Bleach: Fade to Black Part 1

Alrighty, first I want to say that this is by far my favorite Bleach movie….We see a maturity in Ichigo that is so much more than what is the norm for him, Kon is funny as hell, and Yachiru is just too freaking cute and I will admit, the end got me a little bit teary eyed….anywho…i’m doing this in parts because it’s just too long to get it all done in one let’s start with the breakdown shall we?



The movie starts off with Mayuri getting his mad scientist on. Apparently he finds something interesting and in another room this little flower bud thing pops up through the concrete.


He pulls the center of the flower out and as he does that he hears someone in his lab, so he calls out “who is there?” Someone comes up from behind and chops at Mayuri’s neck with a scythe…except they don’t chop his head off….hmmmm. Mayuri drops the object he pulled from the flower and proceeds to freak the hell out. Apparently he doesn’t know who he is or what the hell the big machine in front of him does.


Nemu shows up, and Mayuri freaks out some more. She tries to calm him down but he doesn’t know who she is, he runs from her and the mystery person who has apparently stolen the captains memories watches on….then activates the little pollen thingymajig he stoled.


Mayuri spazzes out at the sight of his own computer, pulls out his sword and stabs the computer. Seireitei goes on alert and all of Gotei 13 gathers. White cloud looking things come down from the sky, turn into snakes and start attacking the shinigami, covering everything in what looks to be white plaster. Hisagi tells everyone to retreat and Renji goes OMGWTFBBQ?!?! Some of the shinigami try to fight, but get overwhelmed instead. Meanwhile back at the lab Kurotsuchi is still freaking out, but now there’s a bunch of shinigami trying to subdue him. Kenpachi comes up behind him and taunts the poor muddled captain all while blocking the swings that Kuro is throwing at him. Mayuri jumps away from him and busts out his poisonous bankai baby thingy. The baby cries, attacks Kenpachi and busts out the side wall…and the plaster snakes slither up the building covering bankai baby and Kenpachi tries to fight them off.


Kenpachi gets the plaster treatment…hey, I hear it’s good for the skin, might help with his scar…or not…. anyways the plaster snakes continue to reek havoc all over Seireitei and we jump to Rukia who is going to go see wtf is going on. She starts to run but this ghostly voice tells her she shouldn’t go. She turns around and asks who’s there. She starts to bust out her sword but some chick floats up in front of her and well….


Rukia goes huh? And the guy that stole the pollen thingy from Mayuri comes up behind Rukia and gives her the Headless Horsemen treatement, but again doesn’t actually loose her head. She falls then the shot jumps to the carnage that is Soul Society and we see most of the captains and the commander looking out over the destruction. Screen cuts too more lowly shinigami getting plastered…and not by sake. The plaster flows throughout the city much like the ocean during a tsunami. We see the fairy twins have abducted Rukia, and the female of the pair says she wishes they had destroyed all the shinigami, but the male says they were only just reborn, they couldn’t do it….Rukia looks up with a blank stare and we see all of her memories fade away, into the black…


Back in the human world Ichigo and Kon are hanging out in Ichigo’s bedroom. Ichigo has a moment of well, I don’t know what to call it…and neither does he. Kon is sitting on the bed reading something Ichigo asks what he’s doing and Kon says reading a letter from nee-san but it’s in a code so he doesn’t understand it. Ichigo takes it and tries to read it, but he doesn’t understand it either. He drops the paper on the bed and Kon chews him out and tells him to be more respectful of Rukias art. Ichigo doesn’t know who Kon is talking about Kon looks at him like he’s retarded and asks him if he’s lost it. Ichigo tells him that he’s the one that’s gone crazy and goes to bed. As he is laying there all his memories of Rukia flash back to him. He jumps out of bed, takes the note from Kon and translates it. The note says that Rukia has gone back to Soul Society for a few days and not to worry about her. Ichigo goes to Urahara’s shop to talk to him about it, but Urahara doesn’t know who Rukia is either. Ichigo gets worried, and Urahara tells him about what happened in Soul Society. Ichigo tells Urahara to open the Senkai gate so he can go to Soul Society.

Back in the Shinigami world the commander is briefed on the situation and Ichigo gets to Soul Society and sees all the damage. Kon freaks out and asks if Rukia is ok, Ichigo tells him to shut up and they go off to look for her. We go back to the fairy twins who are trying to leave Seireitei but that gate is closed. The guy nods his head to say ok to do something then it jumps to Ichigo who sees a familiar face, Hisagi. Ichigo asks Hisagi what happened, then we jump back to the twins who release the plaster snakes again. Hisagi and his men try to fight it but it doesn’t work. Ichigo throws a Getsuga at it but all it does is give the snake two heads. The plaster snake blows the gate away, the twins go out the door and the guy says Rukia will show us the way.

Back to Ichigo, who is in his hollow mask. Kon asks him what happens then they get circled by a bunch of shinigami who draw their zanpaktous and Kon freaks out. Hisagi sees Ichigos mask and asks him who he is. Kon says hey don’t you know these guys? Ichi takes his mask off and says hey its me dude but Hisagi don’t know who the hell he is and orders the attack. Ichigo ducks and dodges all the attacks then Hisagi has a go at him. Ichigo tries to talk some sense into him but fails and runs away. Then Renji shows up, and apparently doesn’t remember Ichi either. Renji attacks and Ichi tells him Rukia is in trouble…but he don’t remember Rukia either. He has some kind of flash back then attacks again. Ichi runs and Komamura shows up pulls out his bankai aka that huge freaking monster and Ichi throws a bunch of Getsugas before getting knocked down.

We jump over to Rukia, who is asleep in a dingy rundown room. We find out she is back where she grew up in Inuzuri. The door opens and the fairy girl jumps Rukia and starts crying. Rukia asks who she is and the guy tells the chick, who is his sister that Rukia won’t remember unless she shows her her face. So she shows Rukia her face then the scene jumps again to the captains meeting where they are telling the commander what’s going on in Seireitei and all about Ichigo. Hitsugaya says that it’s bothering him, but doesn’t know what “it” is. Captain-Commander tells everyone to capture the intruder and deal with them….


and that’s it for this part….i’ll have more 2morrow (hopefully)



~ by Miranda on October 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bleach: Fade to Black Part 1”

  1. nice job with the breakdown! i just finished this movie a couple days ago and i LOVED it! its the best movie yet in my opinion. the fight scenes were kickass, espically with Urahara. i was very sad at the ending though T_T

  2. I deffinetly have to check out this movie. I’ll get back to you when I see it , probably by next weeked. Nice to have you back Mandy !! 😀

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