The Underscore’s Bleach review 367

The Underscore’s

367 Your Enemy is My Enemy

Hey there, welcome to another Bleach review by yours truly. This week’s chapter has set up the developments for the upcoming chapters with the prospect of several anticipated fights. So without further ado, let’s get to this week’s chapter with the SleepyFans scanlation starting with the results of last week’s poll.

Poll Results

So in last week’s review I asked you what you thought would come out of Shinji attacking Aizen. As usual I gave you 7 options to choose from and 68 people decided to give their vote in the poll. There was one person who wanted to see Aizen cut in two by Shinji, perhaps choosing the most shocking development in the process. Four people believed Gin to step in to protect Aizen from Shinji’s attack, even though history has proven that Gin is one to let Aizen handle his own opponents. Next there were 6 people who believed Aizen to block Shinji’s attack with one finger, perhaps as a parallel to when Ichigo’s attack was blocked by Aizen before he revealed his diabolical scheme. Too bad Ichigo wasn’t nowhere near Shinji’s power at that time and that Aizen probably would have lost his finger if he tried to do that . Then there were 10 people who thought one of the Espada might intervene to help Aizen out, which would effectively leave Harribel as the one to do so for the reasons I gave you in last week’s review. Then there were 15 people who believed that Shinji was blowing away an illusion made by Kyouka Suigetsu, as it would comply with what we’ve seen Shinji do in the Turn Back the Pendulum arc. 17 people, however, were rather skeptical about what would happen and believed Kubo to choose the easy way out by shifting the scene before we would see what would happen with Shinji’s attack. That leaves us with 15 people who believed Tousen to intervene, which is an option I actually put up on a whim to be honest. And who would have guessed that my whim would turn out to be true in this week’s chapter?

Tousen’s Hair for Men

It’s people like you who give blind barber’s a bad name Tousen

Heavily focused on cutting up Aizen, Shinji resumes his assault which he started last week. The intense look on Shinji’s face makes it clear that he was one to vote for cutting Aizen up in two in last week’s poll. Aizen, on the other hand, had plenty of other options to be safe from the attack, as we can see from the faint smile on his face before Shinji’s face is the first one to be struck by a blade. Attacked by none other than Tousen, Shinji rapidly falls back in a matrix style to avoid the blunt of the attack. Where Tousen counted his attack as a miss, as it failed to chop off the top of Shinji’s head, Shinji counts it as a hit as he tells the underling he’s a liar -Shinji probably counted it as a hit because his precious hair has been cut!- which doesn’t comply too well with Tousen. Shinji almost seems to have struck a snare with Tousen by calling him an underling. If only he knew what people have been saying about him on the Internet all this time . Perhaps Shinji was the last straw for him, where Gin may have been responsible for the rest of the load. Tousen decides to hurt Shinji’s pride while taking his live by pointing out that he, as an underling, will be killing him. Tousen then takes on a jabbing stance -which I honestly don’t see working on someone of Shinji’s ability- as he then goes to charge at Shinji. Too bad for him there’s someone around who has a bone to pick with him.

Who let the dog out?

It must be true, you can’t choose your friends. Isn’t that right Shinji?

Using his armguard, Komamura blocks Tousen’s attack. Surprising his former friend and current foe, Komamura tells Shinji he will join the Vizards in their battle as he knows their allegiance based on their actions against the Gillian in the previous chapter. Even Shinji’s attempt to convince him otherwise by pointing out the fact that the Vizards are suspicious to say the lease doesn’t work on Komamura. Komamura then shows his resolve by stating he will fight by the Vizard’s side and that Shinji has no say in the matter, giving us a great reaction from Shinji stating he’s no good with people like Komamura. The only thing that’s peculiar in this conversation is that Komamura does not recognize even one of the former captains amongst the Vizards, while we’ve seen flashbacks of Tousen and Komamura in the Gotei 13 where Tousen most likely hadn’t joined forces with Aizen yet. Perhaps Komamura joined the Gotei 13 shortly after the Vizards left, even though the timeframe doesn’t seem to fit. I guess I’ll have to find the time to reread some of the previous chapters to see how this worked out.
Komamura’s words don’t go unnoticed by Soul Society as we can see from Soi Fon and Hitsugaya’s response. Hitsugaya sees the logic behind Komamura’s choice, even though he doesn’t understand the reason for Komamura to declare his allegiance in the manner he did. Of course, Hitsugaya is too straight forward to understand that Komamura used his declaration as a way to suggest to both his fellow captains and the Vizards that they should join forces without forcing it from both sides. His declaration paved the way for both these sides to cooperate, and not a moment too soon as someone returns with a vengeance.

Return of the Espada

Says the strangest of the lot…

Harribel arises from the ashes, or rather shards, striking at Hitsugaya before he can make up his mind about joining forces or not. As it seems that the fight between Hitsugaya and Harribel is to continue, Lisa and Hiyori join the fray in this battle for the King’s key. As Lisa stops Harribel’s strike, Hiyori attempts to hit her in the process. The third Espada isn’t one to fall for such a simple attack, however, as she manages to pull back in time -pervert mode on: Nice Angle! Pervert mode off, I miss Kon in these situations- facing opponents both old and new. As Hitsugaya states that this isn’t the time to worry about whether the Vizards are friend or foe, Hiyori stubbornly agrees with him. However, Hiyori may actually be happier about this alliance than she’s showing here as Soul Society seems to be accepting the Vizards a whole lot easier than one would be led to believe, especially based on the conversation she and Shinji had after they first met up with Chad and Orihime. But it would seem both sides agree with joining forces against a common foe, as we can see from Hachi’s sudden appearance next to Omaeda and Soi Fon -which they, form the assassination squad, somehow failed to notice- and his stating that there is no reason not to join forces. Even though Soi Fon is the most reluctant of the lot, even she can’t deny this fact, giving us the following fights to look forward to:
Harribel vs. Hitsugaya, Lisa, and Hiyori, with Hitsugaya having shown his best techniques; Lisa and Hiyori having their Shikai ability in reserve; and perhaps most importantly Harribel having a field full of water with the fact that we have yet to see her most powerful attack.
Then there’s Barragan vs. Soi Fon, Omaeda, and Hachi, where Omaeda may serve as little other than a lure or a distraction; Soi Fon with only one arm and a Bankai that seemed to have been completely ineffective; Hachi with knowledge of Kidou from both the Kidou Corps and his self invented spells; and Barragan who never got the chance to use his Gran Caéda axe. But now we are missing some people…

A small gift

Girls don’t want flowers, they want Superchunky!

While teams are being formed amongst the Vizards and Shinigami, Kensei and Mashiro are on cleanup duty with the remains of the Gillian. As Kensei takes out the final Gillian with ease, Mashiro comes along complaining that Kensei took the last Gillian from her. Telling her to shut up, Kensei offers Mashiro the opportunity to deal with Chunky. Mashiro happily accepts the offer, declaring her love for Kensei in the process. Somehow the relationship between Matsumoto and Hitsugaya is starting to look rather normal when looking at Kensei and Mashiro, though that may just be me. Things that are worth mentioning here is that Mashiro doesn’t even seem to have the intention to take off her mask and the fact that Chunky is still stuck in the Garganta. For the first one, Mashiro probably doesn’t need to take off her mask as she expresses herself by posing with her entire body, where we can imagine a goofy face when necessary. Chunky on the other hand may be bound to Hueco Mundo as far as we know. We have yet to see him leave the Garganta, which could mean that Chunky may be a creature that comes from the Garganta rather than Hueco Mundo. But we’ve got more Hybrid creatures to cover in this chapter, so let’s get to them shall we?

Heroes and Villains

Dare I say it? Stop reading so much Jump Love!… Yeah I can’t pull this one off

Rose then takes the stage once more as he poetically tries to explain how the Shinigami and Vizards are joining forces. Love reacts by hitting him on the head and pointing out that that doesn’t matter anymore and that Rose should focus on what’s more important- Love seems to be speaking for Jump readers far and wide doesn’t he?-, the upcoming ass whoopin’! Love then takes note of one powerful opponent in the form of Starrk. Starrk then asks whether Rose and Love are sure that they want to take the masks off, to which Love replies by saying that they only last three minutes.
The question here is whether the 3 minute limit is just a play on other Shounen, or that there is some truth to this so called limit. Ichigo was training to expand his 11 second limit, so perhaps the other Vizards -with the exception of Mashiro- are limited to their Hollow forms as well. This would also mean that the repercussions Ichigo once spoke off may be shown by one of the Vizards at one point in the upcoming battles. But in Love’s spirit I’ll have to focus on what’s here and now, and that’s two former captains’ gone Vizard vs. the primera Espada Starrk -and Lilynette- which is something promising. And for those who wanted to see cooperation between two good friends such as Ukitake -IS HE STILL ALIVE??????!!!!!!!!!!- and Kyouraku, Rose and Love appear to be able to deliver as well.

The Oddball Couple

Yes Wonderweiss, that’s a girl

With Wonderweiss sitting around in amazement, Mashiro suddenly appears in front of Wonderweiss. Wonderweiss doesn’t seem too worried about all that has been happening around him, nor does he seem to be planning to do anything this time around. But with Mashiro suddenly appearing in front of him, he should have tried to look a bit more worried about the Chunky he brought along. Chunky almost seems restless about Mashiro’s appearing in front of them, which wouldn’t be unfounded. Mashiro uses her Mashiro Super Kick to take out Chunky in one blow -given there’s no super regeneration- resulting in a fountain of blood, which seems to be sparking some interest in Wonderweiss. Does this mean that Mashiro and Wonderweiss will clash as well? And what would come of a battle between these two? On the one side we have the Vizard who is best at controlling the Hollow form, be it without a Zanpakutou in sight, and on the other side we have the Arrancar who managed to make Urahara sweat a little and fatally injure Ukitake, both without even releasing. But instead of seeing how this turns out, Kubo gives us what we’ve all been expecting for quite some time now.

When friends become foes

Didn’t see that one coming did you?

Komamura and Tousen face each other, reminiscing of the time where Komamura protected Tousen from Kenpachi, stating the situation has changed from protecting Tousen from others to protecting others from Tousen. Tousen tells Komamura he knew the time would come for them to cross swords with their lives on the line, which both of them seem to regret to different degrees, with Komamura regretting it more than Tousen from what we can see here. As Tousen tells Komamura that their fight is starting, an injured Hisagi steps in to join the battle. With Hisagi deciding to join the fight, next week’s chapter promises us a fight between former friends and teammates.


So with the upcoming fights finally determined, things finally seem to be moving forward story wise. It is true that all that’s happened here could have been done in the previous two chapters since the Vizards showed up, but Kubo probably wanted to show off the Vizards a bit before going on with the story. The chapter itself was good, though I hope we will get more action starting with Tousen’s fight. I say Tousen’s fight as it isn’t clear whether Komamura will allow the injured Hisagi to fight. Besides, Kensei finished off the last of the Gillian, so he may be tempted to get back at his former teammate which could coincide with the preview on the last page. Other than Kensei, Shinji and Genryuusai seem to have their hands free at the moment, so perhaps they will face off against Aizen and Gin, though this most likely won’t happen until the end of at least Tousen’s fight I think. But anyways, with the rest of the Vizards and Shinigami neatly spread over the other Arrancar -as Wonderweiss isn’t an Espada as far as we know- we can expect some good fights in the upcoming chapters. So what do I expect to see next week?


The next chapter will probably start off with a small conversation between Hisagi, Komamura, and Tousen, most likely about Hisagi not being in the position to fight someone of Tousen’s level. Kensei may then step up and take Hisagi’s place, just to have that small reunion out of the way, where the last few pages may show the start of that fight. Another option is that after Kensei appears, the three will ask Tousen how his joining Aizen came to be, though that could be rather tedious. But that’s all I can see happening for now, with some bits of other fights taking place along the way.

So with this I’ll be ending this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. I’ll see you again next week!


~ by The Underscore on July 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 367”

  1. I’m looking forward to two main fights :

    – Harribel vs. Hitsugaya, Lisa, and Hiyori
    The Harribel’s vs. Hisugaya fight has been one of the most interesting to me. Harribel still has a lot more up her sleeves. Not to mention that Hisugaya is probably tyred from using his most powerful version of his Bankai so he might not be much help. I expect Harribel to now take advantage of this mountain of ice that Hisugaya has brought from the heavens.

    I am also looking forward to see Gin fighting at last. We really haven’t seen him in action at all so far.

  2. @Manny: good choice but i think that the fight with Tosen might be better because we might see a possible bankai from Hisagi. Overall all the fights will be excellent!

  3. @manny814: I’m sure Hitsugaya won’t even be fighting at all.

  4. @ Raikōben 雷 : I doubt any of the captains except for maybe Komamura will be fighting any time soon. I expect there to be teamwork between the Vizards and Captains in order to defeat some of the strongest espada.

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