Naruto Manga 464 Breakdown and Discussion: Gaara’s Plea, Sensors Abound, Sand and Kumo Attack

Looks like we got a treat of an early release of Naruto.   Read by clicking here.  However, I am sticking to my usual blog release schedule, unlike SOME Naruto blog sites.  Although Deidara would have argued that art is a blast, to me, “art” takes time.  Ahem…

In last week’s breakdown, I had a poll that asked who would be the one most likely to intervene in this battle between Sasuke and the Raikage.  The poll winner was a tie between Killer Bee and Gaara.

We now find out who intervenes…dun, dun, duhhhhhhhhhhnnnn.

Oh how long we have waited for YOU, Gaara!  You rock!

Oh how long we have waited for YOU, Gaara! You rock!

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with this week’s lowdown on the battle between the Raikage and Sasuke, which doesn’t seem to be ending, except for the Raikage losing his left arm due to Ameratsu’s flames – and his own stupidity.  Raikage is doing a major finishing move, Guillotine Drop (the body of the Raikage surrounded by lightning in a Rendan move – uhhhhgly!) and a counter by Sasuke of an Endon Kagu Tsuchi to protect himself.  If you look carefully, this move effectively moves the Ameratsu flames up towards the crashing body of the Raikage which would cause even more devastating damage than just to merely his left arm.  Things look bad for both of them – who are hellbent on this revenge thing that doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere.  I mean, just how many times do you have to bang your head against a wall before you realize it hurts?!?  Oh yeah, these two will just bang their head until it hurts, say “ouch” then do it all again.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

That Samurai in the background is wondering when his next tea and dango break will be...

That Samurai in the background is wondering when his next tea and dango break will be...

Lucky for these two rather irrational sadomasochists, this large amount of sand gets in-between them, shocking everyone – but not me.  I mean, hey, this is Gaara, we’re talking about here.  Yup, the gang from Suna is back in town!

What perfect timing!  Here's some sand for that injured eye of yours, Sasuke.

What perfect timing! Here's some sand for that injured eye of yours, Sasuke.

Of course no one from Kumo is cheering the arrival of the Suna (Sand) Siblings, the Kazekage, Kankuro and Temari (I wonder why?).  Raikage sees them as mere interference and threatens them.  But Gaara, standing firm, tells our emo Kazekage  “Dude, losing a hand?  That was weak.  Give it a rest!”   Ever emo and macho, our emotion-blinded Kazekage  takes care of that Ameratsu infested hand of his – by merely cutting it off.  Niiice one for the gruesome department.  Definitely for the drama-types out there.  Then he orders his genjutsu- weakened and humiliated Sensory underling, Shi, to do the healing.  Hey, Shi!  While you are at it, could you FINALLY heal Sasuke’s eye.  I’m really getting tired of seeing blood run from it.

Overworked, over-genjutsu'ed, underappreciated Shi, that Kumo Sensory Healing Nin.  You had better ask for a pay raise after this.

Overworked, over-genjutsu'ed, underappreciated Shi, that Kumo Sensory Healing Nin. You had better ask for a pay raise after this.

Some poor insignificant samurai almost suffered a worse fate with the flames of Ameratsu than the Raikage…but is saved by Kankuro.  What’s cool about this is that this guy was NOT insignificant to Kankuro.  At least, someone is thinking around here.  Seems he has a new puppet in his arsenal, but more on that later.

Yeah, Kankuro!  Thank you, man!  Whoa!  It's great to be outta that gear!

Yeah, Kankuro! Thank you, man! Whoa! It's great to be outta that gear!

It is at this point that Gaara takes over.  Funny, it looks like the Chuunin exam re-match between these two – remember???  Except that now time has passed, the tables have turned and people have changed.  No longer does Gaara have the murderous intent  – it is purely Sasuke.  And, it isn’t Gaara that is “going in for the kill” – again, all Sasuke.  This time, it’s Gaara who wants to talk mano y mano, heart to heart.  What?!?  Well, Gaara is now Kazekage and, thanks to Naruto, has changed his mindset.  He’s found his purpose in life – a connection to his village and to others, in general.  Unfortunately, Sasuke has headed in the opposite direction – no connection to anyone or anything, except his hatred for those who “dis” the Uchiha name.  Interesting, this reminds me so much of meeting people you went to school with – some rise with success and fall with failure.  Ahem, anyway…Gaara starts with an oblique reference to a conversation three years ago…
Well, Gaara, his eyes aren't quite the same as yours anymore - I don't think you had that Octagon pupil thing going back then.

Well, Gaara, his eyes aren't quite the same as yours anymore - I don't think you had that Octagon pupil thing going back then.

Imagine…Gaara.  Three years prior, he needed no reason to kill; eyes with a chilling, frightening murderous intent.  Now those same eyes harbor…actual emotion:  concern, compassion, understanding.  Yes, it’s that understanding one’s pain theme again; just the characters have changed.  Seems that Kishi likes this theme and is sticking to it.  Gaara continues his Naruto-esque conversation by telling Sasuke that he still has a chance to turn away from the darkness; that there is always light within the darkness (translation:  Use the Force, Sasuke).  Anakin Sasuke then asks what’s in it for him should he turn back.  What?  Is this merely a rhetorical question or was Sasuke hinting that he wanted to be “saved?”

Well, even if Sasuke wanted to be saved, the conversation was essentially stopped by Kankuro and Temari.  Kankuro invokes Naruto’s name – Sasuke can’t be saved otherwise Naruto wouldn’t have failed.  Temari brings up the political question of Sasuke now working for Akatsuki and other countries wanting a piece of his carc-“ass.”  Whoa!   Time out!  Naruto history lesson here:   A few years back, a Kumo delegate who was signing a treaty with Konoha kidnapped little (ok, she was 3 – she’s not so little now) Hinata.  This guy was killed by Hinata’s father, Hiashi.  It was determined that the treaty signing was a ruse for Kumo to get their hands on the Byakugan (oh, how I love those white eyes).  Nevertheless, given the a-hole was a foreign minister, Kumo demanded Hiashi’s body, thinking they’d hit the jackpot in the Konoha eye tech department.   However, thanks to that “branch family” tradition – and Hizashi’s choice – Kumo, instead got Hizashi, Neji’s father and Hiashi’s identical twin brother.  But of course, Kumo didn’t know about that bait-and-switch until it was too late.   In doing so, that funky seal on the forehead wiped out any chance of Kumo getting their hands on the Byakugan by sealing it away (you don’t think Raikage is still pissed about that one?).  But, the incident enraged Neji for years (remember “your destiny is decided by fate”?) until Naruto came up with the “I’ll change Hyuuga” promise.  You don’t think….hmmmm.

And, one other thing:  Sasuke claims he’s not working for Akatsuki (tell that to Madara) – and he never actually killed Killer Bee.  Why isn’t he making more of a case in his own defense?  Wait!  I guess that would make this story too simple, wouldn’t it?  *sighs heavily*

Yeah.  Sad as it is, it's time to throw sand on this parade...
Yeah. Sad as it is, it’s time to throw sand on this parade…

And, again we see Gaara in a different light:  emotion.  Gaara, who sees his former self in Sasuke, sadly, reluctantly, starts a devastating attack on Sasuke with Kankuro and Temari following his lead.  Sorry Gaara, Naruto isn’t here for back up this time.  He’s rather boxed in right now thanks to his Konoha Jonin “mokuton jailer,” Yamato.  Can we say “Valley of the End” part II?

Not much more to say to this one.  Note Kankuro's puppet on the that?!?  Nah...
Not much more to say to this one. Note Kankuro’s puppet on the left…is that?!? Nah…

Oh, and Kankuro’s puppet?  Did he?  Is it?  Could it be?   Hell yeah!  It’s Sasori!!!  This has got to be joke by Kishi.  My jaw dropped when I saw this one.  So…I guess Ant, Crow and Salamander are no longer Kankuro’s “pets.”  Hmmmm…maybe he got his pal Shikamaru to dig up Hidan’s parts and then created another Akatsuki puppet, Hidan.  Or maybe that “art is a blast” favorite, Deidara.  That would be awesome!

Meanwhile, Karin is able to determine Danzo’s whereabouts – but also notes Sasuke’s chakra levels are not only massive but devastatingly cold.  Um, Karin?  You’re surprised by this?   Of course he’s cold, calculating and brutal – he’s an avenger.   The incompetence!  Sheesh!  While this brilliant realization is taking place, in the holding pen formerly known as the meeting room, Danzo’s King Thug, Fu senses, as he is a Sensory nin (you’ll see that title a lot here), that Sasuke has a Sensory nin on his side and informs him of that fact.  Danzo plans his escape in the so-called mayhem…but, again, is busted by our Byakugan Jailer, Ao…who just also happens to be a Sensory nin.  Then there’s good old Shi, the genjutsu-weakened, healing Sensory nin of Kumo (too bad he couldn’t “sense” Sasuke and Juugo’s oh-so-obvious trap of genjutsu earlier).  Ok, let me count here:  Shi is a Sensory nin, Karin is one, Ao the Mizu Byakugan Jailer and Danzo’s King Thug, Fu, are, too.  Just how many Sensory nin do you need here?  Oh, and you’ll just love this.  Yes the rumors are true:  I’m a sensory nin, too.  I’m sensing that this sensory nin idea, like the Sharingan, is getting very old, very fast.

Geez!  Danzo!  Your crew is so incompetent.  This is NOT the infamous tenth question to the Chuunin exam.  You can't cheat here.

Geez! Danzo! Your crew is so incompetent. This is NOT the infamous tenth question to the Chuunin exam. You can't cheat here.

Our Tsuchikage is just loving every minute of this.  I mean, he can’t do much with that bad hip of his.  He now thinks this rather boring meeting will get interesting if Danzo goes ape (no word yet from our gorgeous Barbie-doll Mizukage).   Hey, Shi!   Add to your “to do” list, Tsuchikage’s hip replacement tech, will ya?  That will keep you useful.

Of course now that there's blood and guts our old man Kage now wants more...

Of course now that there's blood and guts our old man Kage now wants more...

Back at the attempted Sasuke massacre, Darui can’t stand being on the sidelines and offers to help our Suna siblings in their powerful battle.  Now, you have lightning (with the tech name of “circus” you’d have to wonder if this whole Kage ho-down is a circus), wind, sand and puppets.  Hmmmm….interesting combination but a powerful one.

No question...that is DEFINITELY Sasori.

No question...that is DEFINITELY Sasori.

And, poor Shi.  Never appreciated – and his emo boss thinks he’s not working fast enough.  Raikage wants his piece of Uchiha, after all.

Man, you are still underappreciated and your "to do" list is growing.  You DEFINITELY deserve a pay raise after this.

Man, you are still underappreciated and your "to do" list is growing. You DEFINITELY deserve a pay raise after this.

Oh….Susan….Oh….Susanooooooohhhhh.  Sorry, that was sooo bad, wasn’t it?  Well, Sasuke pulls out his latest trump card to go with that bloody Ameratsu, Susanoo.  As I was so reminded not long ago, the last time we saw good old Susan-oh was when Itachi and Sasuke went at it.  Well, now we see her yet again, surrounded by the black flames of Ameratsu, in full form leaving Gaara to question the darkness thing and Sasuke stating “Now I have the power, mwuahhhh!”  At least Gaara’s version of “darkness,” Shukaku, had some personality…

Size isn't always what counts, Sasuke...

Size isn't always what counts, Sasuke...

Wait, didn’t she have a cracked rib last week?  The inconsistencies…

Shi must have healed this, too.

Shi must have healed this, too.

Ok, Susanoo…who or what is she?  Yes, it’s theory time, everyone.  Get your thinking caps on and imagine just who or what Susanoo really is.  Is Susanoo just a powerful eye technique or…a representation of darkness or…an early Halloween prank or…a representation of something else?  Well, let me tell you what my theory is and then you can either dis or cheer it.  Remember those two sons of the Rikudo Sage?  (for a refresher, click here) And, remember who got selected as the successor to the dying dad, the younger one – the one with the great bod (versus those “eyes”)?  And…who did Madara claim the winner and loser were decendants of – the winner, Senju; the loser, Uchiha.   My theory is that the loser, the older bro – at least his rather angry and pissed off spirit – is what is popping out of Sasuke in Susanoo.  What’dya think about that?

Well, kids, I’ll leave it at that before this thing gets longer.  My coffee pot has run dry and my creativity has ebbed.  It’s your turn now.  Fill in the bubbles below with your ideas, post them and I’ll let you know the best ones next week.

Fill in the bubbles and I'll post the best ones. :-)

Fill in the bubbles and I'll post the best ones. 🙂




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  1. niceee

  2. FIRST

  3. nice breakdown penny ^^ and i dont think susano’o is anything else then a mssive eye tech that itachi gave to sasugay

  4. just asking isnt there an op breakdown on your blog

  5. Great breakdown as always Penny 🙂

    @ anyone: Did u notice that in this panel Shi was healing the Raikage’s right arm which wasn’t chopped off instead of his left?

    I wonder if that was an artist’s glitch (like the missing scar on kakashi’s eye a while back or poor shi is still a little spaced out from his tango with sasuke’s genjutsu (and was initially healing the wrong arm >_< lol)?

    Thank goodness they fixed that glitch later on 😛

    Anyhow, this was an awesome chapter, I can't wait to see how they battle susan'oo next week ^_^

  6. @1angel: lmfao…you are sooo good! I laughed so hard at these glitches. Perhaps I should have you point these out and I can include them.

    Man, how could I have missed something soooo obvious as Kakashi missing his eye scar! Never mind that there was an issue with which arm Shi was healing – perhaps that was an intentional part of the “genjutsu tango.”


  7. @ Penny: Hahaha you are so funny “genjutsu tango” LMFAO Sasuke is a genius…what better way to incapacitate the enemy than mess up their healer 😛

    I was trying to tell you on WRA (but for some strange reason my comment kept getting printed wrong) that your observation of susanoo’s rib was a good call – I didn’t even notice it lol Maybe shi really did heal the broken rib – poor shi he really needs a pay raise after this >.<

  8. omg you have good eyes ^^ XD

  9. @ Angel : you have an awesome eye for catching these glitches. I guess some of those may have been part of the artist decision but the right to left had glitch seems like a real mistake 🙂 i guess it happens he he

    @ Ahsan : I think Zekks used to do the breakdowns on WOM but he hasn’t done any since OP 550 so i’m not sure whats up with that. However Penny always puts out the spoiles as soon as they’re out so if you ever want to check out OP spoilers Penny’s got you covered 🙂

    @ Penny: Lol Shi is such a tool 😀 he’s just there to get his ass kicked and get ordered around by The Masochist Raikage

    Prediction of Battle : It seems that Sasuske is going to do some real ass kicking however even if he were to manages to disable everyone around him with susano he’s in real bad shape if he wants to destroy Danzo. He is probably almost out of chakra and as we know from the Itachi vs. Sasuske battle using Susano carries alot of risk.

    So as a result of this battle team Taka has 2 team members terribly injured and incapacitated; one team member hiding because if she is found she will become a target as the chakra sensitive member of the group; and a leader that is wasting his best moves on strong opponents that aren’t even his real target.

    Things aren’t looking good. Sasuske may need someone to help him out (maybe Madara will come to his aid). Even he were to escape from this current battle and head towards Danzo he would still have to deal with danzo’s body guards that don’t seem like push overs. Sasuke’s mission is most likly going to fail.

  10. great breakdown, as always penny.

    something to consider: maybe, instead of it being an inconsistency, sasunoo can possibly regenerate itself. I mean, it is a ghostly supernatural warrior/being/thing.

    Also, after this week’s chapter, i really think sasuke is better than naruto. even excluding the three eye techniques, sasuke is almost undoubtedly much faster (madara mentions how fast sasuke is during sasuke and deidaras fight, and then mentions how fast kakashi is when he and yamato “capture” him, but doesn’t say anything about naruto when naruto misses with his rasengan), and has a better last defense (naruto’s skin becomes much stronger – not unbreakable, and this is only during sage mode, for which naruto has to prepare for. sasuke has sasunoo, which can be used almost anytime and almost instantaneously). also, sasuke’s lightning abilities increase attack speed and penetration, the perfect weapon against naruto’s “tough skin”. the only disadvantage i see sasuke having in a one on one fight is no longer having a summon, but im sure naruto would’nt use it anyway so im guessing that doesn’t matter.

    another wild prediction from me: i don’t think madara will let this fight end. i think that madara is simply trying to make sasuke “mature” into a better fighter, but in a way that is completely different from orochimaru, im sure. i can’t remember from where, but i remember seeing somewhere that madara thinks sasuke’s eyes/sharingan abilities have the potential to surpass his own. if that were the case, madara would simply try to maximize sasuke’s eyes, and then get sasuke to trade eyes with madara. this could potentially give them both the powers that the other had in addition to their own. as of right now, madara would be getting the better end of that deal, as we have never seen him use any of the three major sharingan eye techs. sasuke would also gain immortality, and maybe even the ability to control bijuu (although i highly doubt that – for some reason i see that as being a madara-only, main antagonist power). with two immortal uchihas, they really could rule the world

  11. My word bubbles:

    Bubble 1: I don’t get how he’s so fashionable.

    Bubble 2: Even in the heat of battle!

    Bubble 3: I’m super jealous…

    Bubble 4: I mean, this is me TRYING!

    Bubble 5: Did you ever SEE Itachi’s nails?

    Bubble 6: I learned from the best!

  12. Bubble

    sasuke : against my emo ness all shall fall

    kankuro : ya well my power level is over nine thousand

    temrai : wen will you understand kankuro this isnt the time to make sick dbz jokes his emoness will kill us all

  13. its gara’s power level is over nine thousand not my lol sorry for the double post

  14. Bubble:

    sasuke : I really should have waited 1 hour after eating before fighting Raikage. Now I have Indigestion. *barfs out of the corner of mouth*

    kankuro : Nausea • heartburn • indigestion • upset stomach • diarrhea

    temrai : Pepto-bismol !! YEAH!!

  15. temari continued: you are such an ass Kankuro

  16. Bubble

    sasuke : Nice comeback shinobi of the sand, but i have to say i’m not impressed.

    kankuro : I told you guys we should have had a light show in the background

    temrai : I already told you that we are not having a light show for your silly puppet show kankuro !!

  17. @ahsan: Zekks was writing for OP but I am now of the understanding that we need a OP manga writer.

    @1angel…man, you are hilarious. As far as me, well, would you believe half of this humor comes as I write? God, I wish I could have caught all the inconsistencies – that would have made a blog posting all its own; kinda like the Naruto Hall of Stupid Comments.

    @everyone: if anyone is interested in writing the OP manga weekly stuff, leave a message here or contact me at I will forward your information to our other admins and one will contact you. 🙂

    Keep those blog posts coming.

  18. not much to say on this chapter, just as usual Sasuke is super overpowerd and automaticly stronger then Naruto even thogh he never trains at all. even after naruto’s latest training arc before Pain somehow sasuke is still stronger then him? Itachi must be rolling in his grave at sasuke ripping off all his techniques like this lol the only one he hasent used so far is tsukiyomi.

    P.S lol i guess i had something to say after all

  19. @ Luke: Great bubble entry, that’s pure win right there! I LMAO’ed so hard 😀

    @ Ahsan: Thanks!

    @ Manny814: Mannnnnnnnnnnnny! 😀 LOL I loved your battle prediction. I’m kinda starting to pity Sasuke, he made all these sacrifices on enemies that are not even his real target! And now he is getting weak and he still has to deal with Danzo and those two bodyguards whose chakra tanks are on FULL while his are nearing empty. And even if he fails his mission to take down Danzo and somehow still manages to escape, things are still looking bad for him; because he has now made ALOT of enemies and the element of surprise is taken away from his attack on Danzo. So that even if he returns sometime in the future to exact his revenge, Danzo will know that he is targeted and would have taken necessary precautions to protect himself.

    I can’t wait for this week’s manga…I sense a major plot twist coming – is sasuke going to win by some Kishi-miracle or will someone else step in and help him? And then there is Naruto and company hmmmmm…

  20. Oooops sorry for the double post, but i didn’t see any of the other comments under Luke’s until after I posted lol 😛 I just wanted to say : Great bubbles Ahsan & Manny you guys sure are full of humor 😀 Good luck!

    @ TakashiD: Lol sasuke’s just ripping out those techs eh? He is currently doing an Amaterasu-Susanoo. You said Tsukyomi is all that’s left for him to use…maybe this week we will see an Amaterasu-Susanoo-Tsukyomi where he uses Tsukyomi to trap all those who are currently staring, marveling at his Amaterasu-Susanoo masterpiece LOL 😀

  21. @ angel : 🙂 thanks for the comment

    Sasuske has deffinetly lost the element of surprize as of now. As soon as the full use of Susano starts to take effect on his body he will have no choice but to make a break for it.

    Maybe that way Sasuske and his crew will have another chance at Danzo while he is on his way back to Konohana. Maybe its just because i dont like Danzo much but at this point i would like Sasuske to be successful in his mission. If he doesn’t not kill Danzo i would like to at least see some action between them. Leaving Danzo terribly injured and therefore organizing Konohana Ninja to capture Sasuske.Maybe after sasuke injures more of the Kage (after injuring Raikage) the Kages will be able to cooperate and try to capture sasuske.

    At this point we may Naruto and crew try to make an initiative to be the ones to captue Sasuske first.

    Wow so many things that could happen. I can’t wait till the next major turn of events happen !!

    Regarding Kankuro : I’m not sure to what extent will Kankuro’s puppet be similar to Sasori. That should be an interesting outcome. However there are some questions to his likeness as well.
    Kankuro did not get Sasori’s real body because as we know Sasori fought to the death with Sakuro and Chiyo while Kansuro was back at the sand.
    Kankuro didn’t fight Sasori’s real body he fought one of the many puppets. So he doesn’t know how sasori fought and maybe he didn’t even know what he really looked like.
    So for the most part i agree with Penny this is just Kishi having fun with his characters 😀

    I wonder if this sasori puppet also controls other puppets that may be interesting to see.

  22. This battle seems to riches his end,
    unless somebody join in to extend it(only one who can handle it is Uchiha Madara),
    otherwise i see no options for long fight as Sasuke seems to run out of chakra.
    TakashiD you`re right about Tsukyomi,but
    Personally i don`t really think that is time to reveal a Tsukyomi.
    That is for me his triumph card(perhaps his last one) and it might be too fast to use it,
    also i`m not to sure if sasuke fully mastered how to use all Itachi`s techniques
    on the other hand sasuke is pushed to corner by few strong opponents so never know what happens(and that is what we all like…)

  23. @angel thx ^^

    @manny yeh i too want danzou dead but wouldnt it be better if does anything against konoha or stuff and teams kakashi ( kakashi yamato and naruto) fight him .?

    any comments on sasuke’s chidori v.s kakashi’s raikiri ????

  24. @AfiSharingan : I agree with you, this battle will be coming to an end soon. I would like to see something that will shock us all 😀

    @ Ahsan: I agree that it will not get us much more for story development if Danzo simply dies. But one can always dream 🙂

    Sasuske chidori vs. Kakashi raikiri:

    I would have to say that Kakashi’s is deadlier. Just because we have seen it more as a finishing move and therefore it tells you a little about the accuracy of the attack.

    Sasuske’s shape manipulation, full body, and regular Chidori, have been used in battle but haven’t done as much deadly damage on his oponents compared to Kakashi.

    So based only on Chidori vs Raikiri I would say Kakashi wins 😀

    what do you guys think?

  25. Here is a better translation for the naruto 465 Manga spoiler, yet its still UNCONFIRMED

    Sasuke: Feel my hatred!!

    The Ethereal figure that envelops Sasuke begins to take form of a demonic knight wielding a halberd and underneath his elbow an arm sprouts holding an hourglass.

    Gaara: Damn it! Again!

    Kankoru: It didn’t work the first time. What the hell is that thing?

    Shi: The mythical beast from hell…. things are going to get ugly..

    Sasuke starts walking towards them. The beast stares down at Kazekage, Raikage and everyone else.

    Gaara: Stay back! *The sand begins to dance lively around Sasuke and Susanoo. Suddenly the sand goes dead.

    Gaara: What the… I can’t control it anymore.

    Shi: !!! The hourglass.. It’s filled of chakra. Sasuke’s aura must of sucked in the chakra from the sand.

    Sasuke: Gaara. Your desert techniques won’t work on me. I can see chakra and now to end this. You’re all in my way.

    Raikage: IT AINT OVER TILL IT’S OVER!!!! *Raikage’s severed arm regrows as a form of chakra instead of flesh.*

    Shii: Thinking*That ability gives the Raikage to use ninjutsu for only a limited of time…..

    Now everybody on a count of three aim with your best shot.

    Darui, Shi, Gaara, Raikage and Temari does handseals.

    Darui: Suiton: Mizujinheki!!
    Raikage: Raiton: Colliding force!
    Gaara: Suna: quicksa- !!!

    Susanoo absorbs the chakra made from those techniques and stabs Raikage with the Halberd.

    Karin, Suigetsu, Juugo, Darui, Shi, Gaara, Temari, Kankoru, Deidara’s sister and Samurai: !!!!!!

    The hourglass is filling itself with Raikage’s chakra.

    Sasuke: AHHH!!! *His vision fades out and the Halberd is extracted from the Raikage only removing some of his chakra. Susanoo is slowly fading. I must use that power!!

    The hourglass from Susanoo’s elbow-arm explodes into chakra for Susanoo’s technique. Sasuke pulls out his Kusanagi and commands Susanoo to do the Samurai’s sword technique with the halberd.
    A tainted glow of darkness that slowly drawing the light out of the Iron country emanates from Sasuke.

    Sasuke: Surge of Chaos!!! and with one swing of his sword. It causes a huge explosion of dust. The room where the summit is being held begins to shake and rumble.

    Outside Naruto see several of Samurai rushing towards the area.

    Kakashi: A huge explosion at the summit occured. *A huge smoke cloud is shown.*

    Naruto: It’s Sasuke. Let’s head over there now!!! It’s not far from here.

    -Scene switch back to Sasuke-

    Sasuke has fallen into a pool of blood. Susanoo is gone. Gaara and everyone else is protected by the sand shield Gaara created. But it took a lot out of him.

    Fu and Torune leaps from the shadows to grab Sasuke body….. However…. They are impaled by a variety of blades, axes and spears.

    Madara appears over Sasuke with his EMS activated without his mask..

    Sasuke: ugh… *thinking: I used the Mangekyou too much. Plus that technique of Susanoo also done a recoil on me as well depleting a huge amount of my chakra.*

    Raikage: Damn it!!

    Madara: Sasuke. Come with me. We have other important matters.

    – Next time: Escape

  26. Chidori vs Raikiri:i would say this same,if we based our opinion on what we know so far,then Raikiri would win.
    As manny814 says Raikiri made much more deadly harms so far,plus don`t forget
    that this technique is create by Kakashi,so most likely he mastered it better that sasuke,ut i`ts hard to judge…
    Now i would like to ask something,i wonder:
    If sasuke is so strong now(especially if above spoiler is a real one),and Madara as well,then whith what others have to show up,if they want to match now with them 2?
    Probly there is no more Rinnengan user,Kazekage and Raikage are no match for sasuke/madara if they face them 1:1,i`m not even taking Danzo under my considerations.
    Any suggestions?

  27. its going to get interesting now naruto , kakashi and yamato are heading there as well,!

    danzo may not make it alive out of this

  28. 465: Conference Room Assault (Confirmed Spoiler)

    Gaara is surprised about Susanoo
    The ceiling collapses
    Through the collapsed ceiling, Sasuke accompanies Karin to Danzou’s location
    The cold Sasuke seems to influence/attract Karin
    Ao successfully detects Sasuke
    Sasuke breaks into the conference room
    Sasuke chases Danzou, but is halted by the Mizukag
    During the opportunity created by Mifune VS Sasuke, Danzou escapes
    Next week: Sasuke VS Mizukage
    It seems so, next week to Sasuke VS the Five Kage – Complete Collision…!!
    It seems like the Mizukage uses a kekkei genkai like Lava Release¹.
    ¹The element used by the Four-Tails

    Both Suigetsu and Juugo survive. Suna is also safe
    Karin guides [Sasuke] to Danzou
    With the ceiling down, Sasuke finds Danzou and faces him
    Mizukage: “The Uchiha clan, hm… haa… He’s a good-looking man… better-looking than he deserves”
    She’s like a female panther.

    Susano’o is covered in flames(?)
    Sasuke smiles inside of Susano’o
    He’s not covered by Susano’o when the ceiling collapses and he’s going to Danzou
    Gaara: (In a time like this..) Naruto…how would you have handled it?
    Juugo does a fusion with the samurai. (Probably to return to his original form)
    Since it’s Choujuurou the one who goes “Mizukage-sama’s Youton (Melt/Dissolve Release) no jutsu”, there’s no mistake I made about it
    There are two ways to write the first kanji in Youton: 溶 and 熔. The first kanji uses the water radical, the second the fire radical. The one with the water radical is most common and is the one used in the spoiler, but Kishimoto used the one with the fire radical for the Four-Tails’ youton.
    It could be done on purpose, meaning that the Mizukage’s youton is water-related, rather than fire-related and thus different from the Four-Tails’ youton, but I think it’s most likely a simple mistake.
    The kanji on their own simply mean ‘to melt’ or ‘to dissolve,’ so they don’t inherently imply lava.

    We will finally see the sexy Mitzukage in action !!!

  29. naruto is out ^^ so is op just waiting for bleach

  30. Cool thanks Ahsan 😀

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