Dattebayo is BACK!!!!

YOSH!!!! They are back, free torrent fans!

YOSH!!!! They are back, free torrent fans!

For those of us Naruto Shippuuden fans, this couldn’t be better news.

As we all know, Dattebayo stopped subbing Naruto Shippuuden torrents back on episode 91 (for reference, 130 was just released).  There was a rambling reason on their site at that time but rumors persisted as to why.  Bottom line, they stopped and then it all fell to either Taka Fansubs or >_< Crunchyroll.

For the record, Taka Fansubs has had issues with getting and keeping cappers, those people in Japan who get the actual Naruto Shippuuden feed.   Therefore, there were always delays in getting subbed torrents in a timely manner.  Crunchyroll…well, we all know what that meant – double episodes cut into two, censored subbing for US consumption, Sakura screaming “Cha!” instead of the actual “Shannaro!” (meaning “hell yeah”).  Worst of all: you had to PAY to get the latest release.  Ugh!

This merger will take care of these problems – add “free” to that – plus provide the high quality, FREE subs that those of us NS fans have come to expect from Dattebayo. YOSH!!!!  Subs will be under the DB-Taka merger.

For the actual announcement, click on the logo below.

–Penny (TsunadesTwin)



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on October 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Dattebayo is BACK!!!!”

  1. OMG!

  2. Yes, yes…YES! 😀

  3. so thats why the subs in the new hour special were so good…..

  4. But it was a Troll?!?!


  6. Considering DB just got finished crapping on folks wanting HD versions of Naruto, its a little hard to believe they are suddenly going to start fansubbing them in 1080p? I smell a troll!

  7. Cool stuff !

  8. erm its a troll its all fake lick a donkeys kintama

  9. @Db, I haven’t found it to be so…cite your source.

    And…this site is no longer in existence as of Monday, October 19th. Please contact us through WRA (weareawesomeness)

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