It’s Time for Manga Spoilers!

Well, our favorite WSJ manga are back from vacation this week and now the spoilers are being released.  First up to bat, we have the Bleach manga 370 spoiler:

Next up is Naruto 460.  It is going to be awesome!!!

Finally, here’s One Piece 554.




~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on August 18, 2009.

5 Responses to “It’s Time for Manga Spoilers!”

  1. first

  2. Thanks for the spoilers Penny!!

    The Bleach Spoiler although kind of short seems that its going to have another action packed episode.

    It looks like Sasuske is finally becoming a “true” villan. He has completely turned to the darkside.

  3. @manny: not sure if Sasuke is acting of his own accord. I think that he’s been “influenced” by Madara – remember that Sharingan that can manipulate the mind without the victim being aware? The clue is Suigetsu who comments about how Sasuke is killing while he was told he couldn’t.

    Personally, this isn’t about just saving Sasuke anymore – and I think that Naruto now understands that. What a way to grow up!

  4. Why is bleach all of sudden 369?

  5. @alec: it is because the creator erroneously put up 369 but called it 370. I have replaced it with 370.

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