Naruto Manga 465 Breakdown and Discussion: Vengeance of the Uchiha – Will It Ever End?!?

Naruto Manga 465 at One Manga

  • What a mess!  Sasuke, you and Susanoo have this way of trashing any place you go to, don’t ya?…
  • What?!?  We finally see our gorgeous Mizukage in action?  Can it be?  Is she more than just a pretty face?…
  • Raikage and both Suna and Kumo nin are all wondering, WTH?!?  while Gaara realizes he just may be in over his head (and not in sand)…
  • Anyone see Danzo, lately?  I swear he was just sitting right “there” in front of Ao a moment ago…
Yeah, Ao.  They are.  Danzo, I suggest you start looking A LITTLE concerned...

Yeah, Ao. They are. Danzo, I suggest you start looking A LITTLE concerned...

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with the continuing saga of “Vengeance of the Uchiha.”  I mean we have a Naruto Manga chapter named “Attack on the Summit,”  but it seems that Sasuke’s “‘Vengeance is mine!’ Tour”  is taking over front and center.   Last time we left off, Sasuke shows off his newest girlfriend du jour, Susanoo.  She’s not exactly very attractive (she tries with that mirror and that necklace) but she does come armed (a very wicked sword) and can hold her own in battle.  She’s got this thing for darkness that only a blind person couldn’t see.  She must like him for his dark features, the dark, spiky hair that always looks like he just got up this morning (gotta be that hair gel), his emo nature and his pure…darkness.  And he likes her for…her raw darkness and dark power (you see a trend here?). Never mind she’s an independent type – unlike Sakura or Karin.   Sounds like they make the perfect couple:  Sasuke and Susanoo; Susanoo and Sasuke.  Hey, I like the sound of that combo!

Sheesh, Sasuke!  What is it with you and swords?  You'd think your new girlfriend would have complimented you with another weapon...

Sheesh, Sasuke! What is it with you and swords? You'd think your new girlfriend would have complimented you with another weapon...

Well it appears that since Susanoo arrived, the battle dynamics have shifted significantly.  The Raikage stops acting like, well, an Uchiha at war, as he knows he is now out-manned and out-Sharingan’ed.  Gaara and company are wondering what else is coming their way – Kankuro mentions the obvious; Uchihas always hide something.  Yeah?!?  And what was your first clue?  Sheesh!   With one strike of Susanoo’s big-ass sword, we have one massive attempt at demolition of the meeting site while Teams Suna and Kumo attempt to duck for cover – only to get a nice layer of annoying sand to protect them.   Shi, by the way, has stopped his healing practice and returns to normal duties…

They got it right this time; he's using the correct hand...

They got it right this time; he's using the correct hand...

You know?  Maybe that sand isn't so annoying.  Gaara is proving that it can be rather useful.

You know? Maybe that sand isn't so annoying. Gaara is proving that it can be rather useful.

Once that demolition attempt is mostly completed, Sasuke’s focus shifts to…that’s right, Danzo – the first stop of his “‘Vengeance Is Mine’ Tour”  (the other two elders, Koharu and Homura, are the other planned upcoming stops).  Um, didn’t he originally have a team called Taka?  Taka-Schmaka!   With Susanoo luring and enticing him with the dark side of the Force dark powers she possesses, he decides he doesn’t need Taka anymore.  Well, with one exception:  Karin – and it isn’t because of her charming dual personality.  Karin is the human GPS chakra sensing device that has located target #1:  Danzo.   So, Karin is still of great use to Sasuke (for the moment).   Susanoo agrees and shows her appreciation by physically dragging Karin with that long hand of hers and leaves Karin with a very ungraceful drop to the ground.  Karin is rather upset that Sasuke has ditched his other injured teammates, Juugo and Suigetsu, but, hey, it’s the mission, right?  Team loyalty is useless here *ahem*.

Sasuke, that is NO way to treat a lady - especially the one you find handy at the moment.

Sasuke, that is NO way to treat a lady - especially the one you find handy at the moment.

After the pillars give way and a few Samurai, who previously thought they were safe are now killed in the line of duty, we have various characters trying to dig their way out of the mess.  We have Suigetsu who is so happy his sword is back – hey, wasn’t it shorter before?  Then there’s Juugo sucking the life out of a fallen Samurai who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Add to that the Raikage and Shi who punch their way out of the rock quarry formerly known as the Summit Hall.  Then there’s Suna, along with Darui, who are now protected by Gaara’s sand.  Gaara has a “WWND” moment (What would Naruto do?) and wonders if his efforts were even worth the trouble – or if he did the right thing at all.

Shi? Kankuro?  You guys win for your sense of the obvious this week.  Gaara?  Don't beat yourself up too much.  Naruto doesn't understand this guy either.

Shi? Kankuro? You guys win for your sense of the obvious this week. Gaara? Don't beat yourself up too much. Naruto doesn't understand this guy either.

The old man Kage wanted blood and guts?  Well, he just may get some very soon.  With Karin’s GPS coordinates set, Sasuke and Susanoo trash the stalemate known as the US Congress Kage Conference.  Everyone awaits the arrival of Sasuke only to find him hanging around the ceiling like a bat out of hell.   And, Sasuke, in a long-anticipated moment, eyes his prey:  Danzo.  Danzo now realizes his goose is cooked as do his thugs.  Danzo’s Sharingan, for all the effort he went to for obtaining it and now using it, is absolutely no match for Sasuke’s dual Mangekyo Sharingan and Danzo knows it.  Hmmm…that makes me wonder:

Danzo, remember Itachi?  My bro?  Well, you're goin' DOWN, d-bag...

Danzo, remember Itachi? My bro? Well, you're goin' DOWN, d-bag...

While Ao the jailer keenly watches over Danzo – oops!  Ao blinks and there goes Danzo into the hills.  Shibata!  With a smile, a wave and a “don’t go too far away so you can be home in time for dinner,” call from the Mizukage, Ao is off on his mission.  Question is, will he get him?

Whoops!  Great job guys for slacking.  Your prisoner has escaped!

Whoops! Great job guys for slacking. Your prisoner has escaped!

Ah yes, Sasuke’s not too pleased at this development either and rushes to go after Danzo.  However, he forgets there are others in the room:  Tsuchikage, Mizukage and Mifune.  Mifune goes first and attempts to stop Sasuke but is easily overpowered.  Tsuchikage takes himself out of the running with the announcement:  “Uh, bad hip here.  You guys do the rest.”  Hey!  This isn’t some Japanese action flick with popcorn and butter!  This guy should have retired LONG ago. Then there’s the Mizukage…that gorgeous Mizukage.  Hmmm…what is she up to?

Well, we finally get to see our lovely Mizukage.  And, of course, Kishi plays up the sexy bombshell part of her.   Man!  That sucks.  I hate when they do that.  I mean, really.  Rather than a jutsu they should just have her lift her skirt up and show off her gorgeous legs.   Grrrrr…anyway, the jutsu isn’t her legs but….ewwwwww!  A kekkei genkai known as Yoton No Jutsu appears.  Initially, I thought she was turning the walls to water.  I’ve also heard that this is lava she’s spitting (makes for a very hot mouth – or for a lot of hot air).  Whatever it is (mangas aren’t known for color here) – she’s a f-ing llama!  For those of you who don’t know, llama’s spit – and spit a lot.  Now, that’s gross.  So, it’s “Lava Spit No Jutsu” and is simply devastating – and not for the digusting nature of it.  It’s hot, sticky, gooey and stops whomever it catches in their tracks.  Sounds like a hot candy concoction.  Now, that’s one helluva jutsu.

Now that's one nasty jutsu...and a Kekkei Genkai at that.  Wait, is she really a llama???

Now that's one nasty jutsu...and a Kekkei Genkai at that. Wait, is she really a fire spewing llama???

With a seductive flair, she makes it clear that she ain’t a pushover – the Yondaime Mizukage was manipulated by Akatsuki (“their plaything”) and Akatsuki made Kirigakure their home base.  Oh, she’s not happy about THAT, I assure you and is going to make Sasuke her plaything – in a bad way.  So much for adding a Victoria’s Secret neglegee to her arsenal.   She notes that the Uchiha men are soooo good looking but ohhhhh such a waste of effort (lady, tell that to Sakura and Ino, would ya?).  Guess we can call him, Sasuke “what a waste” Uchiha.

Sasuke, I'd quit "making eyes" with this one.  She's one deadly Kage.

Sasuke, I'd quit "making eyes" with this one. She's one deadly Kage.

Now, Sasuke, what are YOU going to do?  You have now managed to piss off four Kage and make one run for the hills.  What are you going to do now, bonehead (wait, that’s Susanoo – the literal bonehead)?

Well, since there was soooo much action this time ’round, that’s all I have for ya.  In that bubble contest last week, here is the winning entry:

Great job, Luke!  This is hilarious!

Great job, Luke! This is hilarious!

And, since it was such a hit, I’ll give you another one for next week:

This one just "screamed"  'bubble entry'.  Do your best with the small space for Sasuke.

This one just "screamed" 'bubble entry'. Do your best with the small space for Sasuke.

Off to enjoy this gorgeous fall weather (hey, I’m in the Upper Midwest US – it’s gonna get pretty damn cold soon)…




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25 Responses to “Naruto Manga 465 Breakdown and Discussion: Vengeance of the Uchiha – Will It Ever End?!?”

  1. i thought that the mizukages technique was lava? thats what they said on another blog. i think that her bodyguard called it “yonton” ? is it lava or spit?

    I checked with the Naruto Wiki and this new jutsu was soo new, it wasn’t added yet. So, in deference to yours and Angel’s comments, I quickly added some references to lava. Either way, she’s spitting it out…


  2. @ Penny: GREAT Breakdown 😀 and very funny too 😛

    WOW… there really was a lot going on in this manga, and just like Ao and Danzo, by the time I blinked it was gone lol.

    Like TakashiD I think the jutsu is some kind of lava, as the translation on this page hints:

    Thank goodness it’s not spit, cause it would have been just like when you did the breakdown for the anime (shippuuden) with the Yuukimaru arc and one of the bad guys was covered in slime 0_o ewwwwwwww! Unless in this instance it is LAVA spit… ewww >__> 0___0

    See TakashiD’s entry below where I made an addition. Because the Naruto Wiki has not had the time to add this very new Kekkei Genkai to the list of jutsu, it is hard to tell what it is. So…I added additions that make references to lava. Regardless, she IS spitting it out if you notice she is wiping off something from her lips…


    Ha ha I liked how she still decides to attack sasuke even though she finds him handsome, I guess that’s what distinguishes her from sakura and Ino, it’s probably a “with age comes maturity” thing – maybe when they get older they will become wiser and stop being fangirls.

    Poor samurai – first they get chidori’ed then amateratu’ed…then crushed and now in death they are still violated…becoming mere fuel for an injured Juugo:

    And Gaara is so sweet…wondering what naruto would have done 🙂 But I don’t think he would have liked the answer though.

    Lol Penny I liked your “bat out of hell” comment lol! Sasuke really did look like something out of a horror film there!

    And last, but not least, I feel sorry for sasuke’s team, being treated like that! It seems that sasuke has neglected all those lessons on the importance of teamwork that he learned in the leaf village… But I guess they should have expected it, sasuke IS an avenger after all. Though I still think what he did sucked!

  3. Hmm
    This Madara…
    He doesnt want to kill Naruto or Sasuke..
    What are his true intentions?

  4. There are reasons Sasuke is NOT my favorite Naruto character. This chapter demonstrated TONS of reasons:

    –A user of others to meet his own goals; he’s perfect for Akatsuki
    –Dark, cold, sinister
    –Hair that looks like he got up this morning – I wish he’d comb it!
    –Emo personality
    –Arrogance; comes with the Uchiha
    –Overestimation of his abilities – I think he’s gonna run into a brick wall called reality…and another with more powerful jutsu (can someone say “Naruto?”)

    I need not go into further detail; I’d take up the entire remaining space…

  5. @ Penny: So true, those are the exact reasons I dislike him – so cold, calculating and callous… I especially disliked the fact that he treated his team mates: Karin, juugo and suigetsu so roughly, yet i can bet that as soon as they heal they would be right there ready and willing to give their lives to protect him.

    I don’t know why, but another thing that was ticking me off is how the Mizukage was ogling him: he’s sixteen for god’s sake! Plus people there act like there aren’t other good looking characters. Most treat him like he he is so all that, no wonder he is so arrogant.

    Penny, I liked what you said :”I think he’s gonna run into a brick wall called reality…and another with more powerful jutsu (can someone say “Naruto?”)” HAHA 😀 Oh how I wish!

    P.S. When is he going to run out of chakra? Does he have the Energizer Bunny as his bijuu or something?

  6. @penny – aren’t all of those things you listed reasons why Sasuke IS a good character. Those are all character traits that make him Naruto’s foil, a good villain.

    I actually haven’t liked kishi’s descriptions of sasuke in the past few chapters. To me, he was always a more interesting, complex character when he was a misguided youth (revenge goal, recruited by orochimaru, allegedly lied to by madara) than now when kishi says he is just “evil” and “full of darkness.” As if that explains his thoughts and motives.

    I liked the direction kishi was going with when sasuke said he wanted others to feel his pain (to associate him with nagato), and then to have madara establish the difference between nagato and himself (i.e. nagato wanted peace, madara doesn’t). So I guess in a way sasuke is still a misguided youth, being manipulated by madara, without clear personal goals like naruto. I just don’t think he is necessarily evil…

    “The dark side of the force” – I totally agree, kishi is borrowing heavily from star wars. Pa Frog totally looked like Yoda in the anime this week; I was surprised he wasn’t teaching jirayia how to pull his x-wing out of a lake, the resemblance was so striking.

  7. @ Penny: Wow!! I had completly missed the fact that Mizukage actualy spits this goo or lava or mud slide thing out of her mouth. When I first read you’re review I thought you were joking. After your moderation comment I went back and noticed that when she’s speaking to Sasuske with her hand near her mouth she’s actualy wiping this “goo” from her mouth. There is a tiny bit of it on her finger as she wipes it of. LOL its kinda hilarious.

    So anyway it kinda leads me to belive that this thing that she’s spitting out is not HOT or Lava (since its ok for her to touch). It might be something more like a a goo that expands and hardens therefore creating a barrier to prevent Sasuske from escaping.

    @TakashiD: the translation is kinda tough because the word used could mean “Lava” or “water”. According to something i read somewhere else. Even though it may act like lava in the way that it seems to harden and expand, it doesn’t seem to be haot like lava.

    @ Shosho: No body in the world knows what Madara is up to. Just Madara.

    @ angel : AAAAAAAAAANNNNNGEL 😀 It really is ridiculous the way he’s been able to use Susano and just continues to run without many signs of Exhaustion. I expect Sasuske to be a bit more tyred very very soon. In other words Mizukage is going to kick some preaty boy ass. 🙂

    @ adakias : You’re right the complexities in Sasuske seemed to be what made him an interesting character. And those very qualities are what are making him a character people love to hate. However like angel and tsunade have noticed the changes in him have been very drastic. Which is why people are hating him even more. He doesn’t care about his team mates like he did when he was fighting killer bee and he only cares about his goal. Madara might eventually reveal how much influence he has been having over these new behaviors of Sasuske.

  8. Recently i`ve been thinking more about Sasuke
    It seems that everybody hates him…
    I got back to begin of Naruto,and went up to present and i can`t say that i hate Sasuke,all recent happenings put Sasuke in bed light;and i agree that how he actually acting is completly bad especially how he treats his a members of Taka group,but…
    lets go back to fight with Zabuza and Haku,and his sacrifice to protect Naruto(even if his body move on his own accord),then his next fight Naruto/Sasuke vs Gaara,hi sais that hes not going to watch how his friends going o day,so he pushed himself knowing#
    that it might cost him a life,another fight with Naruto on Valley of the end?he could kill Naruto but he did`t.
    Yes we can put few bad exemples,but that makes him intresting:dont forget that he carries a burden that his brother killed his all family,and that`s not easy to live with
    Sasuke has his own goals and his going to achieve them
    Hes an avenger,but not completely lost in darkness as it is showed recently,
    If you look back You will notice that he`s not killing everybody who stood on hes way,how many innocent/not relevant to hes revenge ninjas died killed by Sasuke?
    Not that many as for lord of darkness.Sasuke make me wonder more than Madara,
    his just not a character to judge so easy
    I`m not going to defend Sasuke but after what we find out about Itachi i`ve changed ma way of thinking.
    Also bear in minds that thinks are not that obvious as they look whem KIshi relising next chapters…

  9. “If you look back You will notice that he`s not killing everybody who stood on hes way,how many innocent/not relevant to hes revenge ninjas died killed by Sasuke?”

    Sauske crossed that line just recently actually. he slaughtered about thirty or so Samurai right before the raikage arrived. Sasuke did do good things when he was on team 7 but then he ditched them for creepy old Orochimaru, he tried to kill naruto, and acorrding to his own words and thoughts, only spared him because he wanted to kill itachi without getting power the way he wanted him too. I do think that kishi will try to redeem Sasuke but to me when he massacred those samurai he no longer deserved to be redeemed. I mean no matter how you try to justify Sasukes actions, you dont honor your dead brothers memory by trying to destroy the things he died to protect!

  10. ^^^ @ TakashiD : I feel the same way, when he killed those samurai, he crossed the line. Before, sasuke tried not to harm those who had nothing to do with his revenge, but now it seems that the darkness has taken him over to the point where he doesn’t even care who or what gets hurt on his crash course towards vengence. ‘

    @ AfiSharingan: I do believe that Sasuke was once nice and he did good things, but how long can someone be in the company of evil without getting tainted themselves? Especially since there was a darkness already dwelling in his heart. I am a little suspicious though how how kishimoto is suddenly playing up sasuke’s bad side I believe that he is laying the foundations for something big in the next few chapters.

    @ Manny: Mannnnnnnnnny!!! LMAO! 😀 What you said is true, there are several meanings for that “yoton” word, so is could indeed be something that hardens. I think if it was lava as i initially thought, there would have been some kind of illustration to show heat and there isn’t; plus i doubt she’ll want to burn up his “pretty boy a$$” in this fight 😛 haha

    P.S: Is anyone else wondering where zetsu’s body went?

    ^^^ Or is it that the mizukage’s speech bubble is blocking us from seeing him?

  11. Yes Sasuke recently acting differently that he used to be and last chapters shows that clearly,but as 1angel2heart Kishi might prepering something big in next few chapters,or perhaps Sasuke truly is on his real side now,who knows?
    All i`m saying is i try not to judge him yet at the moment as we cannot reject possibilities of being control by Madara(for me it`s hard to believe as sasuke i quite skilled within genjutsu),so i decided to wait what`s next chapters will bring to me.

  12. Crap! I had all of these great ideas down only to have both my internet crash and me hit a button that I hadn’t intended on this stupid laptop I am using. Grrrrr….

    I was thinking about Sasuke and where Kishi has him right at this moment in the manga. He started off as the aloof, cool, Genin, with a genius capability – and who could banter off of Naruto, the highly emotionally charged one. It was often hilarious. But now…where does Kishi take him from here? Based on my recollections this is what I see has happened to Sasuke:

    –Curse mark; definitely the beginning of his downfall as it made him bloodthirsty and power hungry
    –Attempts to kill Naruto once on top of the roof of Konoha Hospital
    –Kakashi lectures him on revenge – and acknowledgement by Kakashi that even he realizes Sasuke’s days in Konoha are now numbered
    –Sasuke’s ditching of Konoha and his becoming the leader of the Sound Five (for a brief time)
    –The failed rescue attempt where all members were injured from the most minor (Shikamaru) to the most critical (Neji, Chouji)
    –Sasuke’s second attempt to kill Naruto at the Valley of the End
    –Sasuke’s murder of his Master, Orochimaru (true even HE was sinister but…it was still murder)
    –Sasuke’s killing (ok, he used his “art”) of Deidara
    –Sasuke’s murder of his brother Itachi (yeah, Itachi was sick and Itachi knew this was coming but…it’s still murder at his hands)
    –Sasuke’s attack on the jinchuuriki of the 8-tails, the Raikage’s brother
    –Sasuke’s murder of numerous samurai at the Kage Summit
    –Sasuke’s “dumping” of his other two Taka team members…to him, they got him here and then he says, “thanks but I don’t need you anymore…”

    Ok, so where does Kishi go from here with Sasuke? Does he allow him to exact his revenge like Nagato, only to find it doesn’t give him satisfaction? Does he deny him revenge only to have Sasuke go after the perpetrators of denying him that revenge?

  13. Gaaaahhhh…damn internet again…

    Anyway, you get the idea. Where does Kishi go with Sasuke as a character?

    @Angel, you can be as hot or as ugly as a hairy best at 16 as one could as an adult. For those hairy beasts, it only gets worse… lol

  14. You bring a lot of good points Penny. I like your outline of influential moments in Sasuske’s character development.

    I guess a good question now is : How is Sasuske that different from Orochimaru, or Pain?

    A.) Parents died (or were murdered) at a young age
    B.) Had friends that tried to help him (Jiraya & the third Hokage)
    C.) Had moments in their life that changed or molded they way they thought.
    (seeing comrads die durgin the Ninja war, “life is fragile”)
    D.) From those moments his new philosophy was made
    (to become immortal and control all jutsu)

    A.) Parents murdered at a young age
    B.) Had friends that tried to help him (Master Jiraya)
    C.) Had moments in their life that changed or molded they way they thought.
    (Seeing his friend die protecting him )
    D.)From those moments his new philosophy was made
    (“they must feel may pain”)

    A.) Parents killed at a young age
    B.) Had friends that tried to help him (Naruto & Sakura)
    C.) Had moments in their life that changed or molded they way they thought.
    (learning that his brother sacrificed himself for the sake of him)
    D.) From those moments his new philosophy was made
    (“I am an Avenger”)

    Not much of a difference ?

    Sasuske is indeed a villan now. And like other villans before him he will put his ultimate goal before anything else.

    – Just like Pain wanted to make others suffer not caring that it would cause damage.
    – Just like Oro who used people as tools, not caring about them once they were weak.
    – And now Sasuske is killing inocent samurai and doesn’t care about his (pawns) comrades.

    If it smells like a villan, talks like a villan and kills like a villan than his name is Sasuske.

    Now that Sasuske can be concidered a villan by most of us it will be interesting to see what Naruto can possibly do to bring him back.

  15. @manny – even more interesting that both Oro and Nagato went on to kill the “friends that tried to help” them (Oro kills the third/Pain kills jiraiya)

    maybe that’s where sasuke’s story must diverge from his predecessors – naruto will have to changes sasuke in their final battle (not surprising considering the plot of the series boils down to naruto fighting someone and them being changed…)

  16. Bubble:

    Mitzukage: Uchia men have terrible hair would you like some of my spit Hair Gel.

    Sasuske: EEEEEW!!

  17. nice breakdown ^^

  18. bubblle

    mizukage : are my lips bleeding again …

    sasuke : bitch >_>

  19. @adakias: There was a time in Sasuske’s Past when he chose not to kill Naruto. However, in their latest meeting at Orochimaru’s hideout Sasuske showed intent to kill Naruto and would probably have done so if Orochimaru hadn’t stoped him. At that time we also saw Sasuske fight hundreds of ninja with enough skill to not kill any of them. Now he no longer cares for those that might get in his way as we saw from the way he killed random Samurai. Naruto’s going to have to pull a good trick out of his hat in order to convince a darker more sinister Sasuke to stop his revenge.

  20. there is no way danzo is gonna reaming the raikage beacause naruto kakashi etc know the truth the whole village will be with him so danzo will loose the jounin poll or will it even go that far and while heading towards the meeting naruto kakashi etc will collide with danzo , naruto yelling will attack danzo?????? he has 2 guards but naruto has kakashi and yamaot ??? i think im speculating a little far but wouldnt it be cool to actually see kakashi fight danzo , both are non uchiha with a sharingan , both were in contest for hokage ship , it would be an awesome battle , best of konoha v.s best of root

  21. @Ahsan: That would be a really interesting match between team Danzo and Team Kakashi. However I doubt that we would see that happening anytime soon. Naruto doesn’t really know that much that would cause them to have to fight. Exept for the involvement with Yahiko’s Death ,there’s no other secrets that they know that would prevent Danzo from continuing as Hokage. Unless they find out that he’s working with Madara or some other villan they don’t have good reason to attack Danzo.

  22. ——————————————————————————–

    Soruce: NF
    Credit: Shounensuki
    Verification: Confirmed

    466: The great battle behind closed doors!!

    The Mizukage leaves her seat: “At least, I will give you a kiss that will melt your heart”¹
    Karin snaps
    Choujuurou: “If I don’t protect the Mizukage, it will mean inevitable death”
    The Mizukage prepares for battle, her right cheek swelling up
    The Tsuchikage and Akatsuchi are clinging to the ceiling, seemingly trying to avoid getting involved in the battle
    Mizukage: “Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique²!!” She spits out a liquid
    Sasuke uses Susanoo to dodge, but Choujuurou unleashes an attack with Hiramekarei
    Sasuke is driven unto the wall
    Sasuke used up a considerable amount of chakra with his overuse of Susanoo
    The Mizukage manages to raise a closed-off room. (Only the Mizukage and Sasuke are inside)
    The Mizukage can use the Fire, Water, and Earth natures
    That is why she has two kekkei genkai
    The Mizukage forms hand-seals: “Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique³!!”
    Karin and the rest cannot see what is happening in the fight
    The Susanoo is unravelling and Sasuke is coughing up blood
    Karin can sense his chakra fading
    The Mizukage says something like “Seeing a good-looking man break down and crumble breaks my heart~~”
    From the Mizukage, Choujuurou, the Tsuchikage, and Akatsuchi comes a sound like ‘zuzuzu’… White Zetsu
    It seems like some sort of timed formula that Zetsu uses to suck up everyone’s chakra
    Sasuke is struck by an attack and is recovered by the chakra
    He uses Susanoo to break down the closed room and [go back into] the conference room (to Karin’s location)
    Without seeing anything, the Mizukage uses “Earth Release: Aggravated Rock Technique!!”

    The Tsuchikage undoes Zetsu’s chakra absorbing technique
    Tsuchikage: “This guy was the one who Deidara…” Sasuke’s left eye hurts
    Tsuchikage: “I don’t feel bitter, but… Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique**!!”
    The attack should have hit him completely, but…

    Madara appears, carrying Sasuke on his shoulder.
    Madara: “I should explain things for you a bit… Once you understand, I would like to ask you something”
    Raikage: “What!?”
    Madara: “It’s about my goal, the Eye of the Moon Plan”

    ¹ There’s a pun here. The Mizukage uses the word とろける (torokeru) which means ‘to be enchanted with,’ but sounds a lot like the word 溶ける (tokeru) which means ‘to melt’. The kanji that can be used to write torokeru (盪, 蕩) also have the additional meaning ‘to melt’. The word she uses for ‘at least’ (せめて, semete) is pronounced the same as 攻め手 (offence, method of attack).
    ² Youton: Youkai no Jutsu (溶遁・溶怪の術). This name seems to combine the words 溶解 (dissolution) and 妖怪 (apparition, demon), both pronounced as ‘youkai’.
    ³ Futton: Koumu no Jutsu (沸遁・巧霧の術)
    * Doton: Kajuugan no Jutsu (土遁・加重岩の術)
    ** Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (塵遁・原界剥離の術)

  23. @manny: Naruto DOES know about enough to fight…

    Madara explained Itachi to the Konoha three. At the time he said that in order to discuss Sasuke, he had to discuss Itachi, which probably involved the annihilation of the clan, his being a double agent, etc. Not sure what else could have been said to “explain Itachi.” And, in explaining what had happened to Itachi is what is driving Sasuke’s revenge. Given that Danzo was involved in this part of the annihilation of the Uchiha, that part would have been revealed also.

    None of the three trust Danzo, nor his intentions – but they may not fight right away. Kakashi is one to carefully weigh options so as to not fall into any of Danzo’s traps so that their actions would be used against them. However, if necessary, I am certain that these three will fight and kill so as to protect Konoha. I am sure that they know that among the greatest threats to Konoha are not Sasuke: they are Madara Uchiha and Danzo.

  24. @Penny: your last comment was spot on. stamped it. ’nuff said.

    I’ve been anti-spoiler so I haven’t read the post above that goes into it, but I’ve gotta say things are getting interesting w/ the manga and ridiculous at the same time. sasuke’s been turned into the ‘love to hate him’ character all of a sudden (who can apparently put up an epic fight with whoever, and FOREVER without running out of chakra or balls) and nobody knows what in the world naruto’s role in all this will be. it’s chaos i’m tellin you!

    my guesses as to what’s gonna happen next are along the lines of what others have already thrown out there. but unless the manga disregards the fact that sasuke should be outa juice right about now, I think the showdown w/ naruto will be after he takes a short recovery break. I’m guessing he escapes from Mizukage (i didn’t read the spoilers so I could already be wrong on this one), chases Danzo, Madara basically turns Sasuke into a more immediate threat to Konoha (“I’ll MAKE YOU fight him”) and Naruto chooses to protect the village ( *Itachi to Naruto*: “What if Sasuke were to attack the village?…..) and then we’ll finally see what in the world itachi gave naruto since we’re about to literally kill ourselves in the suspense of what it could be

  25. @kahmix:

    I am weaning myself off of spoilers, to be quite honest. The past several times I’ve read them, the final chapter was “ho hum” to me. I want to be shocked/surprised at what is presented.

    I’m not reading them (more like scanning to see if it is the week being posted and if it is confirmed); just posting them. I may hand that job over so I can get back to that “being surprised” state…

    Sasuke is now the powerful ninja that people have a love/hate relationship for. There’s no ‘in between’ with Sasuke. I guess that is what Kishi wanted; an anti-hero/tragic victim where there are good qualities and not-so-good qualities.

    What comes across to me the most is how innocent and gullible he is, which is surprising. It wouldn’t surprise me if Madara is manipulating him (Sharingan? Or, mere manipulation of his pain…) but, for the guy originally defined as a “genius” he isn’t showing a lot of “street smarts.” There are things that Madara has mentioned that are soooo obvious that Sasuke seems to miss. There is also one fact that he misses the most that is striking: Sasuke needs Madara to accomplish his goals. Sasuke thought he could just dismiss his involvement with Akatsuki but…nope. He’s roped in whether he likes it or not. You can’t just dismiss Madara Uchiha – ever. Even Naruto knows THAT much…

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