Due to circumstances beyond my control…

My sincerest apologies to you all for the delay with the Naruto Shippuuden reviews.  You are going to be getting two back-to-back reviews, which was not my intention at all.  I’ve been running into both technical difficulties in getting the stills for the Kakashi Gaiden and…with outside life forces beyond my control.  I know you guys want to read them…and you will get them.  However, I wanted to let you know I was not being neglectful.

I am working on the current manga now, which, to me, takes a greater priority.  You will have that breakdown out as fast as I normally get them to you.

So you have the latest information, here are the upcoming episodes and their air dates.  Things are really starting to move now:

Naruto Shippuuden episode 121:  “Assemble” (Ugokidasumono-tachi) air date of August 6, 2009

–After hunting down the Four Tails, Itachi and Kisame are summoned by the leader of Akatsuki.  The death of Orochimaru is announced along with the warning that his killer, Sasuke Uchiha, is setting his sights on Akatsuki members Itachi and Kisame…

Naruto Shippuuden episode 122:  “Search” (Tansaku) air date of August 13, 2009

Naruto Shippuuden episode 123: “Clash” (Gekitotsu) air date of August 20, 2009

Naruto Shippuuden episode 124: “Art”  (Geijutsu) air date of August 27, 2009 (Ed Note:  For you Deidara fans, you may want to get the hankies out –  he will be in the battle of his life)

You guys are the greatest group of fans ever!




~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on August 7, 2009.

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