Manga Spoilers!!!!!

Ok, here we go with this round of spoilers  First up is One Piece 558. 

Sorry guys no pics for One Piece…yet.

One of the most debated chapters of Naruto is coming up next…


Still working on Bleach, which seems to be elusive.  I’ll catch up to you when I get that one.  Enjoy!



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on September 23, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for the confirmed Naruto Spoilers Penny 😀

    Looks like another set of mini battles are ahead before Sasuske could be face to face againts Danzo and attempt to get his revenge.

  2. BLEACH 375. Execution Extinction

    Starrk is slashed directly in front by Kyouraku.
    Large amounts of blood come out of his chest.
    As his consciousness fades he recalls his meeting with Lilynette.
    “I’m not alone,” he remembers.
    A naked child appears in front of him,
    sitting feebly without saying a word.
    It’s Lilynette.
    The two behave coldly towards one another, their eyes not meeting. They begin speaking:
    Starrk: “…Do you have a name?”
    Lilynette: “…Lilynette…And what about your name? Aside from ‘I’…”
    Starrk: “Starrk.”
    Lilynette: “…Starrk, what will you do now?”
    Starrk: “Anything I can.”
    Lilynette: “Then where will you go?”
    Starrk: “Wherever…We’ll go together. Anywhere.”
    They were alone but from that moment on, from the bottom of their hearts, they thought, “I’m no longer alone.”
    Due to their incredible strength they created a mountain of hollows.
    Starrk and Lilynette stand quietly in their midst.
    Suddenly Aizen appears before them.
    Aizen: “…Amazing! You killed that mountain of hollows?”
    Starrk: “No, they died on their own,”
    he replies to Aizen who is illuminated by the moonlight.
    Starrk: “You seem strong.”
    Aizen: “…I wonder, I’m looking for comrades.”
    Starrk: “What a coincidence, so are we. Are your comrades strong, too?”
    Aizen: “If you want to know, then you should come.”

    Starrk: “I know they are. Even if you lived with us it seems you wouldn’t die.”
    Starrk mutters,
    Starrk: “Sorry, Aizen-sama, it appears I can’t return the courtesy.”
    Just as he’s about to collapse he remembers Lilynette’s face.
    Kyouraku watches him hit the ground with an expressionless face.
    Love and Rose appear from behind Kyouraku.
    Love: “…Thanks a lot.”
    Kyouraku: “Mm…I’m just glad you’re safe.”
    Love: “….You’re still the same. Showing your hand in the middle of another person’s fight. That way’s lacking in style…”
    Love seems to feel anger and resentment towards him.
    Kyouraku looks at him for a moment,
    then turns his back to them so they can’t read his expression.
    Kyouraku: “…Being intoxicated with fashion, casting aside victory, are the ways of an underling.
    A captain can’t say such easygoing things.
    …Becoming a good boy
    requires some give and take. But when war has begun either choice is bad.”
    As he says this Kyouraku’s eyes are like those of a dead man.

    Hirako vs Gin
    During their fight suddenly Aizen appears between them.
    Aizen: “That’s enough, Gin. We’ll finish this.”
    Hirako: “…What the hell…?”
    Lisa, Hiyori, Hitsugaya vs Harribel
    Lisa wears her mask as she battles 1 on 1 versus Harribel.
    Lisa releases: “Crush, Iron Drink Dragonfly.”
    Hiryori and Hitsugaya join the battle.
    Hiyori: “Beheaded Serpent!!!”
    Hitsugaya: “Hyourinmaru!!!”
    The battle is indecisive, and as it gets more complicated once again Aizen suddenly appears.
    Harribel: “…Aizen…sama.”
    He makes a face to her as if he’s saying, “Why did you come here?”
    and without a single change of expression, cuts her down right in front.
    Harribel is shocked at his unexpected betrayal.
    Harrybel: “Wh…”
    Aizen: “I’m finished using you. It appears the strength you all possess is not sufficient to serve under me. Gin, Kaname, go.”
    A heartless attack!!

  3. Here’s a video with pics

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