MWDA’s One Piece Review – Chapter 559


Hello, my name is AJ. Pleased to meet you all. I’ll be doing the One Piece reviews around here, I hope you like my reviews and that we can get along.

A little bit about me, I’m 19, male, English, l live in the UK, I love to write, and One Piece is my favourite manga.

I’d also like to thank Ron and Penny for the help and kindness, you guys rock!

Please excuse any mistakes, if you see any, let me know and I’ll correct it 🙂

One Piece Review: Chapter 559 – Destiny

We see Ace sitting up with Garp and Sengoku, as he is having a flashback to not too long ago. Luffy is shouting how he will save him and kill anyone who hurts him. The statement that Luffy will “Kill anyone who hurts Ace” seems too strong for Luffy, after all Luffy has never killed anyone. Oda even said himself; Luffy thinks having his enemies “dreams” crushed is pain enough. Though it has been proven many times over how much Luffy cares for Ace, and to say he’ll kill them rather than “Kick their ass” or “Beat them up” just shows on a high level just how much he loves his brother.

Looking a little sad there, Ace
Looking a little sad there, Ace

Garp notices something with Ace and asks what is wrong. Ace says he has made up his mind, he will accept help if it comes to him, if not, he will accept death. This shows that he has not given up on life, but he doesn’t fear death. I wonder if Ace as someone who is carrying the “Will of D” will smile when he dies? As he looks pretty down right now, maybe knowing Luffy and his nakama are all fighting for him with their lives on the line will make Ace be the first person who carries the will to not smile in the face of death.

Who you calling Re...!
Who you calling Re…!
Oh crap!
Oh crap!

Luffy is seen fighting through legions of Marines to get to his beloved brother. Along with him are his “Prison escape” team. Meanwhile, Buggy is with his “Followers” who are implying they want a part of the action, or at least get Buggy to fight. Whitebeard notices Buggy and tells him that he is “still alive”, whether this is because Whitebeard things he was so weak he believed he would have died long ago or because he simply never heard from him since Rogers’s death, he believed he went into hiding. Regardless, they prisoners are shocked that Whitebeard is talking to him as though he was an equal. Although, he was only saying this to keep the prisoners under control and help him, as they could cause problems for him otherwise. I believe he knew how Buggy would react, meaning I’m guessing Whitebeard knew Roger and his crew quite well.

Falcon...! Yeah, you get the idea
Falcon…! Yeah, you get the idea

Whitebeard also seemed to have figured out Sengoku’s plan, and attacked the Warships. Sengoku says it was a little sloppy, but seems to have confidence in his plans. Moria and Jinbei start to battle, with Moria realising his zombies will be useless again him, he uses they shadows on himself and grows like he did on Thriller Bark. It does not seem that Moria took in a great amount of shadows, maybe 10 – 15 at most, Jinbei takes him on and knocks him back with one punch, seemingly doing great damage.

Phew! That was a close one...
Phew! That was a close one…

Luffy is fighting when suddenly, bam! Smoker on his case. He hits him back with his seastone Jutte, causing more damage for our rubber hero. Luffy quickly gets into “Gear 2nd”, (is it me or has he been getting quicker with that?) and starts to hit Smoker to no avail. Both compliment on each other’s improvements as Smoker comes in for the kill. Smoker pins him down, stating that with his ability, it doesn’t matter how much Luffy has grown, he still can’t hit him. After saying that he understands why Dragon helped Luffy out, Hancock come in to save the day! Hancock seems to have shown outright that she is on Luffy’s side. Smoker wonders how Hancock could have hit him in his Smoke form. Hancock has become enraged by Smoker attacking Luffy. Smoker wonders if it was “Kuja Haki” that allowed Hancock to hit him.

Knew him? We were drinking buddies! That's how he got the nickname
Knew him? We were drinking buddies! That’s how he got the nickname

Ivankov is fighting Kuma, asking if he has forgotten him, as Kuma seems to fighting him seriously. Iva says he will have to attack him if he does not reply, I believe that Iva was just going easy on him, trying to talk to him to see if he can join them. Don Flamingo says to Iva, that the Kuma he knew is dead.

You better not be talkin' about me!
You better not be talkin’ about me!

I want to talk about Kuma here for a second. His true face, so to say, has been in mystery for a while now. Kuma spared Luffy at Thriller Bark and at the Sabaody Archipelago. I believe that Kuma is or was once working for Dragon. Kuma was the only Shichibukai that knew Luffy was Dragon’s son, the others seemed surprised or stated in a way that made it seem that they didn’t know, meaning that Kuma had inside knowledge. On Thriller Bark, Kuma asked for Luffy’s head. I believe Kuma was just testing his crew, to see how strong they were and/or to test their loyalty. At the Sabaody Archipelago he sent all of his crew and Luffy flying away from certain death, without a seemingly good reason, he just sent them flying. The only way I can explain this is that Kuma was indeed working for Dragon and that he wanted to save Luffy. As Iva said “He cannot see the death of his nakama’s son right before his eyes”, if Kuma and Iva worked together, they could share the same views. Iva also said “Is he considering his position as a Shichibukai?” saying to me he is only posing, like a mole inside the enemies HQ. To Don Flamingo, Kuma is dead, or at least the Kuma Iva knew. Vegapunk worked on Kuma, making him into a Pacifista, whether Kuma has had his memories examined, deleted, replaced, is unknown, or maybe Kuma really is dead, and that the other “Kuma’s” are really all robots, but the Kuma we know is just more advanced than the rest.

Confused Luffy


Well, what can I say? One Piece is so unpredictable… Seriously. Somehow Oda can make Kuma a horse, Ace a girl and Luffy a cow in a money costume in a human costume, and somehow still be able to make it make scene. From what I can gather, I can say this battle will last for a while, all the fights and things Oda can do, it’s too big to pass up. I believe that something’s about Kuma will be revealed and I hope maybe the “Will of D” will be explained, but that will be a long shot. I also don’t believe that Ace will die, it doesn’t seem like Oda’s style, everyone that has died has been in the past, never in the present, but this is Oda, so who knows?


~ by MWDA on October 2, 2009.

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  1. Great job on the breakdown AJ !! Thanks for bringing OP back to Mars. I hope your reviews spark conversation from many OP fans 😀

  2. Thank you, so do I 🙂

    I hope to meet more awesome people ^_^

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