FanFic Nation: Just a Joke

Hey everyone, sorry i’ve been kind of out of it with the fanfics…..I’m gonna be posting weekly from now on. This fic was written by me, and it’s a long one. So i’m going to be posting one chapter a week….I will warn you this is for mature audiences, so if you can’t handle cursing, sex and lots of other craziness, I don’t suggest you read it. I hope you guys like it!

Chapter 1- The Setup

The music was blaring, lights flashing and booze flowing. It was the perfect place to carry out the beginning of their little prank. “Shikamaru, would you like more sake,” purred Ino.

“Actually,” he yelled over the music. “I should really be getting home. I’m supposed to meet Temari.”

Tenten poured him more sake, “ Oh come on Shikamaru! We’re having so much fun and you promised me a dance,” she pouted, giving him the puppy dog eyes. No one could deny her once she pulled that out of the bag.

“Oh, okay,” he resigned. “One dance, then I have to go.”

Tenten winked at Ino as she pulled Shikamaru out on the dance floor. Ino sat back enjoying the scene. For some reason, watching Tenten bumping and grinding against Shikamaru got her all hot and bothered. She might actually enjoy what she and Tenten has planned for tonight. They would show mister holier-than-thou-I-don’t-sleep-around a thing or two. And maybe get rid of that Sand bitch Temari at the same time.

When the song ended, Tenten carried Shikamaru back to his seat. As Tenten helped him back on his stool, Ino asked for another round of sake. A few more drinks in, Shikamaru started his drunken babble about Temari. “I really love that girl. She’s so smart, and beautiful. I want to marry her and…” As he continued his babbling, Ino and Tenten looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

The bartender yelled last call, and Shikamaru tried to get off his stool. But ended up on the floor instead.

“Dammit,” cursed Ino

“Did we give him too much,” asked Tenten?

“Not for our purpose,” Ino replied. “I hope he can get it up. I know he’ll have a helluva hang over in the morning.”

They picked him up; with an arm around each of their necks then drug him home.

“Thank God we chose a bar close to his house,” mumbled Tenten as they struggled with the drunken man. When they reached his door, Ino had to get into Shikamarus’ pocket to get his key. “Why does he wear such tight pants,” she asked. “He probably has a tiny cock, I don’t know how he could wear them so tight with a big one.”

“Maybe he tucks it,” giggled Tenten. “Shino does.”

“You’re such a whore. How could you sleep with him? He’s so creepy with all those bugs. Just yuck!” Ino got the keys and opened the door. They drug him into the house and into his bedroom. They through him on the bed and sat down to catch their breath, “You know, I used to think Shino was creepy too,” said Tenten. “ And I know this sounds gross, but those bugs. Well, let’s just say he knows how to use em, if you know what I mean.”

“EWWWWW!” shrieked Ino. “You’re a gross slut!”

“Shut up, you know you love me.”

“I do, but I still think you’re a nasty bitch.”


~ by Miranda on July 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “FanFic Nation: Just a Joke”

  1. I do believe I can get used to this.

  2. LOL Shino is so gross I wonder if there are women out there that would like that kind of thing. I always thought of TenTen was just eye candy in her team and now your comments have added to her persona and made her into such a whore. Its Hilarious !! 😀

  3. Wow, nice one mandi.
    Tenten the slut – LOL, we all know she is secretly plotting something 😛
    All in all it was pretty damn creepy funny – keep them coming Mandi! XD

  4. Thanks guys, I hope you like the next chapters. There are 15 chapters in all…..

  5. He knows how to use them? hehe I love how you’ve portrayed dull old Tenten. Can’t wait to see more. :3

  6. I wonder what they’re gonna do next! Hmmmm…..

    Lol, great story Mandi I eagerly await the next installment. I hope Hinata pops in somewhere…>_>

  7. *in facebook sort of way* Dro-Sensei likes this…(thumbs up)

  8. Well, I hope the Mizukage isn’t too late to play a part.

  9. plkc;ôds,
    vSK¨§RZV N?ZO£°v n

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