One Piece Manga Writer Needed!!!


Are you a serious, passionate One Piece manga fan?  Have you wanted to write a blog post but never had the chance or opportunity.  Do we have an offer for you!

The only opening we have is one of the biggies:  One Piece Manga.  Many visit the site looking for One Piece but don’t find it.  Originally we had a writer but…never mind that.  We need one now.  Here are some things to think of when considering this:

  • Will you be consistent about writing a blog entry on a weekly basis?  If your schedule is heavy, this may not work.
  • Are you good at writing, punctuation and editing?  You don’t want your blog entry to be full of misspelled words, grammatical errors and…worse.
  • Have an open mind – where you state what you read, your thoughts and can listen to others’ ideas.
  • Think this is a fun opportunity.  Yes, the bottom line is that we all have fun and can enjoy reading your entries.

Well, here’s the deal:  if you are interested, please contact me, Mandi or Broken1i – the sooner the better.  We’d love to get OP up and running again.  We want to have all three “heavyweight” manga covered here.



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on September 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “One Piece Manga Writer Needed!!!”

  1. Hello

    I would like to help out on One Piece. It’s my favourite manga and I read it weekly. I believe I will be able to write a review on it weekly.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. @AJ : I think you can contact Penny at her email :
    She’ll probably let you in on more details.

  3. hope you find one soon

    p.s zoro FTW >_> just saying >_>

  4. I’ve emailed with no reply, is there another email address I can try?

    I forwarded your email to broken1i as he is the main administrator of this blog for discussion between me and the other two administrators. I will remind him yet again to get back to you…my apologies for the delay.

    –Penny (TsunadesTwin)

  5. She might be busy but i’m sure she’ll reply as soon as possible.
    If not try the others

    I had forwarded the email to Ron, who has yet to get back to either me or to AJ. I am going to remind Ron to get his butt in gear…or Mandi and I will do it ourselves. 😀


  6. Thank you, I’ve got an email from Ron, and will talk to him soon, I hope 🙂

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