Fanfic Nation: Just a Joke- Chapter 3

Ok, so I’m posting this one early, just cause you all are begging me too. Fair warning right now this chapter is lemony fresh….aka it’s got the smex….so don’t get offended. On with chapter 3…

Chapter 3: Success

Ino and Tenten decided they weren’t drunk enough to go through with the prank. So they popped open another bottle of sake and proceeded to get stumbling drunk. With the confidence of the alcohol Ino said, “ well, what do you think Tenten, should we get to it?” Tenten looked nervous. “I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake Tenten,” said Ino exasperated. “Grow a fucking pair. He deserves this. He’s the one who chose that Sand slut over me. He’s the one who betrayed Konoha by sleeping with a spy!”

“Um, Ino. Since when have you ever wanted Shikamaru? I mean, you guys have been on the same team for years and you never even gave a hint about liking him! You were always after Sauske!”

“Yeah, well Sauske is dead now isn’t he?” Ino snapped. “What good does he do me dead?”

Tenten sat stunned for a moment. “I’m sorry Ino,” she whispered.

Ino crosses the room to her and placed her hand on Tentens’ hair. “I’m sorry babe, I had no right to yell at you.” Ino slid her hand around the back of Tentens’ neck, leaned in, and gently kissed her on the lips.

“It’s ok.”

She lifted her head and lightly kissed Ino. Wrapping their arms around each other, deepening the kiss. Ino unbuttoned Tentens’ shirt and it fell to the floor. She kissed her lovers chest, sliding her hand down the undo her pants. Brushing past the soft curly hair she found her aroused and wet. She played for a moment, making Tenten gasp.

“Are you ready now?”


Ino undresses Shikamaru and caressed him to erection. She moved for Tenten to climb on. Straddling him, Tenten aligned herself with him, and wrapped herself around his length. She was right he did tuck it. She could barely handle him, but she started to ride anyways.

Watching Tenten ride the sleeping man, Ino undressed and began to touch herself. Her lover taking advantage of the man who snubbed her turned her on.

Tenten cried out as the shockwaves hit, and startled as Shikamarus’ hand went to her hips. Lifting up his own hips he began to fuck her in his sleep. They moved in unison for a time then he emptied himself inside her.

Ino was as startled as Tenten that he had actually fucked her in his sleep. But it was her turn now. Tenten dismounted, grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom. Ino climbed on the bed, ready to extract her revenge. She rode him hard and fast, taking out all the aggression she felt on him when he uttered, “ Temari, that feels good. Don’t stop.” He grabbed her then, spun her around and bent her over. Pumping into her, she giggled. He was awake, but thought she was Temari. She pushed against him and he went faster. She giggled again. They climaxed at the same time, then the door flew open.


~ by Miranda on August 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Fanfic Nation: Just a Joke- Chapter 3”

  1. You are such a Naughty girl Mandi … tsk tsk 🙂

    Shikamaru must be really drunk to wake up screwing and just continue it without questioning how he got there 😀 what the deuce !!!

  2. He He Ohhhhh Right!
    Knowing Temari, Ino’s gonna hit the fan! XD

  3. Sexy dialogue wow temari gonna whip ino and ten azz

  4. *mental picture* *drool*… 😀

  5. good job m i loVe iT

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