Naruto Manga 462 Breakdown and Discussion: Sasuke’s Still Getting P’wned and Naruto’s Reality Check

*TsunadesTwin sighs heavily*  Do we REALLY need to go through this agony Uh-gain????

You're kidding me, right?  Another chapter of this crap?

You're kidding me, right? Another chapter of this crap?

Well, here we are again.  This is TsunadesTwin with your weekly breakdown on Naruto 462.  It just seems like I just got done compiling the stupid comments of Naruto 461.  Well, thankfully, there are more highly intelligent comments this week – and not from Taka, Thank God.  Funny, it all sounds similar to Star Wars.  Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato finally hear the gospel according to Madara.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…more of that ninja fate crap.

We all see it starts off where it left off:  Juugo going into “killer mode.”  The Raikage thinks so highly of himself he thinks he can finish the whole Taka unit off but…”Heeeeerrre’s Juugo!”  Juugo and Sasuke work together – not unlike how well Sasuke and Naruto worked together – and are holding their own. Suigetsu joins in and manages to make that meat cleaver useful.  I will add, there isn’t much to Taka – at least on the surface.  However, the REAL action is back where Naruto is caged up and that’s where I will focus.  It does tie back to Taka, however.  Whew!  I sure didn’t want to compile some more stupid, useless comments.

Naruto’s Reality Check:

Remember that history lesson that Sasuke got way back when after Itachi died?  Well, our Konoha trio of Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto get their shot at that similar lesson.  First shocker – Itachi.  The word is:  Itachi was not a bad guy – he made sacrifices and was ordered to annihilate the clan.  Well, we see the explosive reactions from Kakashi, Naruto and Yamato.  Yeah, this is a shocker to those from Konoha as you can imagine.  Itachi had been long vilified as “personna non grata” and an enemy of Konoha.  However, he chose that fate, as we all now know.

Yes, it is news to rock your world, guys.  Itachi was not a bad guy, really.

Yes, it is news to rock your world, guys. Itachi was not a bad guy, really.

So, they now know about Itachi.  It’s historical info for us but for these guys from Konoha it is earth-shattering.  Why?  Any orders like this would have been kept a HUGE secret at the highest levels – meaning at the level of Danzo, the elders and the Sondaime Hokage.  Remember, the Sondaime Hokage was revered by most shinobi, including these three.  They followed his orders without question.  The philosophies of Sondaime Hokage are well-engrained into Konoha society.  Now, he’s been tarnished?  He merely implemented orders from Danzo?  So, now what are Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato fighting for?

Oh, it gets better from here, trust me.  Yeah, Naruto’s world order has been rocked to its foundations, that is for sure.  But, Madara isn’t done with the massive emotional destruction that has been started in Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto.    However, Kakashi brings up a good point in the next series of frames – why didn’t Sasuke follow his brother’s wishes and return to Konoha? Nice one, Kakashi.

Interesting question Kakashi.  However, Madara may have you on this one...

Interesting question Kakashi. However, Madara may have you on this one...

What do I mean?  Well, Madara has noted one thing:  Sasuke is NOT Itachi. Itachi was a man of peace.  Or, at least he wanted to be.  Non-confrontational. Followed orders without question.  Loyal.  But, what is Sasuke?  What are his values?  Or, are they even his values?  Perhaps they belong to Madara?  Who knows?  One thing is for sure:  he is living up to his lifelong goal as stated in his first meeting with Kakashi – Avenger, something that Madara is clearly exploiting.

Somehow I am not seeing a big "S" emblazoned on that kimono of Sasuke's.  And, Naruto isn't buying any of this.  Should he?

Somehow I am not seeing a big "U" emblazoned on that kimono of Sasuke's. And, Naruto isn't buying any of this. Should he?

Well, as I said, Naruto is having none of this.  He never wanted to believe that his lifelong friend and comrade had chosen the “dark side of the force.”  He didn’t want to believe that he’d have to eventually confront him to possibly kill him.  He wanted to believe that he could save both Sasuke and Konoha, something that Itachi clearly appreciated.  However, reality is tough to bear for anyone.  And, Naruto is no different.  For him, it is simple:  revenge is not the way to peace and he wonders why others simply don’t get that concept. We can also take comfort in the fact that this not only shakes up Naruto but also his Sensei, Kakashi.

This ranks right up there with the very famous, "No.  I am your father" line.  And...the "Nooooooooooo!" that followed.

This ranks right up there with the very famous, "No. I am your father" line. And...the "Nooooooooooo!" that followed.

Then there’s the “hatred” and “Uchiha destiny” garbage being spewed from Madara.  Yes, it is a variant on the story told to Sasuke previously but it is basically the same…but it goes further back.  It goes back to the Sage of the Six Paths and the eye tech of the Rin’negan.  Huh?  Didn’t Sasuke get this part of the “history lesson?”  And, of course, Kakashi isn’t buying any of this either. I am more than certain that he thinks that Madara is full of bull s**t.

So, on goes the history lesson.  It all heads in one direction:  Senju versus Uchiha;  Shodaime Hokage versus Madara Uchiha.  Yada yada yada.

Hatred? Curse?  Destiny?  Are you for real Madara?  Or, are you full of S**t?

Hatred? Curse? Destiny? Are you for real Madara? Or, are you full of S**t?

So the story goes, the Sage of Six Paths wanted peace but…it wasn’t realized before his time was up.  So…his two unlucky sons won the opportunity to promote peace.  Each had only some of the abilities of the Sage; one had the bodily strength and life force and physical energy.  He believed that “all you need is love.”  The other inherited the eyes and the spiritual chakras and thought that all he needed were merely those abilities  for peace.  Ok, I think it is so obvious where this one is heading you don’t even need a flashlight to see in this darkness.  One was chosen and the loser…well, you can guess what happened and where this goes.

Ok, does this REALLY boil down to Senju versus Uchiha?  Uh-gain???

Ok, does this REALLY boil down to Senju versus Uchiha? Uh-gain???

Long story short, the winner was the descendant of the Senju clan; the loser, of the Uchiha clan.  Curse fulfilled and now here we are back at Senju versus Uchiha.  Man, this is sounding like a broken record.  Madara, you really have some serious anger management issues here.

The next item really brings up some theories for me.  There’s this internet “faketale” that Tsunade and Dan were the parents of Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s father.  The reasoning – some of it – goes like this; same color hair, right age, and Tsunade being the granddaughter of the Shodaime Hokage. Add her relationship with Dan and its tragic end and the fact that she was also the student of the Sondaime Hokage, the student of her grandfather and granduncle.  I always thought this was, like I said, “faketale.”  However, this next frame will only make people wonder how much of a “faketale” this really is.  Madara states that he sees “Senju” deep within Naruto and that Naruto’s fate is tied directly to Sasuke, who is acting, well, very “Uchiha” at the moment.

Interesting frames - could add a lot of speculation of many theories and faketales, don't ya think?

Interesting frames - could add a lot of speculation of many theories and faketales, don't ya think?

Interestingly enough, Madara deeply admired – yet hated – the Shodaime Hokage.  Hell, they fought enough – always to a “draw.”  GAHHHH!  What is this?  Dr. Phil and his “how to get over the hatred of a rival” segment?

Ok, now this is where I have some issues.  Is fate really the determination of the world of the shinobi or it is just Madara’s twisted ideals yet again?

Yeah, Madara.  But, whose fate are you talking about?  True fate or YOUR definition of fate?

Yeah, Madara. But, whose fate are you talking about? True fate or YOUR definition of fate?

So, in Madara’s little mind, Sasuke’s battle with the Raikage is simply a path on the route to the ultimate revenge of the Uchiha clan and to for it to obtain its much-delayed greatness.  Madara has chosen Sasuke to be the standard bearer for this battle.  He had Itachi but Itachi wouldn’t play along; remember, he wanted peace.  Well, Sasuke is a different person and for him, the name Uchiha has always been a matter of pride even though the rest of Konoha thought of him as “the black sheep.”

So, as Madara continues his diatribe, we end with the continuing battle between the Raikage and Sasuke.  Sasuke is having a helluva time with this beast of a Kage – and decides to take him head on with a Chidori.

So, Sasuke turns to hatred - or did he?   Did Madara merely encourage this?

So, Sasuke turns to hatred - or did he? Did Madara merely encourage this?

Well, there wasn’t much to this chapter this week.  However, for those of you interested in my little poll of last week, the best pick of stupid comments from Manga Chapter 461, here are the top winners.  We actually had a three-way tie:

#3:  Sasuke commenting that fighting Kumo Jonin won’t be easy

#5:  Juugo commenting that the reason Suigetsu’s sword broke was the crack obtained from the battle with the 8-tails – made in front of the Raikage, the 8-tails’ brother

#7:  Danzo’s comment that he didn’t realize that there was “another Byakugan” in existence – and his underlings’ stupidity in knowing this.

These three were tied as the second runner up.

The top pick for the Naruto Hall of Stupid Comments is…

#6:  Sasuke’s “I don’t need your help” comment to his teammates late in the battle (yeah, a typical Sasuke Uchiha comment…)

Well, there ya have it.  It is a bit shorter but, given last week’s garbage, it is probably a relief.   Well, we’ll find out whether Sasuke’s Raiton jutsu short circuits and whether Naruto gets released from that Moukton cage.  C’ya next week!



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on September 4, 2009.

22 Responses to “Naruto Manga 462 Breakdown and Discussion: Sasuke’s Still Getting P’wned and Naruto’s Reality Check”

  1. “The next item really brings up some theories for me. There’s this internet “faketale” that Tsunade and Dan were the parents of Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s father. The reasoning – some of it – goes like this; same color hair, right age, and Tsunade being the granddaughter of the Shodaime Hokage. ”

    Wow… this may be possible.. i mean, the only way naruto can be a senju is if the 4th’s mother was a senju.. this would be so much easier if we knew dan’s complete name

  2. yhhhhh does tell us the final final will be sasuke and naruto no question naruto will have to end the hatred by killing sasuke that every every possible now, anywezz Juugo is strong but kage is too strong

  3. does any one else thing that Dan looks a bit like Minato? Honestly, picture him with spikey hair, or put shodaime hokage’s hair on minato’s head…. naruto is a senju, dammit! but it’s not kishi’s style to have the manga end in a fight to the death with naruto and sasuke. mind, there will be a fight, but to THEIR death. i’m thinking someone else is gonna die in the midst of it and it’s gonna take that to get sasuke to wake the hell up…… remember i wrote this. remember neji? well, i’m guessing that’s more like kishi’s style and naruto’s way….. all this “fate” talk is bullship. just my 2 cents.

  4. to all those ppl who was saying naruto has nothing there u naruto is from clen senju plus nine tails and so many lesson. who got most advantage who is an fair.

  5. Huh,, what the heck with the Naruto Stupid Comments.. whatsoever.. It was Jugo who said that fighting Kumo Jonins wouldn’t be easy.. and I’m just thinking the reason that line was used, in order to emphasize to the readers and to warn Sasuke about the status of those 3 ninjas he is fighting because as what you have seen Sasuke attacked recklessly without knowing about their abilities.

  6. Sigh… this is why Pain is/was my favorite akatsuki member. Once again Naruto is right there. In front of Tobi. Yet he never trys to catch him. once again its just talk talk talk (although i always like info about the sage of six paths). If tobi is the Big Bad then why dosent he just crush yamato and kakashi and take Naruto. i know it wouldnt be esay to beat all three of them but hes (supposdly seince we still havent seen his face) Uchia Madara! hes supposed to have incredible power yet all we ever see is phasing.

    Sorry for the rant. Tobi just irritates me sometimes.

  7. @inverted: read last week’s breakdown and you will see the reason for the stupid comments. For someone to mention the obvious in a frame is merely wasting space. In fact, many of the comments of last week’s chapter were made of wasted space comments…

    @takashiID: Madara (Tobi was a disguise to hide his true identity) doesn’t do anything because he is toying with all of them. He knows he can do them in at any time as he has the power to do so but is merely “playing” with his prey. One problem: he is severely underestimating Naruto – like most seem to.

  8. i like to call him tobi because i was one of those tobi=obito theroy people and until we see underneath his mask i still have suspicions about who he is despite all the stuff about him being Madara. Not to start a debate here but if he really is Madara why dosent kishi show his face? we see a little when he talks to Sauske but not the whole thing and after that nothing. Also Kishi has shown Madara’s face in flshbacks so why is he still hiding it in the present?

    Penny: i guess that makes sense about him toying with them but then my question is WHY would he be so stupid? why wait and give them time to figure out his powers and possibly kill him? He’s been around for awhile and has probobly seen what happens to people who underestimate Naruto so you would think that he would learn from their mistakes and take him out fast.

  9. @takashiD: one thing you must understand about Madara – he thinks he’s God. And, as such, he thinks he is invincible so expending a bit of energy on “toying” with a jinchuuriki isn’t a big deal. And, he can control them with the Sharingan – remember Minato’s words to Naruto…

  10. Yeah, madara apparently likes to have convos with people. Remember the flashback when Itachi was talking to him (and he had a different mask on), then there’s the sasuke talk, and now a talk with naruto. Either this guy likes to talk, or he uses a conversation as a way to use some kinda manipulation jutsu. It worked with sasuke, pain, possibly Itachi before he wiped out the clan, and I’m assuming naruto will have some sort of “eye opening” experience or change of mind in some way after this lil chit chat too.

    As for the chapter I actually liked it. Alot. There was the whole fate thing, which I guess is kinda played out, but at least it’s consistent with the theme of the manga going all the way back to the naruto/neji fight. And they actually threw in a good amount of fighting action this chapter unlike the one before it. I thought this last one had a good balance of plots and butt kickin. Something’s gonna break up the fight b/w sasuke and raikage though, or it will go past just trying to out-punch eachother. There’s no way raikage would go out with a simple chidori, and i don’t see sasuke getting dropped by just a punch either.

  11. Good observation supafreak/shota. This has been preached since Tsunade’s relationship with Dan surfaced. This takes me back to chapter 367 when Jiraiya and Tsunade had their last conversation. Tsunade was able to pinpoint Naruto’s likeness in personality to Kushina. Makes you wonder if she had a kid with Dan who was fostered by Jiraiya after Dan died and she banished from the village.

  12. @everyone: You see….YOOU SEEEE….i remember the bloody time i brought up the theory that naruto was of senju descent and you all thought i was dreadfully crazy. Well, was wondering if someone might want to have that arguement again. That was from IRA.

    What madara revealed is absolutely shocking. From the tale of the two siblings from the rikudou sennin, one thing’s for sure. Senju hashirama and madara inherited the abilities of the second and first sons respectively in their generation, and naruto and sasuke have now inherited those abilities very strongly. How? I’ll tell you how.

    From madara’s tale, the rikudou sennin gace birth to all ninjutsu. He did because of the awesome combination of his “eyes” and “body”, along with his powerful chakras and spiritual energy, and incredible life force and physical energy. Now when he was about to die, he befitted the first son with his eyes, spiritual energy and powerful chakras. In essence, the first son was able to use most techniques with his eyes, the eyes being his source of his power. As time passed, the descendants of the first came to be known as the uchiha, the powerful clan of sharingan users, reputed, fabled ad feared because of it. In the whole clan, madara inherited the abilities of the first son of the rikudou sennin very strongly, and hence his power stood out from the others. Now what i’m also a little sure about is that powerful chakra and sppiritual energy madara has inherited strongly could be at least a pizza slice to the “six” possible reasons he survived the fight with hashirama. According to wikipedia, madara’s “stubborn refusal to die” might result from the potency of his chakra. That could be explained from the fact that madara inherited very strongly the potent chakra of the first. Now, with respect to sasuke, madara has obviously seen so much potential in sasuke that he even once told zetsu “are these the eyes that would surpass my own”? Orochimaru also saw that sasuke had a lot of potential to be a lot more stronger than itachi. After sasuke’s fight with deidara, madara reported that “he definitely demonstrated the power of the sharingan”. Madara also remarked recently that sasuke can become, or will become stronger than nagato. Plus sasuke’s new dogma, thriving on the power of hatred, something the first son of the rikudo sage and madara showed very well, are signs pointing to sasuke inheriting this power strongly.

    Then next is the second son who inherited the body of the rikudo sage, with his life force and physical energy. Now with this body inherited from the rikudo sennin meant the second son had the body requirements to perform just about any jutsu, hence the “body” in apostrophe. It mearnt that with his body, he could learn and master just about any jutsu. Now shodai hokage inherited this “body” very strongly, and hence stood out from the rest of the senju. As a result he was able to use just about any jutsu, including mokouton, a jutsu only he could use. For all we know, the first could have a lot of other secret techniques in his arsenal we did not know about, but mokouton became pronounced as a result of it’s relevance in controlling the kyuubi. Remember the scroll of shodai hokage that naruto stole?……might you want to imagine the kinds of jutsu in that scroll? Perhaps not….but the point is it was an awful lot. It also explains why shodai hokage’s chakra could control the kyuubi, as a result of inheriting this life force and physical energy very strongly.

    Now i guess you all want to know what madara meant by saying shodai hokage lives in naruto? YES. Naruto, like sasuke, inherited very strongly the “body” of the second son, as well as his life force and physical energy. That has explained why naruto has been able to take a jutsu the fourth took three years to learn and finish in a week- the rasengan. Fine, determination played a key role, but don’t forget the fourth and jiraiya were also one of the most determined ninjas you could find. Also explains why he completed a jutsu the fourth died trying to complete……the FRS….essentially combining the rasengan with elemental chakra. It explained why naruto was able to complete sage mode…something jiraiya could not complete. It also explains why naruto seems to have incredible stamina, something sasuke himself has expressed surprise to. Finally it explains why naruto is able to withstand the horrible powers of the kyuubi. As yamato put it, naruto is not strong because of the kyuubi, but is strong because of his ability to withstand the kyuubi’s horrible powers, a huge thanks to the “body” inherited from the second son. Naruto’s stamina is explained from the physical energy inherited from the second son, and his ability to withstand the kyuubi’s powers from the life force as well. Another incredible thing that means is, with that body from the second son, naruto would be able to learn just about any jutsu, with hard work and determination, like he has always done. It also means if yamato decided to teach naruto mokouton, naruto would be able to learn it. I say INCREDIBLE.

    So one thing’s for sure. Knowing this, the raikage would be wasting his time on sasuke because sasuke’s anger and hatred far surpasses his, and naruto is the only one who can stop sasuke at the moment…not even the conglomerate of kages can. Madara knows this, and knows it instinctively, that’s why he readily set sasuke up, and threw him in the fray of lions. I also have a sneaky suspicion that naruto would speak with shodai hokage at some point….probably in his subconscious. Time would tell.

  13. @total: ah, ya found me. yup, I’m here. And, I’m with you on that theory. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? And, Naruto was named after his mother as Minato and Kushina weren’t married…and for safety purposes. Having it broadcast that Naruto’s last name was really Namikaze would have made life even more of a living hell for Naruto – not that he didn’t have enough of one as a child.

    Just so everyone knows, the reason I didn’t focus much on the blow-by-blow account was because I would have felt like it was coverage of a WWF event rather than a manga breakdown and discussion thingy. I just read the post from WRA and I’ll tell you there are some bloodthirsty, action-oriented types over there. That’s not me. I’m one of those theorists/thinkers/intellectuals that look for meanings between the lines (like that Totaltalitarianhypnosis guy who posted above me). Although the action was a huge part of the story, there is intellectual significance to that bloodbath when paired with that little chat with Madara. I have a feeling there will be more action and I will post more but along with the theory stuff, k?

    Love all your comments! Keep them comin’!

  14. @totaltalitarianhypnosis: Wooohhh. That is what I was thinking I can’t just post it, because I am lazy on typing.. HAHAHA!

  15. Great breakdown! Very thorough and accurate as always 🙂 I look forward to all your breakdowns and i can’t wait to read what you have to say about tomorrow’s manga. Your theories always make me think beyond what is said in the manga.

  16. Man…there’s a reason that Tobi doesn’t crush kakashi…that’s cuz he gave him the sharingan!
    It can’t be Madara…cuz Madara was founder of the Akatsuki and why would he have to ask other members to join HIS clan….DOESN’T MAKE SENCE!!!!

    Tobi IS Obito!
    Look at all the pics at google on “obito and kakashi” !
    and you know why Wikipedia is wrong…cuz they can’t have all the information on evertything right anyway…

  17. I believe Tobi is Obito. And if so, Tobi should face Kakashi and injure Kakashi then Tobi takes off his mask and tells Kakashi he is Obito. Then Kakashi is shocked and thinking about his past. Then Tobi kills Kakashi. After that Yamato and Naruto arrive to see it was too late to help Kakashi… (you think what happens next)

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  19. sasuke and naruto fuck you

  20. sasuke and sakura = real love 4 ever

  21. well this episode has so much hatred in it, but still, naruto never fails to entertain me. I will always check for updates in this website.

  22. oh my god

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