Vampire Knight 4: The Promise

Hey guys! Here’s chapter 4 of Vampire Knight…Enjoy

So we start with Zero suckling on Yukki’s neck like a new born pig……then we jump to Kaname with the chairman. He runs out of the room because he smells blood.  He comes across Yukki and Zero and he is pissed! He accuses Zero of succumbing to the bloodlust, Yukki recognizes the tone of Kanames voice and jumps in front of Zero afraid Kaname will kill him. Then she passes out in Zero’s arms.


Kaname carries Yukki to the chairman and sits her down in his office and looks at her neck.  He asks her if it hurts, then asks her if she’s scared of Vampires now. She thinks to herself, that all she knows is that Zero attacked her. The chairman comes in and tells Kaname to go back to class to settle the other Vampires because they are restless from the sent of blood.  Kaname leaves and the chairman walks over to Yukki.


Yukki freaks out, wants to know how she was supposed to know Zero was a Vampire. The chairman tells Yukki that Zero’s family was attacked by pureblood vampires and he barely survived. But it did cause him to turn him into a Vampire. Yukki startles and the chairman says that Zero isn’t a pureblood so she won’t turn into a Vampire.


We jump to the next day with Yukki in class and someone asks why Zero is gone. Yukki says he has been sick since the night before. We jump over to Zero who is hiding in his room. It shows a flashback of when the chairman gives Zero a gun that only kills Vampires. Zero sits on his bed and holds the gun to his head. The door opens and Yukki sees what Zero is doing. She runs to him and…….


Yukki calls him a liar, saying that he took the guns saftey off…all the while she’s laying on top of him. He asks her why she came to his room, then flips her over and lays on top of her…>.< sexual much?!


Zero leaves and tells Yukki to be careful. She sits on Zero’s bed and stares at a picture of them together. She picks up the gun and runs after him. Tells him to stop or she will shoot the collapses against the wall.


She tells Zero she won’t let him go without saying anything. Zero thinks to himself that the next time he attacks someone he might actually kill them.  Then he says he couldn’t stop himself from biting her, then tells her to shoot him.



Yukki tells Zero that she won’t let there be a next time, and even if there is she will stop him. She vows to be Zero’s guardian.

And that’s the end kids….hope you enjoyed the breakdown. Tune in next time.


~ by Miranda on July 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Vampire Knight 4: The Promise”

  1. YOSH!! Great breakdown once again Mandi!

    Awwwwwwwwww, they make such a great couple (Zero and Yuuki). I don’t see why you called her a slut in chat though… She just really likes guys to touch, bite, and carry her around 😛

    Lol, can’t wait for you to review the Valentines Day chapter. XD

  2. Cause she’s totally on top of Zero and she’s supposed to be “in love” with Kaname….little slut

  3. They just had to do this in the bed so that the sexual tension in the room could go through the roof !!!

    Who do you guys think that Yuuki loves more, Zero or Kaname ?

    I agree with you supertrek there’s nothing wrong with girls who like guys to touch, bite, carry her around, and roll around in bed with !!! hehe

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