MWDA’s 4kids One Piece Anime Dub Video Review

Hello everyone

I got some new software the other day and wanted to test it out. Thanks to Ron allowing me to upload a video review to the site, here is the first ever video review for Word on Mars, I hope you enjoy it. This is also the first time I’ve done this, so please don’t be too harsh on it, ^^”

4kids gonna get ya

4kids gonna get ya

One Piece 4kids Dub Review

Strawhat Crew vs 4kids

I hope you enjoyed them. A big thanks to Ron for allowing me to do this for the site.


~ by MWDA on October 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “MWDA’s 4kids One Piece Anime Dub Video Review”

  1. All the editing is the worst part of the translated Manga. Recently I heard that Naruto Shippuden will be done by Disney DX in the US.

    Personaly I liked the Cartoon Network version of Naruto. That was how I got into Naruto in the first place. Disney DX will probably do alot more editing. I can’t picture them doing the Hidan and Kakuzo arc. First of all Hidan worships a god of death, and in addition to that his wins left his enemies in a preaty grewsome state. I wonder how much editing will be done by Disney DX.

  2. haha, 4 kids ruin everything 😛

  3. Haha, they certainly do. I don’t know why they edit so much out, I can understand a few things like a lot of swearing or excessive blood, but even kids know that when you’re hurt really bad you’ll bleed and maybe swear. The dialogue would make anyone ashamed to watch it, it’s so corny, cheesy, lame, and at some parts downright stupid. When Mr 3 was introduced he done nothing but bad (and I mean BAD) puns, everything in that scene was a really corny pun, and it doesn’t fall into the “so bad it’s funny” category, if it doesn’t fall into that category, then whoever wrote this is a really bad writer.

    I don’t see how they could get past the first season with that awful a dub.

  4. @manny814: Really? I didn’t know that, I think they would do some editing in the Hidan and Kakuzo arc too. I’ve never seen the dub of Naruto, I only made some fun at what I thought 4kids would have done to it. I’ll keep an eye out for the Naruto Shippuden dub, I want to see how it all turned out 🙂

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