FanFic Nation: Just a Joke, Chapter 2

Alrighty, here we go onto chapter two. Enjoy!



Chapter 2- Caught in the Act

“He’s over an hour late, he better have a really good excuse. Like being dead,” Temari thought to herself. She was sitting alone at the table. She picked this restaurant for it’s romantic atmosphere. With the red silk tablecloths, candlelight and soft music, it set the mood properly. It’d been three months since they’d seen each other, and six since they’d been together intimately. She’d chosen the red floor length dress with the high collar and slits up the sides to her hips. She had deliberated over whether to wear the lace thong, or nothing at all. She’d gone with nothing. Now she sat, all dressed up, alone. And she was angry.

She asked for the check, paid and left to hunt him down. She checked several bars hoping he might be out with his team. She walked into Zen, looking around she saw a large table in the back. Most of the Konoha ninja were there.

“Temari!” Sakura waved her over. She walked over to say hello and see if anyone had seen her missing lover.

“Hi guys.”

It was rare to see them all out together. There was Naruto with his arm around his pregnant wife Hinata. Sakura snuggled up to lee, Kiba with Akamaru at his feet, then Neji, Choji, and Shino in the corner.

“Hey Temari,” greeted Naruto. “Where’s Shikamaru?”

“I was hoping you guys could tell me. He was supposed to meet me at Koi around ten, but he never showed.

“Huh, I haven’t seen him since he was talking to Kakashi this morning,” said Sakura. “Have a seat, I’m sure he’ll turn up. He is rather unreliable at times.”

Temari sighed, “ Ok, I’ll give him a half an hour. If he doesn’t show, I’m going home and he can kiss my ass.”

An hour and several bottles of sake later still no Shikamaru, an hour and a half after that the bartender called last call and the group ordered their last round. Hinata and Naruto had been making sexy eyes at each other for the last half an hour and looked eager to get home. Sakura was pleasantly drunk and Lee was ready to go home and crawl in bed. Temari finished her drink and said her goodbyes. As she stumbled down the street she bumped into Kakashi. “Well well, if it isn’t our favorite Sand ninja. How are you,” asked Kakashi. She strained her eyes to see straight. “Heading over for a late night rendezvous with Shikamaru?”

“I haven’t seen him. He was supposed to meet me, but the bastard didn’t show.”

“Oh,” said Kakashi surprised. “Would you like me to walk you home?”

She stared at him a moment. “Whatever.”

They walked in silence for a while. Kakashi seemed to have something to say but was having a hard time getting it out. Temari stopped.

“What do you have to say Kakashi?”

He hesitated for a moment. “I, um, well….”

“I saw Shikamaru being carried home by Ino and Tenten about an hour ago.”

Temari stood there a moment. Turned from Kakashi and stormed to Shikamarus’ house. She was going to kill him. She’d kill him and destroy those two little sluts. They aren’t even good ninja. The only thing they are good at is spreading their legs. She got to his house and stood in front of the door. She tried to get a hold on her rage. There could be a very good explanation for all of this; but she doubted it.

She knocked on the door. Nothing. She knocked again. Nothing. She opened the door, nobody in the living room. She walked around the house. Nothing. Then she heard a giggle coming from the bedroom. She walked to the door. She heard another giggle. She felt the rage bubble up and take over. With that she kicked those door open.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


~ by Miranda on August 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “FanFic Nation: Just a Joke, Chapter 2”

  1. “There was Naruto with his arm around his pregnant wife Hinata.”
    Sadly, that may never come true…

  2. Wow. You’d think Tenten would be with Neji.

    The author must be a NaruHina fan, amirite ?

  3. I’m not particularly a NaruHina fan, sure I cheered Hinata when she finally told him…..but that doesn’t mean i’m dedicated to that ship….I do not however like NaruSaku……

    Oh yeah, I should throw in that I am the author here lol.

  4. I want to know whats next!!! Do we get spoilers in this like in naruto =D?

  5. Temari’s going to kick some ass !!!

  6. CATFIGHT is a comming!!! XD

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