Vampire Knight 5: The Precious Child

Hey all, so I figured if I was gonna get caught up on VK within the year i’m going to have to do more than one breakdown a week……Well, here ya go…



So Aidou is sitting around wondering what happened the night before, Kain says he doesn’t really care. The story jumps to Yukki yelling at Zero, telling him that she is still mad at him for not telling her anything and asked him where he was going to go to settle the whole thing. She walks into the chairmans office, dragging Zero behind her and informs the chairman that they have something to say. The chairman says they arrived just in time and shows the Night Class uniform he had made for Zero. Zero bitch slaps the chairman and tries to walk out of the room. Yukki grabs him and pleads for him to listen to the chairmans side. Zero stops and Yukki tells the chairman that she knows that Zero can never be the way he was before, but refuses to let Zero be put in the Night Class. The chairman agrees, and tells Zero to cut the tip of his finger. He takes out a bracelet and puts Zero’s blood on it. Zero asks what he did.  





Yukki starts to freak out, but the chairman tells her to calm down, that it only immoblizes him. He also tells her that if he ever loses control she must touch the bracelet to his neck to stop him. Zero tells the chairman that he thought the tattoo on his neck was supposed to stop a human from turning into a vampire. The chairmans says it can’t completely stop it but it can supress it and that’s why he didn’t tell him about the other method. But the Vampire is fully awake in him, and there is no going back. The chairman also tells Zero he can stay in the Day Class but under the condition that neither the Day or Night Class finds out about him. He apologizes, saying he didn’t want to do this kind of thing, but if Zero ever really needs blood to not hesitate and take him from him. To which Zero kicks him in the face.



Zero heads to class and Yukki decides to go tell Kaname to keep the whole thing a secret. So she runs into some dude at the moon dormitory (I assume he’s a gate keeper of some sorts) and asks him if she can pass through. He tells her she is the second person to ask that so early in the morning and let’s her pass.

We switch over to Aidou who is talking to two men, who are asking him to help with their research organization. Aidou says he has not interesting in work during the daytime, and says that he’s sleepy and tells them to leave. Yukki slips in the door, and Aidou startles her. Aidou pushes the men out the door, then says he’s tired. Yukki apologizes for disturbing him, he says everyone is asleep and asks why she’s there. He asks if she came to let him suck her blood and she tells him that she came to see Kaname.  He starts to escort her to Kaname then turns and asks who teeth marks are on her neck. He tells her about smelling her blood that night, and he knew it was hers and that Kaname calmed everyone down. Aidou gets pissed and asks what Yukki is to Kaname and turns the stair banister to ice, which goes down and freezes her leg to the ground. He walks up to her and asks her again what she is to Kaname.


Aidou says that he sees that her blood is meant to be Kanames, but that the bite marks on her neck aren’t from Kaname.  He tells her that she shouldn’t give her blood to anyone else.


Aidou tells Yukki that he will carry her after freezing her, Yukki tells him to stop his nonsense and goes to slap him but Kaname stops her. He tells her to stop, turns, and slaps the shit out of Aidou.  Aidou apologizes for being impudent and Kaname tells him to leave. He turns to Yukki and apologizes for Aidous behaviour and Yukki gets flustered.


Kaname tells her to not to come to such a scary place by herself,  and to bring Zero with her next time. He also says that since he took something from her, he should at least be of some use. Yukki get’s pissed and asks why he has to say something like that. He tells her that he cannot be indifferent about it like he thought he could, that his most important girl was bitten by another. Just then Zero walks in and Kaname says that he came to take her back. She leaves with Zero and Kaname turns to have Aidou say he still doesn’t understand why Kaname is so attached to her.


Yukki asks if Zero is ok in the sunlight, and Zero says that he wasn’t born a vampire and Yukki gets all flustered.


Zero says that Vampires and humans can’t be compatible in everything, and Yukki apologizes. He says it’s ok, and hands her Bloody Rose. He tells her that when he loses his human side that he wants her to shoot him.

The End.


Well guys, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll have another one Tuesday or Wednesday. Til then, have a good time!


~ by Miranda on August 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vampire Knight 5: The Precious Child”

  1. YOSH!!! Excellent breakdown once again Mandi! 😀 I like your new pic. Kawaiiii!!! 😛

    I LMAO when Kaname bitch slapped Aidou. Hhahhaha, how many times must he be bitch slapped by the same dude before he learns not to mess with a certain girl? XD

    I’m curious about those ice powers though. I wonder if all vampires have some kinda power like that…

  2. The seal is pretty cool. I knew there was something strange about that tattoo. I wonder if Yuuki will actually use it or if she’ll just let him bite her some more 🙂 after all I think she liked it 😉 .

    The counselor is hilarious, he wants Zero to suck on his blood too. I think he’s jelous of Yuuki 🙂

    That school is so complicated !!! nobody can find out that all of these things are going on and now one of the guardians of the secret is a vampire himself. Sucks for them !

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