Vampire Knight 6- Out of Cross Academy

Hey all, here is the next VK. Enjoy


Ok, so we pick up from the last chapter where Zero tells Yukki if he succumbs to his vampire side he wants her to shoot him with Bloody Rose, that he wants to die by her hand. Yukki thinks to herself that Zero is afraid of losing himself. We get a flash back of the night she met Kaname, a dream of the blood thirsty vampire that Zero is afraid of turning into. Yori wakes Yukki up, who fell asleep during PE.


Yukki gets kicked by the horse, it runs off, and stops in front of Zero. She looks like she’s gonna charge, but Zero jumps on her and calms her down. Everyone gushes over how Zero tamed the horse, and Zero just kind of rolls his eyes. We skip over to Kaname and Kain who have been watching the whole scene. Apparently the horse startled on Yukki because Ichjou opened the window and his scent drifted down. He goes on to say how it’s sad that Kaname can’t enjoy the holiday because he has to work.


Ichijou asks Kaname if he’s concerned about it, and Kaname gives him the death glare. He smiles and says he is going to go read his mangas (lol) and Kaname calls him back. We jump back to Yukki and Zero who are out on the town doing an errand for the chairman. Yukki tells him to quit being so grumpy and he just stares at her. They contiune picking up groceries and Zero mentions that they should get back to the school before sundown, Yukki says it’s ok since it’s a holiday and the Night Class will be resting.  Yukki makes a comment of Zero being so vulnerable that he’s like a younger brother, and Zero laughs at her and says that she’s the one that’s a year younger and that she hasn’t changed since middle school and yet wants to be the big sister. Yukki hurries the stall owner for her change and Zero says that if she doesn’t hurry up he’s leaving her, then calls her “older sister.” Yukki thinks to herself that when they banter like that she feels like he’s the same old Zero he used to be. They are sitting in a restaraunt and she tells him to eat something, he says that he wants salted noodles and she thinks to herself that if she had known that she wouldn’t have brought him to a coffee shop. She tries to get him to try the ice cream, since she’d been there with Yori before.



Yukki says it’s not fair that Zero knows so much about her, and she knows so little about him. Zero tells her that he had a younger brother that died the night his family was attacked. Then he’s interuptted by the waitress who asks if they are cross academy students.


Zero wonders if he really smells the same as the Night Class, then all the sudden he takes off. Yukki comes out and asks Zero if he had to wait long, but he isn’t there. She goes to look for him, and walks into a steel bar cutting herself. From behind she gets attacked and thanks to her catlike reflexes she blocks the attack. There is a tussle and…..


So she’s getting jumped by a Vampire that wants to eat her…Awesome! Zero comes up behind her and asks if she’s still in a daze, then hits the Vampire to get it away from her. She asks him why there are Vampires around and he says that it isn’t right that there are. He asks the vampire if it once used to be human, and it says it did. Then…..

Vampire death= Epic!

As the Vampire falls to the ground two people come into view, Ichijou and Shiaoi. Who killed the Vampire before Zero could. Yukki asks them why they are out and Ichijou tells Yukki to go back and take care of her wound or it will intice others out.




Alrighty guys, that was chapter 6. Stay tuned for 7 soon.


~ by Miranda on August 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Vampire Knight 6- Out of Cross Academy”

  1. YOSH!!! Great breakdown Mandi and I see you changed your to a sexy Asian now! 0_0

    Sorry it took so long for me to comment I was a little busy. Anywayz, vampire death does = EPIC and I think that horse was evil with those creepy eyes. @_@ Lol, vampire horse. XD

    It’s nice to know though that Zero has good control over his vampire lust because he didn’t jump Yukki at the scent of her blood. He seemed pretty in control.

  2. more plz

  3. more plz…………………. tell me when u add the next one thanks

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