Word from Shonen Jump…They’re Baaaaackkkk!

Remember Dave Wittenberg, Maille Flannagan and a cast of others for Naruto’s American/English voices?  Remember “Shadow Clone Jutsu,” “Lightning Blade,” “Sexy No Jutsu,”  “Ninja Art:  Shadow Posession Jutsu” and “Dynamic Entry?”  Well, they’re back – and add a few more (like Yamato and Sai’s english voices – and the english translations for their techniques).

I know us “purists” will be upchucking at the thought of this but there are so many people out there that are so anti-subtitles.  So, the news I have for those of you non-subtitled types will be heaven-sent:

The latest word is that the English dubbed version of Naruto Shippuuden is available on i-Tunes for download.  Currently, it is episodes 1-4 but more are coming faster than you can say “Uzumaki Barrage!”  It is also going to be available in DVD format by the end of September, 2009.

For more information, click on the Shonen Jump link below.




~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on August 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Word from Shonen Jump…They’re Baaaaackkkk!”

  1. /cringe.

    I mean, Shippuuden is terrible as it is (or at least the first 45 episodes were), I couldn’t imagine seeing it in English.

    ‘Hey guys, we don’t want filler… so… make….. every……. scene….. as….. slow……. and……. boring……… as….. possible……’

    ‘Sir, should we add 3 episode transformations and interminable grunting and panting during combat?’

    ‘What do you think this is, Dragonball Z?! Get out of my office!’

    Anyways, sorry for that :/

  2. As I said, Luke, there are those that are anti-subtitle and this information is for them. You don’t have to like it. You CAN ignore the post…

  3. The English dubbed versions of Yamato and Sai will be interesting choice to look for.

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