The Underscore’s Bleach review 376

The Underscore’s

376 EXecution EXtinction 2

Hey there everyone, welcome to the review of Bleach chapter 376, EXecution EXtinction 2. With last week celebrating eight years of Bleach we now return to our regular dose of Bleach -though with more pictures in this week’s review than usual to see if that works. Using the SleepyFans scanlation I’ll be reviewing this week’s chapter, right after last week’s poll of course.

Poll Results

So Bleach has been running for 8 years now and I was curious as to what thought about this or what you would do to celebrate. With 71 voters in the poll we have the following results:
With no votes whatsoever, it seems no one is planning on buying a new volume of Bleach to celebrate. Either everyone already has all the volumes that are available to them in their respective areas, or they plain refuse to buy the manga as they already have access to the chapters online. A third option is that you felt more for the other options of course, but if the second explanation applies to you, you ought to think about supporting the manga if you can.
Then in fifth place we have a triple tie as three people decided to reread the story entirely to celebrate; three people suddenly realized that Bleach has been running longer than they expected; and three people are more interested in the Mayuri and Komamura dolls than anything else. To the people who have been rereading Bleach, I envy you as I don’t have the time. The people who never imagined Bleach would run as long as it has been, it is somewhat understandable as time seems to fly when you’re having fun, right? As for the three who wanted the dolls, I too would like the Komamura doll if it were life size or the Mayuri doll if it were to have the intestines and stuff like it did in the manga. Too bad that’s too much too ask for…
Then in fourth place there were eight people who are hoping Bleach will end soon. On the one hand I’m rather curious as to how the story could end while, on the other hand, I just plain want more Bleach . Perhaps there are some here who got bored with Bleach now as well, which is rather sad as Bleach holds enough to entertain its readers. But I wouldn’t know why anyone would want Bleach to end except for wanting to know the conclusion of the story.
Then there were 15 people who are hoping Bleach will go on for at least 8 more years, making this option third in last week’s poll. On the one hand I agree with them, but on the other hand I doubt that Kubo has more than 8 years of material to use as the main things in Bleach -the Hougyouku, Aizen, and Vizards for example- are all coming together in this war between Soul Society and Las Noches. Who knows, if Kubo is able to make a good story I’ll be glad to read at least eight more years of Bleach, and with some luck review for just as long.
In second place, with 17 votes, people didn’t seem to care about the 8 year anniversary of Bleach as long as they get more. I don’t blame you guys; I want more Bleach as well!
Then in the first place, with 22 votes, it turns out that most people didn’t know about the 8 year celebration of Bleach until they read it in last week’s review and/or chapter. Honestly, neither did I until I read the chapter as I’ve only been reading Bleach for the past three years . But that’s all last week, Bleach has had plenty to show for it and it was enough to keep us going for a week. So what happened this week then?

Aizen’s disappointment

You shouldn’t take your frustrations out on your “friends”

With last week’s shocking turn of events, this week’s chapter starts off with Aizen sheathing his Zanpakutou after cutting down Harribel. After the fall of the Primera Espada, Aizen’s “faith” -for a lack of a better term- in his Espada has been reduced to the point that he feels it was pointless to gather them. Aizen goes as far as to say that he alone is more powerful than the Espada put together, even though the Espada managed to push their opponents to fight harder than they’ve probably done in ages. Aizen took this disappointment out on Harribel as he now looks down on her, the last of the Espada -that he took with him-, as if she was the representation of the disappointing group of Arrancar.

Harribel’s disappointment

There’s no wrath like a woman scorn

Reality sinks in as Harribel’s surprise makes place for rage to the betrayal of her former leader. Harribel’s cold demeanor turns into the determination to get revenge for this sudden turn of events as she has all the right to be crossed with Aizen. She managed to fight off two Vizards and a captain class Shinigami and remained unscathed during this battle. All this after taking on the strongest Bankai attack of that same captain and having preparations made for her most powerful attack. Aizen should have waited for her to at least use her most powerful attack before attacking her, or at least have the enemy kill her instead of doing it himself without giving her the chance to prove herself. Harribel then stabs Aizen in the abdomen as she shows that she still has the strength to pull off those types of attacks. As blood spatters from the wound opened by the Tiguron, Aizen quickly regains his composure after taking a blade that size.

Smoke and Mirrors

She never did say she wouldn’t be fooled by the same trick twice…

Harribel suddenly is the one to take a blade through the shoulder as she turns around to find the culprit being none other than Aizen (again)! The illusion in the sky dissolves into two parts after the stab by Harribel as we see an annoyed Aizen telling her she will never raise her sword at him again. The saddest part of this all is the fact that Harribel practically fell for the same trick again, though Aizen’s absolute illusion has been proven to be quite difficult to see through. At this point in time it would have actually been better for her to use her ultimate move as it wouldn’t matter who she would hit at this point in time to be honest, but I guess that isn’t something that comes to mind when you’ve just been betrayed by the man you’ve been following so faithfully for all this time. As Harribel falls after being stabbed, even her opponents look shocked at the fact that Aizen attacked his own.


…and your momma’s fat too!

Resuming as if nothing happened, Aizen tells the Shinigami and Vizards that they should fight as Aizen seemingly is planning to take on twelve opponents at the same time going by the picture seen above. Admittedly, two captains are no longer able to use their Bankai -Soi Fon and Hitsugaya probably-, one lieutenant, a guy who just lost an arm in a battle, and one captain who just had quite the battle. But he is still going up against the strongest captain in all of Soul Society, three former captains gone Vizard, two former lieutenants gone Vizard, and two more captains of which one has yet to go all out and another still has a Bankai up his sleeve after taking out the Primera Espada. Now I’m really curious as to what Aizen has up his sleeve if he wants to go up these odds.
One thing that is notable is the fact that he talks about the Vizards as pseudo-Arrancar, even though they’ve shown to be quite capable fighters. This somewhat shows Aizen’s view on Shinigami and Hollows as it would seem he deems the Hollows to be more potential when it comes to hybridization. Perhaps he felt that Shinigami, consisting of one soul, would lack the potential as opposed to Menos Hollow who consist of multiple souls. Or perhaps Aizen is suggesting that there’s more to the Hollowfication than even the Vizards know and it has to do with the Arrancar’s abilities -perhaps a resurrección?- as I see no other reason to refer to the Vizards as non-Arrancar. Aizen’s provocation, however, seems to have struck a snare with most of his opponents as we can see from their reactions. But what of those that are missing in all these developments?

The other resurrection

Enough distractions, it’s your time to shine Wonderweiss

We now find out that Mashiro and Kensei have been watching the others fight their respective battles. Perhaps part of their credo, they waited to see if there would be any other interruptions such as a massive outburst of Menos. Mashiro utters her surprise at the fact that Aizen was the one to kill the last of the Espada as it is strange no matter how you look at it. But as she stares into the skies, Wonderweiss finally decides to get up after the hit taken in chapter 168 as it seems he hasn’t been fighting -unlike Tousen and Gin- while the other fights were going on. Wonderweiss attempts to attack Mashiro, and even though Kensei warns her, it seems it is for naught as Mashiro easily counters with another kick in Wonderweiss’ face.


Yeah Kensei: BZZZZT!

Kensei goes to Mashiro and tells her that she should take off her mask for awhile as an opponent of Wonderweiss’ level would exhaust her quickly. Mashiro then responds in a typical manner as she points out the fact that she can keep her mask up for over 15 hours, as such the longest of the Vizards. This interaction between the two confirms that Love’s claim of a three minute limit wasn’t just for show. My guess is that the Vizards’ Hollowfication works as an extra power boost similar to Hitsugaya’s Bankai. It allows for them to increase their power for a set amount of time. The time they have depends on their proficiency with their inner Hollow and the amount of power they use. Their time depletes as they have on their masks, but recharges once they take it off. Once their Hollowfication time reaches its limit, there appear to be consequences. Mashiro, however, isn’t too worried about these consequences as they probably have been fighting for less than an hour right now.

Battle of wits?

Somehow I doubt there would be any real winners if this were a battle of wits…

Wonderweiss then decides to stay down for a shorter period of time as he once more attempts to attack Mashiro from behind. Mashiro easily intercepts Wonderweiss again as she grabs his face and plants him into the concrete again. This time, however, Wonderweiss gets up immediately and grabs Mashiro’s scarf and throws her with it. Even though Mashiro is thrown for a few blocks through the streets -literally- her worries lie in the fact that her scarf was torn. The two then face off as they both charge towards each other. Mashiro then uses her Mashiro Super Cero -a plain Cero with a different name as a certain Arrancar whom I’m trying to forget had as well- against her assailant. Wonderweiss’ response to this attack, however, isn’t quite as flashy in name, though more effective.

Wonderweiss’ Howling Irritating Noise Eraser

Or W.H.I.N.E for short

As Mashiro’s Super Cero charges towards Wonderweiss, he opens his mouth once more to gather energy in his mouth. But instead of the Cero he attempted to fire a couple of chapters ago, he erases Mashiro’s Cero with his Howling irritating noise which acts as an eraser -which I dubbed the W.H.I.N.E. for him as he isn’t talkative enough to name his own attack – which he also used before. This Reiatsu powered scream seems to hold the ability to erase Reiatsu, or maybe a specific type of it at least. But Mashiro ignores Wonderweiss’ skill and doesn’t question how it works as she immediately follows up with a punch. She then tries to resume the fight with another one of her Super attacks, only to be halted in her tracks by a sudden change.

The Broken Limit

Whose going to be BZZZZT now?

Mashiro’s mask suddenly shatters to her own surprise as she wonders whether she actually reached her limit or not. While she is taken back by the sudden loss of her mask, Wonderweiss’ expression goes from being surprised to being pleased. Could it be that WHINE has the ability to negate Hollow Reiatsu? The timing fits as the Cero was erased first, followed by the disappearance of the mask, so it wouldn’t be too farfetched to make this claim. Wonderweiss looking so content also seems to suggest that he was happy he created this opportunity. Mashiro’s reaction to the mask disappearing is also rather interesting.
Her mask disappears and she sees it as the limit to her Hollowfication, even though Ichigo used to stop his Hollowfication as soon as possible to prevent something bad from happening. It is possible that keeping the mask on for too long allows the Hollow to take over, which would explain where Neo Ichigo came from as well as Ichigo already met his limit during the time he fought in Las Noches. The loss of the mask in itself wouldn’t be the bad thing Ichigo was talking about, so perhaps it only applies to him. Another thing to point out is the fact that only Hiyori and Ichigo have shown to get black eyes once they put on their respective masks, while the other Vizards seem to keep their eye color -with the possible exception of Shinji. Perhaps Aizen’s provocation at the start of this chapter also hinted at this difference between the Vizards who lose their mask after reaching the limit and Ichigo who possibly went berserk after reaching his physical and mental limit as well.


Consider yourself BZZZT Mashiro

Wonderweiss suddenly made quite the turn around from being rather passive, to suddenly enjoying the fight. With an ecstatic look on his face he first punches the remains of Mashiro’s mask only to move behind her quickly to strike her again. As he screams out in joy at the possible fact that he managed to stop that pesky fly of a Mashiro in her tracks her raises his fist. Mashiro possibly already fainted at this point by the force of Wonderweiss’ punch, though Wonderweiss doesn’t care as he strikes at her. But someone doesn’t feel like letting that happen any time soon.

Time to get serious

It’s true, he doesn’t go easy on kids, ask Hisagi.

Kensei suddenly intervenes as he grabs the fainted Mashiro while blocking Wonderweiss’ fist. He single handedly caught a punch with more than enough strength to knock out Mashiro, without moving an inch. The Vizard then looks at his partner in crime as we see her with a rather hollow look in her eyes. Wonderweiss, however, is a bit surprised by the fact that he wasn’t able to hit Mashiro. With a face brimming with both joy and surprise, Wonderweiss looks down on Kensei. Kensei gives a destructive look back at the Arrancar, along with the promise that he won’t hold back even though Wonderweiss is just a child. So how will the battle between the former captain and the unnumbered Arrancar go? Only next week’s chapter may tell.


So what can I say about this week’s chapter. I think it wasn’t as good as last week’s chapter as it feels like this chapter drained the pace from the story which last week’s chapter picked up. I was hoping for more to happen in this chapter with Aizen, Gin, and Tousen, but instead we get Wonderweiss waking up to fight. Perhaps the title of last week’s chapter made me anticipate the end of the fights in the fake Karakura town and as such the chance to finally get back to Las Noches too much. Nonetheless, this wasn’t that bad a chapter. Harribel’s persistence was enough to show she wasn’t quite as much the pushover as she was thought to be after last week’s sudden attack by Aizen, though I would have loved to see more of her instead of falling at Aizen’s hands. Aizen provoking all his opponents and claiming he is more powerful than all the Espada was also quite the treat as there’s a promise of Aizen himself fighting for the first time in quite some time. Wonderweiss getting up and showing us a possible Hollow Reiatsu eraser was also quite interesting as well as the bit on the Vizards’ limitations. We’ll just have to wait and see whether the EXecution EXtinction chapters will continue for a while or not, but here’s what I think could happen.


Kensei will leave Mashiro somewhere safe, hopefully near Ukitake to show his situation and sharpen Kensei’s resolve to beat the living out of Wonderweiss. Kensei will then use his Shikai and Mask to attack Wonderweiss, only for Wonderweiss to take away his mask as well. Meanwhile the other Vizards and captains will talk with Aizen, probably about his rather peculiar claims of him taking them all on. It is possible that the fight will end with the fall of Aizen and all his henchmen, only to be nothing more than an illusion where Harribel is still safe and sound. There could a couple of EXecution EXtinction chapters where we will see how Wonderweiss, Aizen, and possible Tousen, and Gin will fight their opponents while taking some of the weakened ones out. But for now it feels like Kubo isn’t planning on going to Las Noches yet.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review; I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know if I overlooked anything, to share your thoughts on this chapter and/or review, and to vote in this week’s poll. I’m off to write a couple of essays that are due next week, so I’ll try to find some time to reply but if not I’ll be sure to use the special section of my reviews. I’ll see you next week!


~ by The Underscore on October 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 376”

  1. i liked this wasn’t as good as last week but i am looking foreword to Aizen (finally!) fighting. I’m glad Harribel put up a fight although i still don’t think she should have been ranked higher then Ulquiorra. im thinking we will see kensei’s bankai soon because we saw his shikai first out of all the vizards.

  2. We got some good scenes this week that once again leave us wanting for more.

    – Aizen stricking down Harribel… AGAIN !!
    It just think that it was really sucky for him to strike her down mercilessly as he did. I really liked Harribel and i would have liked to learn a little more about her. Maaybe as she was going down and falling from the sky they could have added just a little flashback or something to let us becaome familiar with her a bit more. I feel a little cheated but oh well i guess will move on. This event will just be something for all of us to add to our “why i hate Aizen” list.
    In addition to that i think his use of illusions efforlessly on a strong oponent like Harribel show us a little of what is to come and what is to be expected when Aizen fights. I expect a lot of illusions from his fight that will just have us wondering what in the world is reality.

    – I wonder if wonderwise’s W.I.N.E. will become troublesome for the vizards and force them to use their shinagami powers instead of their Vizard powers.

    – I’m glad that they are bringing Kensei into the picture. He’s a real Bad Ass looking character. I expect a lot out of him.

    – I’m actually suprized at seeing that kubo is still developing battles here in fake karakura town instead of bringing the focus back to las noches. It should be interesting to see how he decides to place the who VS who’s .

  3. Somehow I feel like Aizen will be able to make his illusions into some sort of clones to fight each member one on one but that seems to absurd even for Aizen.

    I’d still have loved to see Harribel do anything at all before this, but like you said Underscore, if Starrk fell without a bankai especially Harribel had no leg to stand on anymore. It still seems Aizen is being arrogant as is the norm with Soul Society. So he was able to fool them with a shikai and have some strength yourself. Old Man Yama is pretty much the poster-boy for geriatric senile conservatives. Pulling the wool over his eyes wouldn’t require a shikai or even an ounce of wit. It’ll be something to see what Aizen is truly capable of in combat with some characters that already have an idea of his abilities now.

  4. xD i lov emahsiro im just liker her and i look like her tew! :0 and i ahve a friend named krista who i clal kensei cause shes just like him xD she gets angry at me and wont let any one lay a finger on meh! She Rocks! >;3

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