This weeks spoilers!!!

First up, we have One Piece manga 552 spoiler

Next comes the Bleach manga 368 spoiler…

Now for Naruto…

Enjoy everyone!




~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on July 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “This weeks spoilers!!!”

  1. Ok, I may have written this but I have some issues with the Naruto spoiler. First of all, Gaara is being dismissed as a “kid.” He’s a Kage and should be treated as such.

    Second, putting control of this charade into the hands of Danzo is playing into his hands. This is exactly what he has wanted – power that extends outside of Konoha. His lying in wait underground has paid off big time and now he has everything: a Jinchuuriki whom he wants to (but I question as to whether he can) control, access to that power and now, the position of Kage. However, everyone forgets, he is officially NOT Kage until the Jonin say so – think Kakashi.

    It isn’t the Yondaime Hokage that was manipulated by Akatsuki – it was Yondaime Mizukage. Big difference.

    Oh and…what about Killerbee? The 8 tails Jinchuurki is still alive…and a threat to Konoha and other countries. I realize that most don’t know he is alive (only Sasuke, ironically) but someone had better inform the old coots (Gaara is forgiven – after all, he’s Naruto’s age) before a war breaks out.

  2. – I think Tobi, Zetsu, and the rest of Hawk know that Killer Bee is alive too ?

  3. I meant Sasuke in terms of the cast of characters out to get him…

  4. Here is a less error-prone translation of the Meeting of the Five Kage chapter this week for Naruto…

    Translation by Stream @ Naruto Fan
    458 The great debate of the five kage
    Gaara: I will talk, listen
    Earth: The five kages have changed a lot, if you can be a kage so young. Kazekage, your father was a wonderful leader, but he seems not to have taught you manners. (Ain’t that the truth)
    Gaara: probably… That’s why I am the Kazekage here
    Earth: Gwa ha ha ha, cheeky fellow!!
    Water: Tsuchikage-sama, do not interrupt. Please go on, Kazekage-sama
    Gaara: I’m a former Jinchuuriki. I was abducted by Akatsuki and almost killed when they extracted the bijuu.
    Temari, Kankurou are looking in the conversation
    Kankurou: What’s with the Tsuchikage!
    Temari: Be quiet
    Gaara: That’s why, thinking of the extreme threat posed by Akatsuki, I made many requests for the five kage to collaborate, but I was ignored. …Apart from the former Hokage. Now that Jinchuuriki have been taken, it is too late to collaborate.
    Earth: Huh… The Jinchuuriki of the hidden villages of the five great countries have been taken. What would it show to other countries is they knew. We would be ashamed! It is common sense to keep our secrets. Now that they have been taken, the assistance of other countries cannot be counted on!!
    Akazuchi and Kurozuchi (earth people) look on silently
    Gaara: Keeping appearances… Honor… That is stupid ancient thinking
    Earth: (huh… What a brat…)
    2nd part
    Water: The fact they have been taken should be a cause of alarm. To control them, we need techniques, knowledge, and time.
    Earth: The Jinchuuriki grow with the bijuu. They need to adapt. And even then their control is difficult… Not to say impossible… Isn’t it?… Kazekage…
    Gaara: …
    Danzou: In the first place, the only people who could ever control bijuus in the true sense were Uchiha Madara and the first Hokage, Hashirama… And the fourth Mizukage, Yagura …There was also the brother of the Raikage, Killer Bee, but…
    Fire and Water minders react.
    Raikage: Enough with all this useless chatter!!
    All the minders move in to calm him down
    A strike, another strike stopping it. We can see Kankurou’s puppet
    Mifune: This is a meeting, people. Mind your manners
    Danzou: Calm down, Fuu, Rune.
    Gaara: You too, Kankurou, Temari.
    Water: Aoi (?), Chojiro, no problem…
    Earth nods to Aka- and Kurozuchi
    Raikage: Konoha! Rock! Sand! Cloud! Akatsuki is made of missing-nins from you villages! And that’s not all!! Your predecessor kages included, there are some among you who have made use of Akatsuki before!!
    Gaara: Made use…?
    Raikage: I cannot trust you all! I did not want to talk to you at all! But I came, and I called you here, to ask your word!!
    Gaara: What do you mean, made use of Akatsuki!?
    Raikage: They didn’t tell you anything, even though you’re the Kazekage? Ask the old-timers of your village! You used Akatsuki in previous battles!
    Earth: …
    3rd part
    Earth: The great countries are all at peace now… We have switched from the armament race to disarmament. With the tension between countries, the risk of battle has diminished. For the countries, the military forces are now a costly burden… But there is still a risk of sudden wars! It is a problem to rely on shinobis without combat experience, you lose battles that way
    Gaara: To avoid this risk, one way is groups of mercenaries… That is what Akatsuki was, then?
    Earth: It takes times and money to raise good shinobis in our village, but Akatsuki, whose occupation is to always fight, is a team of professionals. But for not much money, they gave superior results!
    Raikage: Don’t be so defiant, Tsuchikage!
    Earth: Huh!
    Raikage: The sand used Akatsuki to attack Konoha, that’s Orochimaru…! It is unclear whether at that time, he had left Akatsuki or not! And the former Hokage and Kazekage died
    Raikage: I would like to be sure nobody schemed all this
    Raikage looks at Danzou (perceptive, ain’t he?)
    Raikage: (…Old racoon…)
    Raikage: The most suspicious of all is hidden mist!! You have no diplomatic relations… There are rumors that Akatsuki started there!!
    Water: …
    Water: Since we’re at that point, I’ll say it clearly…
    Aoi: Could the fifth (Mizukage) mean that…!
    Water: The previous kage… There are suspicions that the fourth mizukage could have been manipulated by someone… It may well have been by Akatsuki… That’s why I did not want to talk about it…
    Raikage: All of you…!!
    Earth: …!!

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