Well, Here They Are…Naruto Shippuuden Dubbed

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with an update to a previous article about Naruto Shippuuden being dubbed into English.  Well, the first four episodes have now been dubbed and are now available for viewing.  For me, this was tough to watch as I have become accustomed to the subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Even though this version comes from a site, it is the officially dubbed versions of these episodes.  For those who wish to dump the subtitles or for those who wish to barf and gag click the link below:


The original place where Naruto Shippuuden is going to be airing is on Disney XD (no joke, you read that right).  Who knows what the censorship thing will be but that’s the latest I’ve seen.

Hey, I just deliver the information…don’t shoot me, k? 😉



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on October 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Well, Here They Are…Naruto Shippuuden Dubbed”

  1. Disney??

    That’s the worst..

    Good thing thoug, Dattebayo is back on dubbing Naruto Shippuden.. So I prefer the High Def Dubbed Video by DB..

  2. Disney??

    That’s the worst..

    Good thing thoug, Dattebayo is back on subbing Naruto Shippuden.. So I prefer the High Def Subbed Video by DB..

  3. Hahah!

    I had my first comment wrong. Dub instead of Sub.

  4. The editing isnt bad with disney.

    On UK TV, there was a channel called “Jetix”
    “Jetix” is a part of disney and it has been showing Naruto on TV in England since 2006.

    So Naruto shippuuden in the US will now be shown by disney, like it has in the UK for years, and as i said the editing isnt a problem with Naruto + disney.
    So dont worry, im familiar with Disney showing Naruto, its not a problem 😉

    Apparently the German dub of Naruto had weapons removed, so apparently Zabuza is swinging around, holding and cutting people with a handle of a sword, because the blade itself was cut out. O_0

    So yeah, your not going to get anything as bad as that with Disney.
    You’ll get 97% of the animes scenes shown and there’ll be a little less blood. Thats all.

  5. SCHY: Thanks for the update. I love comparing the two, for some odd reason. I need to see if I have Disney…I knew about Jetix and that remained while CN was canned as their anime bloc either went adult (Bleach) or simply went away altogether. Doesn’t help that Viz Media has a lot to do with that…grrrr.

  6. Its not bad … much better than i thought it would be. I’m kinda happy with the way it’s turned out so far.

    PS Penny i have a comment awaiting moderation for some reason in your Naruto 467 Breakdown review.

  7. Kakashi sounds hilarious when Naruto gives him the new copy of make out tactics. LOL

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