on out.  Your chosen shinobi is pining away for someone else...

Well, well, well. Hinata? I think you are going to be playing second fiddle from here on out. Your chosen shinobi is pining away for someone else...

What brought this on?  Well, as I said, it was Sai.  Finally, finally someone called Naruto on his not so well-hidden secret.  Of course we have the denial from Naruto.  But, Sai never looks back and argues that his proof is in yet another book he read on emotions.  Naruto realizes that he is caught in a corner and can no longer deny his feelings.  Damn you, Naruto!  It’s back to Sasuke and that “promise of a lifetime” thing again, eh?

Oooooh.  Busted!  Naruto, there's no denying it anymore...

Oooooh. Busted! Naruto, there's no denying it anymore...

Whew!  There was a lot to cover this week and I think I hit the highlights.  I wonder what Kishi has in mind for this meeting that has now started.  As we all know, Kishi is good at throwing curve balls at us…

Well, I’ll see y’all next week with what I think will be a very exciting progression of events!



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on July 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “Naruto Manga 457 Breakdown : Naruto’s Mea Culpa, Sasuke’s ‘Where’s Danzo?’ and the Kage Show Themselves”

  1. Thanks for the breakdown, Penny.. Spectacular! By the way. it was great that you include about Naruto kneeling down. Because there are some BAKAs who doesn’t know the meaning of that in Japanese tradition especially in OneManga forum, saying Naruto is an idiot for doing something like that. FIRST!!

  2. great chapter alot of info was let loose
    and it was obvious that naruto was going to after sakura
    i mean sakura has also been showing signs of love for him as well
    i mean he’s had a crush in her from what before chapter 1
    and hinata only makes a single appearance every 100 or so chapters
    anyways back to the main conflict
    i have a feeling that naruto might be able to convince the council but then sasgay is gonna make his appearance and fuck it all up

  3. Even if there is some kind of conflict with what to do with Sasuke in the Kage meeting and by some crazy turn of events Raikage has a change of hearth and decides not to kill Sasuske; Sasuke will mess things up. When he continues with his plan to kill Danzo after the Kage meeting if anyone finds out what his intentions are the Kages will show no mercy.

    I wonder what would happen if Naruto were to witness Sasuke trying to kill Danzo. Would he encourage Sasuke to forgive him? Everything is just leading up to some kind of disaster for Danzo or Sasuke.

    When it comes to the Naruto Hinata and Sakura Love triangle some things have cleared up. Hinata and Naruto love relationship has been and continues to be a one way street. Naruto has feelings for Sakura and she returns those feelings to a point. I wonder what will make her say that she cares for him too.

  4. A lot of predictions I’ve read think that Raikage will mention Naruto in the meeting resulting in Danzo knowing about Naruto leaving the village without permission. Because of this many think that Naruto will not be able to return to the village and instead will try to save Sasuke himself. Because of his actions Danzo will declare Naruto a missing nin and order or his capture.

    Lets see how much of this comes true. 🙂

  5. Idk about any1 else, but i’m actually looking forward to this meeting, who says what, who supports whom. Kishi better not let any1 gate crash until all the important stuff has been said!
    Is sasuke just after Danzou or all the Kage? Hopefully Danzou gives him an ass beating, cause i for 1 (u can hate me for this 😛 ) actually like him as hokage.
    1. he wants sasuke dead (yeah,yeah i’m a biased hater)
    2. He wants what’s best for the village
    3. He doesn’t take shit, instead dishes it out

  6. Sasuke had real “killer intent” when staring at Danzo, I’d say.

    @mudshovel: Well, if you wanna say it all positive like that, then I like Danzo too, haha.
    But I’m sure there’s a knot in his past that will make him an official asshole in the future …

  7. @mudshovel-

    Yup there’s so much to love about Danzo as Hokage.
    1. He was a key contributor to Negato’s warped view of peace and how to achieve it.
    2. He ordered the wholesale slaughter of the Uchiha Clan.
    3. He killed the frog messenger just to ensure that Naruto didn’t get word from Hokage that the village was under attack.
    4. He hid in his hole while the Leaf Village was destroyed by Pain.
    5. He was, arguably, the key that set Sasuke on the path to rogue ninja, and now has to kill the rogue that he created.
    6. He wants what’s best for village, but his actions seem to create more chaos and hardship for the Leaf.
    7. He doesn’t take sh!t, he creates it.

    Yep, so much to like about his usurping the title of Hokage from Tsunade. Looks like under his leadership the Leaf Village has a bright future.

  8. Hmmmm. Interesting thoughts from everyone. I like debate, I truly do. 🙂

    Based on the script for this coming chapter, it appears that Raikage is going to be unhappy with the results of this meeting…a meeting that HE called, I may add.

  9. @anon: you can’t see the trees through the forest (hehe, straight from nagato)
    1. True, he did, however if he had killed Nagato there, Konoha wouldn’t have been attacked by him. The future isn’t so cut and dry, 4 all we know something else could have contributed and changed Nagato even if danzou didn’t try to kill him. Hanzou would have made a move against him anyway.

    2. Yes, but the uchiha’s were planing a coup d’etat, and this would have killed many more (especially civilians) and possibly created another Great Nin War… personally i think it had to be done.

    3.Yes but he was also trying to protect Naruto from being captured. If Naruto had arrived earlier before the massive Shinrai Tensai crippled the village, and Nagato had more chakra left to fight naruto, he might of been able to capture him. (since he couldn’t use jutsu, he was losing, then when deva path got it’s powers back naruto got his ass handed to him).

    4. true, but he is a bit of a douchebag.

    5. But you could also argue that he would have been killed in the fighting if the coup went ahead. If the coup went ahead, and the uchiha’s lost, don’t u think Konoha would crush the bloodline for good.

    6. true

    7. true.

    We all hate and like different characters. Atm i think that konoha needs somebody to lead from the front, instead of sitting back and waiting, like Tsunade. Konoha was partially destroyed under the peace loving 3rd, and completely destroyed under the 5th (who was the 3rd’s pupil). Well considering what has happened under their leadership, who’s to say if this will cause more or solve more problems.

  10. @Mudshovel-

    Your point about us all liking and disliking different characters is well taken; however, I’ll take issue with your logic.

    You say that it’s time for Konoha to have a leader who leads from the front. Since when has Danzo done that? In fact, he brags that he is proud of the notion that he has kept his name from becoming well known. Virtually everything we know about him says that he “leads” from the shadows, not the front. Where was he (and his elite nins from Root) during the destruction of Konoha, in the catacombs. Tsundade, on the other hand, was on the front line protecting the citizens of the Leaf.

    Although his ruthless and aggressive style might be considered a sign of strength by some, he still has to execute on those ruthless tactics. With that in mind, you could say it was Danzo’s failure to complete his mission (to kill Negato, Konan, and Yahiko) that turned Nagato. First failure. It was Danzo’s failure to ensure that all Uchiha’s were killed which forced Sasuke onto his path to rogue status and put him under Madera’s influence. Second failure. If we find out that Danzo has had any disccussions or plans with Madera, that should be strike three, in my humble opinion.

    All in all, I see Danzo as a cockroach. He uses the protection of Konoha as an excuse for his tactics, but it’s really about gaining power. As he said, “My era has finally arrived.” He didn’t say, “Konoha’s era has finally arrived.”

  11. Great breakdown! Thanks for the other naruto fans who share their thoughts, I am learning from this website.

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