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The Underscore’s

368 The Fearless Child

Hey there, welcome to another Bleach review. After another long week of not being able to frequently visit the forums, I finally am able to get back to some Bleach. The only thing I regret about my current vacation is the fact that I don’t have the time to reply during weekdays, but luckily we still have the “Posts that were lost, but not forgotten” section. But enough about my lack of vacation planning, it’s time to get into this week’s chapter of Bleach.
This week’s chapter wasn’t as focused on the fights as I had expected, but the content still made it a good chapter. So using the SleepyFans scanlation I’ll be covering this week’s chapter, after going over last week’s poll of course.

Poll Results

So last week I asked you which of the preset fights you were looking forward too most, meaning the fights where the opponents have met face to face and signs have been given that they may actually fight it out in one of the upcoming chapters. After one week’s time, we’ve gotten the following results from 60 voters:
With 5 votes, coming in 7th place, we have Barragan vs. Soi Fon, Omaeda, and Hachi. Apparently this fight lacks the flair some of the other fights have as Soi Fon and Omaeda already gave it their all and people probably don’t see Hachi finishing Barragan any time soon. Then with 6 votes, in 6th place, we have Tousen vs. Komamura (and Hisagi and/or Kensei, which I find somewhat surprising as I would expect people to anticipate Tousen’s new moves -as he has already shown us his Bankai, leaving Hollowfication as the final trumpcard- as well as the story behind these opponents. Tied in 4th place, with 7 votes each, we have Yammy vs. Rukia, Chad, and Renji and “None of the above”. Those who voted for the fight with Yammy probably remember the hubbub surrounding the cero Espada’s fight and may still be curious as to how the fight against the colossal Espada might turn out. Those voting for none of the above are probably itching to see Aizen fight for once as far as I know and which I completely understand.
In third place we have Harribel vs. Hitsugaya, Lisa, and Hiyori, which has plenty to offer us with Harribel still having to convince plenty of readers how she made the tercera Espada, Hitsugaya and Hiyori working together, and the ever curious Lisa mixed in. The 10 voters for this option already got a sneak peak of what they wanted in this week’s chapter. Then we have Starrk vs. Rose and Love, with 11 votes, another promising fight between powerful opponents, where Starrk as the primera Espada will once more have to show off his capabilities and Rose and Love can show us how the former captains do a nice tag team battle. Then, with 14 votes, we have the final option in first place, Wonderweiss vs. Mashiro. With Chunky -revealed to be named Fura in this week’s chapter- kicked into pieces, Wonderweiss’s reaction may be worth while. Whether the voters wanted to see Wonderweiss duke it out with Mashiro or plain want to see Wonderweiss use his Claymore is something I can only guess, though something tells me they wanted to see more than they got in this week’s chapter.

The Fearless Child

Real Heroes pee their pants in fear Hisagi, hasn’t Tousen explained this before?

Last week, a beaten up Hisagi appeared before Tousen and Komamura as he interfered in Tousen’s attack. With Kazeshini -whose true form has been revealed in this week’s filler arc in the Anime- wrapped around Tousen’s Suzumushi, the wounded Hisagi stands before his former captain and teacher in order to open his eyes with the same teachings he received from him. Where Tousen believes it to be a snappy remark at first, as if Hisagi is just disappointed about following a fraud for all those years, Hisagi shows signs of genuinely wanting to return the once righteous captain to Soul Society. Tousen, however, believes Hisagi to not be true to his cause as he had forgotten one of his most important teachings, the fear for battle. Even though he has been battered by Eón and is hardly able to stand, he somehow has the tenacity to challenge his captain without showing any signs of fear. Whilst in previous battles, Hisagi has shown us that he fights with a fear for battles -or at least attempts to-, he now stands before Tousen without a trace of that fear. And if we can believe Tousen’s words, Hisagi was never the type to fear battles -which the Kazeshini in the anime actually confirms. So with Tousen freed from Kazeshini’s chains after calling out to his Suzumushi it would seem that Hisagi will have to find his own way to get his captain back to his senses.

The most anticipated fight

Mashiro just steps on all our hopes of seeing Wonderweiss in action any time soon…

Fura -the blob formally known as Superchunky- falls to pieces after receiving the Mashiro Super Kick. Whilst the once so impressive beast appeared to be a dreadful foe, Gin can’t help but smile at its destruction. Standing behind Aizen, whose face is hidden to make us guess what he’s thinking, Gin elaborates on Fura, telling us that it was Wonderweiss’s favorite. As the poor Wonderweiss sits in the rain of intestines, or whatever Fura was made up of, he decides to retaliate by charging a Cero. Too bad for him Mashiro didn’t take her Ritalin before coming to the fight as she continues her kicking spree by kicking Wonderweiss in the face. With Wonderweiss embedded in the asphalt, Mashiro claims this to be her victory. Gin, however, makes it clear that this is nothing to be worried about as he laughs at the poor thing as if he was a five year old that tripped while playing outside. So with Wonderweiss lying in the streets with the opportunity to reflect on his actions a bit, Kubo gave himself some space to focus on some of the other fights he set up before coming back to Wonderweiss.

A maiden’s tantrum

Oh Toushiro-kun, lots of boys had the same problems with girls when they were your age… and most of them still do

As Harribel waits for her opponents to strike, the opposing party is having a small meeting. Hitsugaya addresses the two strangers who appeared before him with a request. Hiyori, being who she is, is the one to respond as she tells him to keep it short as she has no intention to tell him anything else -though giving their names couldn’t hurt. Hitsugaya understands this as he immediately gets to the point; he wants to fight Aizen while they hold off Harribel. Hiyori then reacts by pointing out a few things that were clear to us from the start, the Vizards have no intention to let anyone take their revenge from them, and two, Hitsugaya already had trouble with Harribel which would mean he doesn’t have a popsicles chance in hell.
Hitsugaya comes back to his senses as he acknowledges this fact and tells them it was something he said on a whim and that they should forget it. Lisa seems to be interested as to why he would make such a request as she is not familiar with Hitsugaya’s desire for revenge for Momo’s ordeals. Of course, she has no time to think on such things as someone takes the opening left by Hitsugaya to deal out a few low blows. Hiyori strikes at the young captain by telling him he should apologize for making such a request. Then she does something true to her character as she helps Hitsugaya to regain his confidence by breaking him into pieces by saying he is pretending to be a captain as there’s no other reason why he would give up as easily as he did and by calling him a baldy followed with Toushiro’s favorite: Shorty.

The “Nice Angle” strikes back

This is probably why this fight got third place in the poll isn’t it?…You pervs

As the last straw that broke the camels back lands, Hitsugaya goes back to his old self -great job Hiyori- as he starts to point out Hiyori is shorter than he is. The problem with Hiyori’s coaching method of course is that it can backfire, as she is dragged into Hitsugaya’s anger causing them to go into a childish fight. Lisa realizes that Hitsugaya is probably fine and that he and Hiyori won’t listen to reason as she decides to face off against Harribel on her own. Hitsugaya reverts to his ice cold self by seeing Lisa’s panties, while Hiyori is still in a rage which she directs towards Lisa as she isn’t waiting for them to join in. As Lisa strikes, Harribel easily blocks the first attack.
Harribel then utters her surprise as she was expecting to face three opponents at once. Lisa then explains that she was expecting a 1v3 fight as well as we can see a glint in her eyes. Whether this glint in her eyes is one of surprise, or one of anger isn’t exactly clear yet as she could be surprised by Harribel being unmoved -though she has released already and Lisa hasn’t even used her Shikai or Mask- or that she’s insulted by Harribel thinking she isn’t enough to handle her. Only time may tell.

Old scars

The only man she ever loved?!

Hachi greets his companions by starting a small conversation. As he tells Soi Fon it’s been a while, Omaeda can’t help but interfere by asking how Soi Fon could know a Vizard. Soi Fon hits Omaeda in the face after which she tells him that he has never seen Hachigen before in her life. Hachi expected that reaction from Soi Fon, or so he says, as he knows that Soi Fon doesn’t think too well of the Vizards. This obviously has nothing to do with the fact that they are “monsters” in the eyes of most Shinigami, but more with the fact that they were part of the cause for the pain she had to endure for 100 years. As Yoruichi left Soul Society with Urahara and the others after the incident with the Vizards, she probably feels that Yoruichi would never have left her behind if it wasn’t for them. Even though she knows that Aizen is the true culprit, she can’t help but blame the Vizards -and probably Urahara- for the abandonment by her idol. But there is no time to go over that as the old grouch in front of them is tired of waiting.


All is equal once it’s turned to bones (Yohoho)

Barragan -without the Gran Caeda for some reason- is tired of the chattering by his opponents as he doesn’t care who or what faces him as he believes everything to be equal in front of his eyes -though he has none! Skull joke! – and especially equal once he turns them to bones. Hachi doesn’t feel threatened by Barragan’s speech as he casts a Kidou on him by clapping his hands together -which probably means it’s one of his own Kidou as opposed to the Shinigami Kidou which require its name to be called out at least. Hachi chose to fight Barragan as he had seen his abilities and noticed that nothing can touch him without aging to the point of disintegration. As such, Hachi deduced that Kidou would be the right way to go as it does not have a physical form -which I also believed to be true. Too bad for Hachi, this theory is proven wrong with ease as Barragan’s Respira ages Hachi’s barrier to the point that it breaks. Hachi is taken aback by this sudden development, as Kidou seemed to be the last option.
Barragan’s Respira is proven to be a dreadful power indeed as it can’t be stopped -just like aging. And if the Segunda Espada has a dreadful ability such as this, I’m expecting something bigger from Starrk and others ranked higher than him. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see what more can happen.


So what can I say about this week’s chapter? With Tousen being angered by his former subordinate, Wonderweiss being planted into the asphalt, the Hitsugaya and Hiyori dialogue, and Barragan’s apparent invincibility, this chapter certainly delivered plenty. Where the Espada were thought to be a lot weaker than they were claimed to be, this chapter shows us that the Aizen never exaggerated at all. The story development between Tousen and Hisagi gave us some insight into their history, and the interaction between Hitsugaya and Hiyori turned out better than I expected. Barragan coming back unharmed also worked out better than I expected as it is made clear that the Vizards joining wasn’t as much a bonus as it is a necessity for upcoming fights. So I enjoyed this week’s chapter very much. But what do I expect to see next week then?


Well, four of the five preset fights in fake Karakura town have been covered in this week’s chapter, so I’m expecting to see a bit on Starrk’s fight against Love and Rose. Perhaps Kyouraku will join the fight as well which can trigger a conversation on Ukitake’s current status by Starrk and a reunion of former colleagues. And to finish the chapter we may see what Shinji and Genryuusai are planning to do with Aizen and Gin -I doubt that Kensei and Mashiro will be seeing some screen time next week, but who knows.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. If you haven’t posted anything last week or aren’t interested in the things covered in those posts you can skip the next part as usual and I’ll see you next week! If not, keep reading.

Posts that were lost, but not forgotten
  • ·  manny814 Says:
    I’m looking forward to two main fights :

– Harribel vs. Hitsugaya, Lisa, and Hiyori
The Harribel’s vs. Hisugaya fight has been one of the most interesting to me. Harribel still has a lot more up her sleeves. Not to mention that Hisugaya is probably tyred from using his most powerful version of his Bankai so he might not be much help. I expect Harribel to now take advantage of this mountain of ice that Hisugaya has brought from the heavens.

I am also looking forward to see Gin fighting at last. We really haven’t seen him in action at all so far.

Harribel won’t have an excuse for taking her time now, so she’ll probably be able to go all out from the start, which will make for some great fighting. Watching Gin fight would also be worthwhile, like you I can’t wait to see how he uses his Shinzo -I think that’s his Zanpakutou’s name.

  • ·  sam_i_am:)24 Says:
    @Manny: good choice but i think that the fight with Tosen might be better because we might see a possible bankai from Hisagi. Overall all the fights will be excellent!

The fight with Tousen would be a good excuse to introduce a Bankai from Hisagi, though Kubo may have a hard time introducing it properly. But the fights will probably be a lot of fun to read and see animated :).

  • · Raikōben Says:
    @manny814: I’m sure Hitsugaya won’t even be fighting at all.

Hitsugaya will probably have a supportive role at best now, especially as he’s worn out from the other parts of the fight.

  • · manny814 Says:
    @ Raikōben
    雷 : I doubt any of the captains except for maybe Komamura will be fighting any time soon. I expect there to be teamwork between the Vizards and Captains in order to defeat some of the strongest espada.

That may be true, though I think Komamura will need some help from an Espada or two to take Tousen down.


~ by The Underscore on August 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 368”

  1. It’s too bad we won’t see Shunsui, Suzumushi, & Kyoka Suigetsu in their humanoid forms in the current filler.
    Think the zanpakuto of the Espada have humanoid forms too ?

  2. the espada swords probobly wont show up seince their swords are a part of them unlike the shinigamis swords. also if aizen’s sword showed up that would be sweet!

  3. I wonder how long are we going to stay in Fake Karakura Town. Things are really getting exciting. It seems that Kubo is starting to create scenarios where the Espades are proving their powers against the vizards as we can see from Barragan simply walking out of Hachi’s “non-physical” attack. This will force Bankai-Mask combos to occur which is what we all want to see after all 😀 at least I do.

  4. @Twilight: I know the Espada won’t show up, I was just wondering if they did.
    And the zanpakuto of the Shinigami are a representation of their spirit/soul, which pretty much means they’re part of them too.

  5. @ Raikōben 雷 : I was just about to skip the filler for Bleach Anime but after seeing your comment I just had to check it out. It is turning out to be an interesting filler storyline after all.

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