Statement #1 from broken1i

Hey everyone,

As of late, I’ve been contemplating on the direction of this blog and I’m not ready to call it quits.  As of right now, I do not see  myself closing this blog down.  I will do FMA breakdowns for WRA exclusively BUT I will also write for this blog on the side.  What will I write about?  Don’t know yet.  All I know is that I will let Underscore & MWDA post their reviews here until I figure out what I will write about.  This concludes the first of many updates to come.

-ron “broken1i”


~ by broken1i on October 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Statement #1 from broken1i”

  1. Yay! this blog stays open? cool!

  2. hey you should let Underscore know that you’re going to stay open. He still hasn’t posted his Manga helpers Bleach review here like he usualy does.

  3. never mind i just saw it now my mistake. I expect great things to continue on this blog like always 😀

  4. Yes! I love This blog.
    Go, Word on Mars!


  5. Great! WoM is a fatastic site! And, since you only have like 3 writers for it
    Could I possibly post here? Like, Bleach Anime (But, my breakdowns won’t be as good as Mandi’s) Just wonderin


  6. This site is where we can have debates and i can throw out my crazy ideas. i remember when this site first open you guys welcome me with open arms even though there not a lot of people at first but it growing rapidly i would like this site to remain open and if there something i can do to help it stay open i will try to do it.
    I hope this site remains.

    P.S If it doesn’t work out I wish you the best of luck for where you guys are headed I will be reading your reviews over there as well.

    Sincerely, sam_i_am:24) aka Sam

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