Fanfic Nation: Just a Joke- Chapter 4

Alright, here’s chapter 4…Enjoy kids.

Chapter 4: Confrontation

Temari couldn’t believe what she was seeing; that blond whore Ino bent over in front of her man. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

Shikamaru could only stare. “T-T-Temari?!” He looked at the woman bent before him in confusion. “What the hell?” He pushed Ino away so hard she fell on the floor. “What are you doing Ino? What the hell have you done to me?”

He looked at Temari, “ Temari, I don’t know what’s going on.”

Just then Tenten walked in. “Oh no! Ino!” She rushed to her lover on the floor. “Are you ok?”

Ino got up, standing naked with her hands on her hips. “I’m fine Tenten. Everything went as planned, better than planned actually with her walking in. Shikamaru is humiliated and judging by the look on her face the Sand bitch will be leaving shortly. Mission accomplished.”

Before she could stop herself Temari flew into the room. She had Ino by the throat pinned to the floor. “You’ll pay for this you skank whore.” Her grip tightened, Inos’ face began to turn red. Shikamaru leapt from the bed.

“Temari, baby please! You’re going to kill her.”

She turned to look at him, eyes flashing, teeth bared. “Don’t. Call. Me. Baby.” Looking back at Ino, “Death is no less than she deserves.”

Shikamaru tried to pull her off the nearly unconscious naked woman on the floor. “Baby! Please!”

She pushed him away with her free arm, Shikamaru falling back against the bed. “Don’t call me baby you rotten piece of shit.”

She released Ino and turned to Shikamaru as he stood. “How could you do this to me?! I thought you loved me!”

“Temari, please. Let me explain. I don’t…”

She interrupted him by punching him in the face. He flew across the room, slamming into the wall. Falling into an unconscious heap on the floor.

Tenten stood up, “Temari if you lay one more…”

Grabbing Tenten and Ino by the throats, she threw them through the unopened window. They landed on the ground outside, covered in glass shards. She threw Ino’s clothes out the window and yelled, “ There will be repercussions for this!” With that she walked out and planned her return to the Sand village to plot her revenge.


~ by Miranda on August 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Fanfic Nation: Just a Joke- Chapter 4”

  1. 😮

  2. Whoa.

  3. What? Bad?

  4. not bad at all… Just wanna know what happens next 🙂

  5. That’s What she gets 4 messing wit my Shika-Hon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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