It’s Manga Spoiler Time!! Updated WITH PICS

Apparently, there is a holiday in Japan so the spoilers seem to be coming out early…once I get my usual sources, I will update this posting.

For many, including me, the spoiler for Naruto 467 is a shocker.  This is extremely detailed and long so if you don’t want to see it and want to wait for the manga, pass this one by. However, it answers a great many questions…

By the way, Happy Birthday, Naruto!!  His birthday is October 10th – and it is the 10th anniversary of this manga!

Ok, Bleach fans…why on earth are they using the music from Naruto anime openers????  Oh yeah, these were actual hits in Japan.  Anyway, here’s Bleach 377.

And One Piece Fans, I didn’t forget about you.  Here’s the 560 spoiler…




~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on October 7, 2009.

One Response to “It’s Manga Spoiler Time!! Updated WITH PICS”

  1. OP 560 is out

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