Emotions in the Dark

What is this face - and these pictures - hiding?

What is this face - and these pictures - hiding?

A lonely boy sits against a tree

Drawing, scribbling and coloring

Another boy stops and notices – compliments him on his work

It has color, shapes and a story only known to the artist

Except that he has no emotions; driven out by an external force

He cannot give a title to his latest work; its just a drawing

There are hundreds, no thousands, of drawings just like these

No title, no emotion – just random shapes, colors and ideas on paper

But, why does he draw?  How does he draw?  Drawing expesses emotions

Is this his way of feeling?  Or, does this indicate the state of his mind?

But, out of the darkness comes a light; a light so unfamiliar and bright

The warmth makes him feel strange; good, happy

Just what are these emotions?  And, why is this loud and obnoxious guy making him feel this way

He’s told it’s called “friendship” but he has no idea as to what that is

So, he looks in books – no devours them – to search for answers; there are none

What does he do?  What does he say?  This is so foreign, so new and so wonderful

A friend.  Finally, a friend who can reach me and bring me into the light

And, out of the darkness…


~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on August 5, 2009.

One Response to “Emotions in the Dark”

  1. Sweet great job penny 🙂

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