The Underscore’s Bleach review 378

The Underscore’s

378 Eyes of the Victor

Welcome one and all to another Bleach review, with chapter 378 in the spotlight. I’ll be doing this review a bit faster than usual as my homework piled up in the time I was ill. Because of this I will post the “Posts that were lost, but not forgotten” section later this weekend -I did read all the posts- and perhaps edit a few things. This week’s poll will also be a bit more uninspired than the usual ones, though it is long overdue. Anyhow, this week’s pictures come from the Sleepyfans scanlation as usual, so thanks go out to them for the chapter. But as usual I’ll start by going over last week’s poll results.

Poll Results

After last week’s chapter I asked you guys what you would shout to the dark based on the chapter. With 55 people giving their votes, we have the following results:
Coming in last with two votes were the people who screamed ‘NO!’ at the fact that they didn’t get what they wanted out of last week’s chapter. The chapter’s sudden shift to Las Noches may have contributed to this as there were some set ups that probably have been finished with two or three more chapters.
In seventh place with four votes were the people who were crossed with Gin. After cutting Hiyori in two, they felt that Gin’s ass should be grass. And who wouldn’t think Gin should die after seeing the poor girl cut in two? The other 51 voters obviously .
Then in sixth place we have the classic ‘ADRIAAAAN!’ shout, which can’t be left out in a poll on shouts can it? At least six people agree on that one as they are familiar with the Rocky movie.
Tied in third place were three options with seven votes each. There were seven people who were more concerned with Hiyori’s life rather than getting revenge as they cried out that Hiyori shouldn’t die. Then there were another seven voters who just plain enjoyed the chapter, which makes sense. Of course there were some voters who couldn’t see the romance behind the shouts as these seven “don’t do shouts”, which you could remedy by reading One Piece along with Bleach .
Then in second there were nine voters who were excited to see Ichigo return once more as the star of the story. The orange haired punk finally gets to shine again with the shift to Las Noches, and with the Cero Espada as his opponent it should turn out to be quite the show.
Then in first, with thirteen votes, were the people who were probably taken by the Bankai we’ve seen last week as they shouted out that they want to see Kensei fight. If they’re lucky Kubo will show some of the fight instead of suddenly returning at the end of the battle as he did this week…

Cero Challenge

I think this guy is trying to outmatch King Kong

The chapter starts off with the utter defeat of Renji and Chad as well as a struggling Rukia. As we see the gigantic Cero Espada, Yammy, towering over his fallen opponents we can only imagine what happened in this apparently one sided fight. As his opponents already had trouble with the Espada ranked fifth (Chad vs. Nnoitra), Eighth (Renji vs. Szaellaporro), and Ninth (Rukia vs. Aaroniero) with just one victory under their belt it isn’t too strange to see this scene. It seems that the mysterious power boosts are only reserved for Ichigo in this story and that the others have to do with what they worked hard for. So what could have happened here?
Judging by this scene I would expect Chad and Renji to have taken the lead while Rukia supported from behind. Chad probably charged in head first, almost being squashed as Renji defends Chad -possibly with his Bankai- from the possibly fatal blow crashing into the pile of rubble we see him on. Chad then probably made an attempt to get a blow or two on Yammy, only to be beaten into the ground in front of Yammy. Rukia probably then most likely tried to save Chad and Renji, only to be captured by Yammy, resulting in what we see here. Whether this all took place in a minute or in the time we’ve been watching the events in the Fake Karakura town is still not entirely clear. My guess would be that the events we’ve seen in the last 20+ chapters are still taking place right now. This could be taking place around the time Harribel reveals her Resurrección, or perhaps around the time of Barragan’s fight. There’s also the chance that this takes place immediately after last week’s chapter, though the next part of the chapter makes me doubt that somewhat.

Restrained efforts

Strangely I don’t see as much wrath as I would expect

Yammy then enlightens us on his efforts as he explains how difficult it is for him to make sure he would find his specific opponents and not crushing them immediately. Yammy probably could have blown up Las Noches in its entirety to make sure he got all his opponents, though he probably held back as destroying Las Noches entirely would be quite bothersome to Aizen’s plans. What Yammy says here also seems to suggest that the fight probably took longer than necessary. As he never seemed to be the type to take the time to sense where his opponents are -perhaps as they are difficult to find around his own Reiatsu- it would be possible that he took all this time to find each of his opponents. So after taking out Chad and Renji one at a time, he eventually got a hold of Rukia as he is doing his best not to crush her just by holding her. Now that he has the last of his targets in his hands he is thinking on how he will kill her. Odds are that his aim was to kill her first just to tick off Renji and Chad who most likely gave plenty of signs that they would protect Rukia. He then asks Rukia how he should kill her, to which she gives quite the entertaining answer.

When Mosquitoes Bite

Here’s your answer!

With a not so well aimed Sokatsui (Hadou 33) to Yammy’s face, Rukia’s answer is made clear to the Espada. By no means will she give him the pleasure of killing her or seeing her struggle as we could expect from Rukia. Taking the Sokatsui in his face, however, Yammy doesn’t seem too preoccupied by this sudden attack. For one, the look on his face isn’t exactly one of concern. Second, he hasn’t crushed nor released Rukia in a sudden response. This suggests that Yammy is more in control than we would expect from his usual demeanor. Yammy then starts to whine about how much the attack hurt as he then thinks of a way to finish Rukia off.
Yammy throws Rukia to the ground with enough force to prevent Rukia from using Shunpo to recover. And all of this happened under the pretence of Yammy’s hand slipping due to Rukia’s attack. As Rukia’s fall to the ground takes a surprisingly long time, we see an entirely different impact in the sands of Las Noches.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Last time you saw him he was still crushing bugs you know

A surprised Rukia finds herself next to a tattered Ichigo. Ichigo managed to use his speed to prevent Rukia from being smashed into the ground like a certain Arrancar -Loly cough- and put her down gently. Quite the feat as he just got back from his fight with Ulquiorra. Ichigo then goes back to his usual taunting of the enemy while shielding his allies as he starts talking to Yammy. Yammy, who is now faced with the person who killed Ulquiorra, feels his rage building up as Rukia is surprised to see Ichigo. But before Rukia can say anything to Ichigo, Yammy immediately goes to using a Cero Oscuras while threatening to kill Ichigo. Finally we see an Espada other than Ulquiorra using a Cero Oscuras, or at least making an attempt to do so.


Everyone seems to be hitting Yammy in the face… Though it can only make it look better

A well aimed Getsuga prevents Yammy from using his Cero Oscuras. As the Espada is distracted by the second -yet bigger- explosion in his face, Rukia asks Ichigo why he is alone as he should have Orihime with him. Ichigo explains that he left her on top of the dome to heal Ishida as it is safer than taking her with him. But while telling her that, Rukia noticed something in Ichigo’s eyes. As she tries to ask Ichigo what exactly happened to make him look like that, Yammy intervenes by throwing a punch at Ichigo. Ichigo easily dodges the attack while taking Rukia with him, enraging Yammy even further as he feels Ichigo is playing around. Yammy probably knew his punch wouldn’t be able to kill Ichigo, though he most likely wanted Ichigo to show his strength by stopping the attack.

Battle Scars

I wanna end this and go to bed!

Ichigo tells Rukia to wait as he will end this fight quickly so they can return to earth again to put an end to all the stupid fighting. As he goes towards Yammy, Rukia wonders what happened on top of the dome to make Ichigo act the way he is acting now. Though his behavior seemed the same as usual, Rukia was able to see through the façade just by looking Ichigo in the eyes. She saw that Ichigo didn’t feel victorious after beating Ulquiorra, nor that he is truly focused on the fight with Yammy.
Ichigo is clearly still bothered by the fact that Shirosaki took over the fight against Ulquiorra which resulted in Ulquiorra’s death against his own wishes. He didn’t want to kill anyone and now he killed someone because he wasn’t able to muster the strength to finish the fight himself. Knowing Ichigo, he probably just wants to go to his room to contemplate on what he has done -as he’s done before-, but in order to do so he has to make sure he and his friends get back save first. Ichigo is clearly frustrated by this war instigated by Aizen which caused him to end up killing someone and is therefore aiming to end it as soon as he can and the first step to achieve this is to take down Yammy.

Another Can of Whoopass

King Kong finally fell down the Empire state building

Ichigo faces off with Yammy again by circling around him. The enraged Yammy swings his fist back round to strike at Ichigo, who easily takes the fist. He then explains that he was trying to lure Yammy away from his friends. As Ichigo tells Yammy that if it’s just the two of them he can easily crush him, Yammy’s expression suddenly changes as Ichigo’s mask makes an appearance. Ichigo then fires a Getsuga, throwing Yammy to the ground in the process.
Ichigo clearly hasn’t changed his fighting style as he still prefers to fight alone without risking his friends to be dragged into the fight. But somehow it seems that Ichigo isn’t protecting his friends from just the opponent anymore as Yammy’s reaction seems to suggest that Ichigo’s power is great enough to be a threat to him. Ichigo’s mask now has reverted to its previous state, with the exception of the black markings. The black markings are similar to Neo Ichigo’s mask, though Ichigo’s mask doesn’t have the horns on his mask. As I have said in previous reviews I always felt that the black markings represent Ichigo’s control over his Hollow side as well as the balance with his Shinigami powers. The fact that the markings are now equally spread over the mask seems to suggest that Ichigo’s hybridization has taken another step to perfection as if there is some form of balance between the two. This newly found balance resulted in such an increase in power that Ichigo feels he can take down the Cero Espada by himself. Going by Ichigo’s words it almost seems that he is giving in to his fighting instincts by letting through a glimpse of Shirosaki. But the most important thing to note about the current Hollowfication is Ichigo’s eyes. Ichigo’s eyes have turned black every time he used his mask, but now his eyes remain the same as usual, which is also the case for the other Vizards. This seems to suggest that Ichigo’s control over his Hollowfication has also reached a new level. So with the Cero Espada tumbling down, the chapter ends with a thunderous roar.


This week’s chapter was quite entertaining. Though I was disappointed to see Chad and Renji beaten without catching a glimpse at their efforts, it only makes sense that Kubo didn’t show any of them as they just don’t have the power to face the Cero Espada. By having Rukia still conscious Kubo was able to have her show us that Ichigo is greatly affected by Ulquiorra’s defeat. Ichigo’s use of the mask shows that the repercussions of Neo Ichigo weren’t as dreadful as we (/I) expected, such as not being able to summon it at all, but actually helped Ichigo to gain even more power. Ichigo even feels he will take down the Cero Espada easily by himself, which is a pretty good sign, though going by Rukia’s judgments this could come back to get Ichigo. Still this was a good chapter as we’ve made plenty of story progression while showing signs of Ichigo’s character developing. Hopefully we’ll find out more next week.


Next week I expect to see Yammy going into a rage worthy of his Zanpakutou’s name as I doubt this will be enough to take him out. Ichigo will display a level of power that will be close, if not equal, to Neo Ichigo’s while fighting Yammy. The fight may last a chapter or two before it results in Ichigo’s victory. After this we will probably have three or more chapters without any fights to see how Ichigo and the others will escape Hueco Mundo, take care of the Hougyouku, wrap up some other matters, and decide on how they will fight Aizen.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I really have to get back to my homework as it piled up due to my being ill for the last one and a half week’s. I hope you guys enjoyed the review and be sure to check in this Sunday to see the “Posts that were lost, but not forgotten” section for my replies to (most) of last week’s comments. Until then, be sure to let me know what your thoughts were on this week’s chapter and/or review, and to vote in this week’s poll. I’ll see you next week!


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4 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 378”

  1. great chapter, but im disapointed that ichigo was able to smack down Yammi at the end. Although i excpect him to get up with no damage, seeing as both the sokatsui and getsuga to his face did nothing to him. still, if yammi really is the cero espada, more powerfull then starrk, then i dont want him to lose this esaily. At the very least ichigo should not be able to beat him alone.

  2. Now that Ichigo has seen what happens when he isn’t stron enough to stop his inner hollow we have seen a stron determination in him to find that strenght in him to dominate this beast within him. He has to become really strong if he wants to stop that power from being relised again. As well as to stop Team Aizen.

  3. I’m not getting my hopes up about Yammy being the same clumsy dork he was before. It just seems too easy for a released Espada to get knocked off his feet that quickly in this fight.

  4. @TakashiD:
    Ichigo smacking Yammy down doesn’t have to mean he’ll receive any severe damage. Right now the most important thing that was shown by this is that Ichigo’s gotten another increase in power so that he doesn’t struggle as much as when he fought Ulquiorra before having turned into Neo-Ichigo.

    Ichigo does have a lot of work do if he wants to round things up as quickly as I think he does. Depending on how he deals with Yammy he might be able to at least start facing Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.

    When Ulquiorra was beaten a few chapters back, Yammy showed some signs of being more than a clumsy glutton. His getting knocked off his feet -of which he has many- only means that Ichigo’s Getsuga now has that much force behind it.

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