Vampire Knight 7: Night Party

Well kids, i’m bored out of my freaking mind so guess what….I’m back. And i’m starting back up with Vampire Knight. So here’s the breakdown of chapter 7….Ta


We start this chapter with a figure standing in the darkness, smoking. He squats down to the ground and sees ants. Then be bounce over to the chairman, Yukki and Zero eating a special dinner prepared by the chairman. He tries to comment about how nice it is for the family to be eating together and Yukki and Zero just sit in silence. Zero tells the chairman that he doesn’t want to be counted as family, which upsets the chairman. But he recovers and appears happy that at least the two are eating. The chairman asks if anything happened while they were out of the school, and asks about Yukki’s injuries. She freezes up, not sure if she can tell the chairman. Then he changes the subject, giving Zero more blood tablets. Zero takes them, and tells Yukki not to worry, that is will be a daily thing.


Zero gets upset and walks away, Yukki berates the chairman in her mind and follows Zero out. They head over to the Moon Dorm and Zero loads Bloody Rose. Yukki tells him that he can’t go to the dorm with attacking in mind, and that she doesn’t need him. Zero tells her that if there wasn’t a problem he wouldn’t have bothered accompanying her. Zero says that from that point on they are in the vicinity of the moon dorm, and then comments about a strange atmosphere.


The vampires get defensive, saying they just want to talk. But tells Zero to forget what he was thinking, or he will be dealt with. That the real troublesome people are yet to come. Kain tells them to follow, and he takes them to Ichijou.


Yukki sweatdrops and asks him how old he is. He asks her if she means in human years or vampire years. Yukki looks confused so Ichijou tells her that he is 18 and for his present he will accept a kiss from her. Yukki gets a bit pissed and says she didn’t come to play but to talk about what happened earlier that day. Leaving school grounds is against the rules. She wants to know about the vampire. Ichijou tells her to ask her questions, so she does.


Ichijou explains that the vampire was an “ex-human” vampire, a lowly breed. The vampire they killed was an E-class, the most lowly of all vampires, that were once human. E-level vampires have no control over their bloodlust and recklessly attack humans. Kaname walks in and says that there was a report of an E-level roaming around the human population and he sent Ichijou and Shiki out to dispose of it. Kaname asks Yukki why she didn’t report the incident to the chairman. She says just reporting it wasn’t enough, plus she wanted to confirm it herself. Kaname sits and tells Yukki to sit next to him. She looks startled,  the other vampires and Zero all look pissed. She says no, but he pulls her down next to him and puts an arm around her and says the safest place for her is at his side.


Kaname goes on to explain that back in the time when the fighting between vampires and the vampire hunters was at its fiercest vampires rounded up humans and turned them so they could fight for them. But nowadays the pureblood and noble vampires have the duty of managing those vampires, and sometimes they have to be “taken care of.” Zero jumps in and says that hunting vampires is the job of the vampire hunters. Kaname asks Zero  then why didn’t he kill the vampire when he had a chance? He tells Yukki that he wants to erase the pain from her wound and kisses it, then asks if Zero didn’t kill the vampire because he feels pity for it. Zero whips out Bloody Rose and holds it to Kanames head, all of the vampires stand at attention. One vampire Seiren, rushes to Zero and prepares to attack him, but Kaname tells her that it’s ok that he was the one who spoke carelessly.


But Aido reminds them that the only reason they are at the school is because of Kaname, because he’s a pure blood. Yukki startles and Kaname says that she looks as if that’s the first time she’s heard it. He asks her if she’s scared, and she says that she’s always been a bit scared of him. Then Ichijou gets all butthurt and says that it’s his birthday and Zero and Yukki are his honored guests.

We jump to the chairman with a strange man, talking about Yukki and Zero and how Zero stayed back a year. The strange guy says it makes sense, that being in the senior class would make it so he was always meeting the night class.



The mystery man says the night class only does the “volunteer work” as an excuse to have fun, that they should leave the vampire killing to the vampire hunters. The chairman says then he will just forbid them from killing, then wants to know why the myster man is there. He says he’s there to see Zero, they have a blood oath. The chairman thinks that he’ll just let them spend a little time together like before. We jump back to Ichijous party where Yukki tells Kaname that they are leaving. Ichijou cuts himself and one of the other vampires licks up the blood. Zero rushes out of the party, and busts out the blood tablets. Yukki runs after him and Kaname thinks to himself that Yukki will go back to his side on day. She looks for Zero and steps on the blood tablet box, then sees Zero on the ground. He drops the blood tablets on the ground and Yukki rushes to him. Back at the party Ichijou makes a comment about how there comes a time when ex-human vampires have problems because the body rejects the blood tablets.


Zero grabs her and licks her neck, she thinks that she should stop him but can’t because the mystery man shows up and…..


Alrighty, that’s it for this chapter…I’ll have another one out soon.


~ by Miranda on September 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Vampire Knight 7: Night Party”

  1. @Mandi: I knew you wouldn’t be gone for long….welcome back!

  2. sorry…and, great breakdown. You are expanding my horizons on manga! 🙂

  3. Sweet, you’re back. We missed you!! T_T

  4. YOSH!!! Welcome back Mandi and great breakdown!

  5. Welcome back Mandi 😀

    So Zero got to see what he’s going to turn into last time. And is slowly showing us that he has no control over himself or this process. Eventually he will want to drain someone of their blood. whether its Yuuki or someone else Zero might eventually kill someone because of his blood lust.

    So this mistery cowboy is Zero’s teacher… hmmm nothing says i’m back like a bullet to the shoulder 🙂

    By the way did you make that Yachiru drawing, it is adorable 😀

  6. No I did not draw that, I yoinked it from deviant art lol….

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