It’s Time for Spoilers!!!!!! Newly Updated!

Hey everyone!

It’s “that” time.  Yup, spoilers are out.  One Piece fans, you now have a week off.  Yeah, I know; life’s not fair. 

For Naruto spoilers:  I also wanted to let you know that Fahim’s spoilers will now be significantly delayed because of his school schedule.  So you can get your spoilers fast, I am opting to use WOTG media’s spoilers.

Naruto:   We’ve got a BIG fight going on here and I know everyone wants to see how it comes out – or doesn’t. 

Now for Bleach 373.  It has been updated!!!!

One Piece fans…we’ll see you next week.





~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on September 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s Time for Spoilers!!!!!! Newly Updated!”

  1. Thanks for being early as usual with the spoilers penny. You are the best !!

    Naruto: The fight seems to finally be getting to the end, I guess the only reason to watch this episode is for another of Itachi’s surprizes. To think that Itachi equiped Sasuske with not only his MS but with Susano as well that is insane. Sasuske has more power than he knows and deffinetly has alot of potential that may be used in a fight against Naruto 😉 once he knows how to use it all.

    Bleach: This spoiler is a little conffusng in the end when it mentions Aizen. Are they trying to say that Aizen decided to stab Stark in the hearth or that someone unknown or unseen to Stark stabed him? I’m not too sure why Aizen would do this, however because of the translation and because Aizen is a Villan it all seems a bit possible to me. What do you think? I guess i might just have to wait for the next set of spoilers.

  2. Thanks for the spoilers! Amaterasu & Susan’oo this thing is getting mighty serious! I can’t help but think though that if sasuke had just told the raikage the truth, then all of this could have been avoided. Plus the raikage hates danzou so i’m sure he won’t really be against sasuke’s plans to annihilate the hokage lol

    On another note, i see that it seems Shi is still alive – I hope so, he’s cool 🙂

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