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The Underscore’s

369 Spit On Your Own God

Hey there, welcome to this week’s review for chapter 369. We’d better cherish this week’s chapter as it is the only one we’ll be seeing for the next two weeks. Of course, this means that it can give us the opportunity to reread some earlier chapters or perhaps even take up another series -given that you have the time to do so. Of course, for those of you -like me- who don’t have that much time and require their weekly dose of Bleach we’ll have to settle with the Anime. Nonetheless let’s focus on this week’s chapter shall we. This week’s chapter wasn’t that eventful, which means the review won’t be too long this week, though the events for this week were worth it. Using the SleepyFans’ scanlation I’ll be going over this week’s chapter, after going over last week’s poll of course.

Poll Results

Last week’s chapter showed us some interesting developments, showing us -amongst other things- how Fura was confirmed to be dead and how Wonderweiss was embedded into the pavement by Mashiro. But whether this was something Aizen expected or not is something that wasn’t made clear as the only image we had of Aizen last week was the back of his head with Gin being the main attraction. But with all that’s happening around Aizen he has to be doing something right? I gave you a few options in the poll and 47 people voted, giving us the following results:
One person believed in Aizen’s softer side, thinking he was weeping over the loss of Fura. After all that Aizen and Fura may have been through, he could shed a tear or two for his lovable Superchunky…. On the other hand, two people believe Aizen is looking at Tousen’s fight, which would make sense as Tousen started the fight right in front of him. The conversation between Tousen and his former companions may also be something Aizen could be enjoying, which could explain why he might pay attention to that. Four people believe Aizen is daydreaming about what he is going to do once he obtains the King’s key, which is always a possibility as he seems to have full confidence in his Espada and Tousen. So why bother paying attention to the present when he can look forward to his future? Of course, there were five people who believed Aizen is doing something else, other than the options I’ve given in last week’s poll. And who can blame them? Aizen could do plenty of other things besides those options, though I haven’t the faintest what he could be doing instead .
But, there were eight people who couldn’t care less about Aizen, which may be understandable as there are plenty of other developments both in and out of the Fake Karakuratown to focus on. Then, in second place for last week’s poll, 12 people realized that Aizen is still only a man and that he’s most likely looking at the fight between Harribel and Lisa for some angles. And here I thought I was the pervert for coming up with this option, but at least twelve of you are as bad as I am . Of course, the majority of you believed Aizen to be in character and that he’s just standing there emotionless as usual in his arrogance. Speaking of arrogance….

Bad to the Bone

And now he thinks himself a God…

Last week Hachi had Barragan trapped inside a barrier, which proved to be useless against Barragan’s aging ability. Barragan mocks Hachi’s ignorance, explaining how age is something that applies to all things in existence and how there’s no such thing as eternity. And as Barragan associates himself with age, which he explained to be unstoppable, he indirectly suggested that he is unstoppable as well. Barragan’s arrogance actually seems to be quite astronomical as he even manages to have everything revolve around him, even though he is explaining something as basic as the concept of aging. I have to hand it to Kubo with Barragan, he really nailed the arrogance part in his character, and for a villain I really think it is suitable. So with Barragan having satisfied his self-centeredness, Hachi has to find another way to counter Barragan’s Respira.

Hachi the Builder

Let’s see you build an airtight shelter against Barragan’s bad breath

As Barragan tells Hachi to die, Hachi regained his calm in order to try a different type of barrier. Summoning a set of boards, Hachi arranges them to form a fence at the same time that Barragan uses his Respira. As the two techniques collide, Barragan once more points out that the technique is useless. Hachi, however, ignores Barragan and starts to use the incantation to help the spell regenerate while the Respira breaks it down. Barragan sees through this strategy and claims it to be too late. Hachi then proceeds to form the barrier as he summons the Ryubi no Jomon (The Gate of Dragon Tail), a shield like gate separating Barragan and Hachi. Hachi then proceeds with his (new) plan as he makes another preparation, which may be the most difficult one he has to make.

Annoyance, thy name is Urahara Kisuke

Strange how Ichigo and Soi Fon can’t seem to get along…

Hachi turns to Soi Fon and tells her he needs her Bankai in order to defeat Barragan. Annoyed by the fact that her Bankai’s true form and power are known to Hachi, she blames none other than Urahara for this information leak as she also lets us know she hates him. Where I thought here dislike for the Vizards was because they were the trigger for Yoruichi’s sudden disappearance, it seems that Soi Fon´s dislike for them is based on their connection to Urahara. This hatred towards Urahara is most likely based on more than just his role in taking Yoruichi away as I can think of two more probable causes for her to hate him. First there’s the fact that Urahara and Yoruichi seem to be rather inseparable as flashbacks and their conversations suggest that they have a very close bond, one that Soi Fon probably wanted to have with Yoruichi as well while she couldn’t due to her obligations. This would of course lead to jealousy at best, where the hatred probably has to do with Urahara’s personality. The happy go shopkeeper’s personality is something that most likely has caused her plenty of problems as the cheerful picture of Urahara seems to suggest.
Hachi then tells her this isn’t the time for personal issues as Barragan is waiting on the other side of the Ryubi no Jomon, which doesn’t seem to faze Soi Fon the least. Hachi then suggests they make a deal…

The flipside of the Gate

Can Hachi come out and play!?

As Hachi and Soi Fon start to make a deal, we see Barragan waiting on the other side of the gate. As Barragan believes he is invincible he calmly waits for whatever his opponents are plotting. The picture of him standing there behind the gate was one I couldn’t help but laugh at as it shows a bit of a goofy side to Barragan. Rather than blasting through the gate with his Respira he wants to see what his opponents will do as a way to enjoy himself. Of course, without Marechiyo around to entertain him while his opponent makes some preparations and with Soi Fon’s stubbornness, it seems that Barragan is bored with the gate rather quickly. As he concludes that the gate was just a sad attempt to buy some time, he prepares to launch another Respira, when all of a sudden three more barriers start to form.

Hachi’s home and garden

We have a nice selection of furniture and props for your home and garden

Where Barragan expected a sudden back attack, Hachi summons three more barrier gates, the Koko no Jomon (The Gate of Tiger Fang), the Kikai no Jomon (The Gate of Turtle Shell); and the Hoyoku no Jomon (The Gate of Phoenix Wings), respectively a watermill like gate, a hexagonal shield, and something similar to a lampshade. Together with the Dragon tail gate, these four barriers form the Shiji no Saimon (The Gate of Four Beasts). Barragan witnesses this display of Bakudou’s and can’t help but laugh at Hachi’s attempts to seal him and his powers. Barragan still thinks that Hachi is trying to buy time by sealing him in the gate and goes as far as calling it the same as spitting in the face of God as buying time from one who controls aging can only be seen as an insult. In spite of Barragan’s arrogant speech, Hachi calmly explains that he doesn’t intend to seal Barragan as much as he plans to take him down.

Stung twice

It’s time to get up close and personal Barragan

Hachi starts to explain how he saw through Barragan’s so called invincibility and how he used his aging ability to have Jakuho Raikoben explode before it could even reach him while he hid from the explosion itself. Hachi then asks Barragan what would happen if he were unable to avoid Suzumebachi’s explosion as the Tiger gate opens to reveal Soi Fon with her Bankai. We then see a hint of panic in Barragan’s eyes -though he has none, Skull joke!- as we find out the terms of the agreement between Hachi and Soi Fon. In exchange for sealing Urahara away for a month, Soi Fon agreed to shoot Barragan to bits. As she tells Hachi that he has to promise her that he will keep his word, Hachi doesn’t seem to think the deal is a bad one and happily agrees. Soi Fon then launches her missile as the explosive power of her Bankai even manages to crack the barrier surrounding Barragan. With that, another chapter goes out with a bang thanks to Soi Fon, giving us two weeks to speculate on Barragan’s current fate.


So what can be said about this week’s chapter then? It was an action packed chapter to say the least with some interesting information along the way -mainly Soi Fon’s feelings towards Urahara- making it a good chapter. I do feel that there’s plenty in this chapter to last me a while, though I’m afraid it won’t be enough to keep me entertained for TWO WEEKS without Bleach manga. At least we have the Anime with a somewhat interesting filler story, though Sode no Shirayuki’s true form is also rather interesting to see -as well as the true form of other Zanpakutou and most importantly more Zangetsu and Kon . Anyhow, back to the chapter, it didn’t turn out as I had predicted meaning I’m back at sucking at predictions, which I don’t mind as reading a story without surprises wouldn’t be fun, right? So what do I expect to see in the next chapter?


First off, next week I predict there won’t be a chapter -by all means proof me wrong . The week after that, it is likely that Barragan’s situation may be left a mystery once more so that another fight can be focused on -the same way Wonderweiss has been dealt with- such as Tousen’s fight or Harribel’s fight, which seem to be more likely to be dealt with first. Barragan will survive this attack I think, though not unharmed this time as that would be a bit over the top, even for the Segunda Espada. The next chapter may show us Starrk for a bit so he can react on Soi Fon’s Bankai again and maybe show us if Lilynette is still awake in all of this. Then we may also see what Shinji plans to do -I doubt Genryuusai will make a move any time soon.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. This may also be one of the last Saturday reviews I’ll be writing as I may be free on Friday’s again starting in two week’s. I can’t be sure of course, but at least I’ll be able to reply to posts more frequently rather than use the “Posts that were lost, but not forgotten” section. But this is it for this week, I’ll see you again in two weeks!


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  1. i still wating on hisagi fight with tosen or can please fight aizen i dying to see his technique

  2. I got lost in the midst of Hachi’s powers … all these walls and shields and stuff.

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