Well, there is no easy way to say this so i’ll just come out and say it. As of the 19th of October Word on Mars will be no more. With the leaving of Scorp, Cookie and Alexie at WRA the new leader SuperTrek has been left in a bit of a bind. So on the 19th WeAreAwesomeness and Word on Mars will be merging into one super site. Penny, Ron and I will be writing for WRA and Penny and I will be taking administration spots there as well to help Trek out. Penny will be taking over Naruto manga, I will be taking over Bleach anime and doing my monthly AMV spot,  Ron will be introducing FMA manga and our newest writer, AJ will be back up for SuperTrek on One Piece. Unfourtunately Underscore will not be coming with us as Bleach manga is already covered by Mudshovel. I am unsure at this point if the WoM page will remain up.

There are a few people that deserve thanks.

Ron – Thank you so much for giving me a place to call home for these past 7 months.

Penny- Thank you for kicking ass on both the Naruto anime and manga, and for being my right hand (wo)man.

Underscore- Thank you for being diligent with your Bleach breakdowns.

AJ- I know you didn’t get many posts in, but we appreciate you all the same.

And lastly thank you to the readers, those of you that were here from the beginning and those of you that have joined us since then. You are the reason we do what we do, and we love ya all! I really hope you guys will join us in the merge and check out everything that is going to be happening over at WRA in the next few weeks.


Thank you so much everyone for the love and dedication!!!


The WoM Staff


~ by Miranda on October 16, 2009.

10 Responses to “Well…”

  1. even though I was originally an IRA member, i found this site more than enjoyable, it was well written, and staffed with many passionate authors. Thank you for all the work you ladies and gents put into this site and good luck with the merger.

  2. i’m new to this site
    but i wish you all the best
    bon voyage and cheers!


  3. I’m glad that I won’t have to switch between the two sites any more. I found IRA shortly before its closing. WRA was just not as good as WoM on its Naruto breakdowns. Penny switching over is awesomeness! Keep it going y’all!

  4. So whats this place about?

  5. I appreciated the breakdowns. Penny always did a good job. Sad to see it go since the discussions on this board were of a slightly different nature. See ya on WRA ;]

  6. Its sad to see this site go but i suppose the merge will make things more convienant. i have a few questions though, is penny only doing the naruto manga or is she going to do the anime still? Also, is there another site where i can find underscores bleach breakdowns? i always enjoy reading them. Thanks for the great work on this site, good luck with the merge.

  7. Penny will only be doing the manga as TenraiSenshi does the anime breakdowns…and Underscore also does his Bleach breakdowns for mangahelpers so you can check him out there.

  8. Ms Mandi: Got it. Thanks for answering my questions

    Also thanks for running this great site for so long. i always felt that this site was better then WRA in several ways so i am sad that it has to go now. o well, i guess ill see you guys at WRA.

  9. The good thing about us going to WRA is we will be bringing pieces of WoM to it…we won’t be strictly conforming to the WRA/IRA mindset.

  10. I always found this WOM to be a great site with great breakdowns and great people. I enjoyed the conversatiions and debates that we had here. Even though it’s a move from one site to another and not a goodbye allthogether to the people that make it happen, I’m going to miss it.

    I’m looking forward to see what WOM can do in WRA.

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