The Underscore’s Bleach review 379

The Underscore’s

379 Three Demons and a Defect

Hey there, here we are again with another review for Bleach. That’s right, I’m still posting here on WordonMars. Even though I haven’t been included in the big move to the new site, broken1i still felt like going on with this blog, and I’m still with him.  So you can still my reviews here on a weekly basis. Speaking of which, this week we have chapter 379, the second Bleach chapter without a title. In spite of the lack of a title, the chapter itself was more notable thanks to some developments and a twist at the end. In light of this I dubbed this chapter “Three Demons and a Defect”, see if you can figure out what I am implying with it . This week I’ll go over the chapter with the scanlation provided by thefolenangel who was as kind as to scanlate it so quickly. But in light of last week’s poll, I’ll go over the top 10 Espada Resurrecciónes first.

The Espada Poll Results

So here they are all in order of the 66 voters’ favorite Resurrecciónes. Last week’s poll had been coming for a while, so now we’ll have to see which Espada was able to impress most of the people who voted. Of course, one person was impressed with all the Resurrecciónes while 2 people hated all of them! But I will make a top 10 of Espada Resurrecciónes with just the votes specifically meant for them individually, so the vote for all of them doesn’t count and the votes against them just can’t be added up .

Cero & Decimo Espada, The Espada of Rage; Yammy Rialgo

Trash ‘em, Ira!

Can you feel the irony of the Cero Espada receiving 0 votes? Ira just didn’t have enough of an impact to make a bigger impression than any other Resurrección in spite of its size. Perhaps it is because it came out of the blue and the size and form only seems to hint at him being nothing more than an Adjuchas or maybe people were hoping to see him as an ape. But at least the poor Espada isn’t alone in last place.

Noveno Espada, the Espada of Greed; Aaroniero Arruruerie

Devour, Glotonería!

Ranking ninth along with Yammy, Aaroniero’s Glotonería wasn’t enough to stand above any of the others. Being defeated by a last ditch effort from a dying Shinigami probably didn’t help either in spite of his arsenal of abilities. It just seems that most readers aren’t impressed by gigantic Espada.

Septimo Espada, the Espada of Entoxication; Zommari Leroux

Abate, Brujería!

Coming in eighth place with two votes we have Zommari with Brujería. This is probably one of the more original releases we’ve seen and strangely out of place with his focus on speed, though it does have its charm. The pumpkin theme also seems to be appropriate for Halloween. The ability Zommari displayed was also a rather interesting one, which could explain the two votes in his favor.

Sexta Espada, the Espada of Destruction; Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grind, Pantera!

Going down a seat in the Espada as well ending up in seventh, we have Grimmjow with his Pantera. With a mere three votes it seems that he wasn’t able to leave a strong impression in spite of the rather epic battle. It seems this cat may have lost another live in this poll battle.

Octava Espada, the Espada of Madness; Szayel Aporro Granz

Imbibe, Fornicarás!

Going up to the fifth place from the eighth seat we have Szayel Aporro with his Fornicarás. With four votes it seems that the people haven’t forgotten the unique abilities displayed by Szayel in the form of the clones and the dummies.

Quinto Espada, the Espada of Despair; Nnoitra Jiruga

Pray, Santa Teresa!

If only Nnoitra started out with six arms from the start he may have gotten six votes in last week’s poll. Sadly for him he started out with four arms and got a vote for each of them ending up in fifth place along with his former partner in crime Szayel Aporro. But at least there were some people who were still faithful to his resurrección.

Tercera Espada, the Espada of Sacrifice; Tia Harribel

Avenge, Tiburón!

Poor Harribel ended up falling into fourth place with six votes. It seems stripping down wasn’t enough to catch the voters’ eyes and that her performances after releasing weren’t helpful either. But at least she still remained in the top four.

Segunda Espada, the Espada of Aging; Barragan Luisenbarn

Rot, Arrogante!

He was old, arrogant, and repetitive. His release, however, was impressive according to eight voters, giving him the third place in the polls. It seems the skull and bones along with a crown, chains, and an axe left quite the impression as well as the flashy shoes. Barragan had to put up with quite the amount of Skull jokes due to his resurrección, but it seems that he stayed bad to the bone until the end.

Primera Espada, the Espada of Loneliness; Coyote Starrk & Lilynette Gingerback

Disperse, Los Lobos!

The Primera Espada came in second with 11 votes. Even though he managed to fight off quite the powerful foes as a gunslinger, it just wasn’t enough to finally become number one. Even though Starrk wouldn’t care about this, I doubt Lilynette would let this go easily. Still this is a good performance from the Primera Espada, though the Quarto Espada easily beat all the others.

Quarto Espada, the Espada of Nihilism; Ulquiorra Cifer

Bind, Murciélago!

Twenty five votes were given to Ulquiorra. His resurrección was long awaited, a bit disappointing at first and came back with the completely unexpected Segunda Etápa. It is no wonder he took so many votes with such a strong impression. So that’s how the Resurrecciónes add up in this poll.
Now let’s see if Yammy’s power surpasses his popularity in this week’s chapter, though we’ve got a color page first.

Happy Halloween

There’s no trick to this treat

Halloween’s here and this didn’t go unnoticed in this week’s jump. Kubo took out seven of his characters and dressed them up especially for Halloween, resulting in the image seen above. Ichi-stein is a more original approach for a main character, though it would suit Chad better -WHERE IS HE?- to be completely honest. Though with all the times Ichigo’s been patched up it isn’t totally out of order. The old hag Matsumoto is staying in character by revealing as much as she can. Ishida dressed up as a vampire is also suitable, pretending to be cool while he isn’t , not really at least . The were-Hitsugaya is a bit of an oddball in all of this, though having a certain other captain playing a werewolf would just be too easy cough, Komamura, cough. The failed pumpkin that is Orihime may be the best one of all the costumes as it isn’t too hard to imagine her walking around like that in the canon. Or it could be that she accidentally had an Ichigo doll mixed in the bed sheets and that she was trying to be a ghost for all I know. The devilish Rukia is almost as odd as the were-Hitsugaya as I would have expected her to dress up like Chappy, though I doubt any Rukia fan minds her costume. The party-pooper in all of this has to be Renji. He didn’t even bother putting on a real costume as he is just walking around with all the bandages he’ll probably have in a few chapters time, though this costume also would be fitting for Chad who could need the bandages even more. But let’s just say Renji is a mummy to stay in the spirit of Halloween . Well, not much more to say about this page. It’s a nice picture if you’re into Halloween and Bleach I suppose.

Colored Smack Down

Ichigo’s always into the spirit of Halloween by wearing a mask and handing out treats

Last week we saw Yammy going down due to a well aimed Getsuga to Yammy’s neck. The last few pages did leave quite a few questions with the new pattern on Ichigo’s mask and the mysterious right eye. Thankfully we have a colored page this week to answer one of these questions. It seems that Ichigo’s eyes turned yellow, without the eye white turning black. As such it is possible that the right eye turned entirely yellow as suggested by benelori. Does this, along with the new pattern, hint at a new phase in Ichigo’s Hollowfication process?
As Ichigo shows some signs of concern in his eyes, he takes off his -unbeknownst to him- new mask assuming that the Getsuga was enough to finish Yammy off as well as due to an uneasy feeling as we learn later in this chapter. Then we see Rukia in the same place where Ichigo last left her, on top of a small shed like building. She then points out something we’ve been speculating about for quite some time and starts thinking with us about it as well.


Can you hit the mark?

Even though Rukia couldn’t see it clearly, she felt like the pattern on the mask was different from what it had been before. We now also learn that Ichigo’s Hollowfication is something that Rukia is well aware of through the stories of others as well as her own experience. Judging from the images we are given in the chapter she got the news from both Urahara, which is somewhat surprising if you think about it, Byakuya, who is another peculiar source even though a concerned brother should warn his sister about the scum she’s dealing with, and perhaps the last picture is of what she has seen once. The peculiar thing is that looking back at the story; this is the first time that we actually have Rukia watching Ichigo with his mask on as far as I can recall. She has been aware of his Hollowfication ever since he returned from Soul Society, but not once has Ichigo pulled out his mask while Rukia was around. The closest she got to witnessing it was when Ichigo fought Grimmjow after subduing Shirosaki, and that was when Ichigo failed to summon the mask. Nonetheless, having Rukia focus on the patterns on Ichigo’s mask seems to hint that Kubo will finally shed some light on the issue. Up till now, the black pattern has been associated with Ichigo’s Shinigami abilities -a theory I find most plausible up to date- which grew as steadily as the patterns changed. The next part of the chapter also seems to suggest that Kubo will go into this soon.

The Burden

Heavier as in the weight of a horse you say?

As Ichigo lands on top of a building he is still preoccupied with his new mask. It seems that the sensation of the Hollowfication was different from before describing it as the mask being heavier. He immediately thinks back at the time Neo-Ichigo took over, referring to it as an entirely different being from himself, and attributes this change in sensation to that occurrence. When Neo-Ichigo appeared many of us -including myself- spent some time thinking about possible consequences of Neo-Ichigo’s appearance. Some of the theories were that Ichigo wouldn’t be able to take out the mask at all, while it was also possible for the mask to change its shape as well. The fact that Ichigo was able to draw his mask and receiving an even greater boost in power as well seemed to hint that this would just be another unexplained power up for him. But that isn’t the main issue at the moment as someone returns with the munchies.

The Midnight Snack

Please try our fine selection of strawberries for yourself

Yammy gets up with an appetite as he tries to eat the daydreaming Ichigo. Ichigo quickly notices and dodges the attack, forcing Yammy to eat an unhealthy dose of concrete. As he spits out a slab of the building, he points out the injury caused by the Getsuga: a small scratch in the neck. As I suspected, the attack wasn’t enough to kill him in one blow or to deal any lethal damage. It seems that Yammy’s Hierro is enough to take a fully charged Getsuga, something that Ichigo is now painfully aware of. Once again, Ichigo has come to the point where his Getsuga is useless against his opponent as it does little more than nick his opponent, the same as with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra. This means that Ichigo has to renew his resolve and find enough Reiatsu to put into his Getsuga Tenshou to cut through Yammy. Ichigo’s surprise is probably due to the fact that he probably thought of Yammy as weaker than Ulquiorra, seeming as how he once cut his arm off entirely with just his Bankai. This seems to be what Yammy is thinking anyways.

Stress Bala

Someone might have caught on to his poll results

A slightly annoyed Yammy asks Ichigo why he is so surprised at the fact he got back up. He then tells Ichigo he is the strongest Espada Ichigo has faced up till now, far stronger than the Espadas ranked four to six. Compared to those trashes, he as the Cero Espada is an opponent too great for Ichigo. While yelling that his former comrades are trash, he throws a punch in the form of a Bala.
The Bala now finally makes a return after quite a long time, which now makes me look back at those chapters where Yammy faced Urahara and the chapters far before that when Yoruichi fought him. Back then, the fact that Yoruichi wasn’t able to take on the Decimo Espada was quite a shocker as it was THE Yoruichi who wasn’t able to deal enough damage to beat him, injuring herself instead. Now it turns out that he is the strongest of the Espada, as such redeeming Yoruichi in the process. Of course, at that time, Yammy’s true powers were merely at the level below a released Aaroniero, though Yoruichi wasn’t at her best either.
Then there was the fight against Urahara, where Yammy used the Bala plenty of times after it being introduced by Wonderweiss. After that, only Yammy has shown the Bala of course, which could have hinted at more power than we were lead to believe. But nonetheless, the fact that Urahara was easily able to toy around with him only proofs that Urahara isn’t one to be messed with.
Getting back to current events, however, Ichigo has more trouble with the Bala’s than Urahara as he is blown away by one of them. Telling Ichigo that it isn’t a Cero and using it as a reference of his power, he asks Ichigo if he thinks he stands a chance.

Familiar Resolve

Says the strawberry to the giant reptilian scorpion…

Ichigo points out to Yammy that he never really stood a chance at the beginning of any of his fights against the Espada. Every opponent he faced was stronger at the start of the battle and he overcame those odds by sheer willpower, and it’s the same with Yammy. This doesn’t come over as clearly as when Ichigo faced Ulquiorra, of course, though the fact that Yammy is more powerful than him only makes this battle more difficult for Ichigo who, according to his own perception, didn’t have anything to do with Ulquiorra’s defeat. But Ichigo basically tells Yammy the same as he told Ulquiorra, that he just has to win, and as it already managed to anger the levelheaded Ulquiorra it does wonders with the short fused Yammy.
Yammy throws another Bala, which doesn’t explode on contact as the previous one he fired, capturing Ichigo in its trajectory. While wrapped in the pseudo Cero, Ichigo starts to think about what Yammy exactly said and how certain things don’t add up.

Care Police

We care, because they don’t

So Yammy talks of trash, though he seemed to be fond of Ulquiorra, while Orihime saw the Arrancar as people. Did Orihime somehow get attached to the Espada by turning into a masochist? My guess Orihime’s concern for the Arrancar has to do with two things, or rather, people. Her brother Sora and her biggest crush Ichigo. If she would accept the idea that the Espada should die as they are nothing more then monsters that bring nothing more than destruction and misery, she would put those two in the same category. Her brother became a Hollow and turned into a miserable creature that even went as far to (practically) kill her in order to sooth his own sorrow, but underneath that mask her brother was still to be found. In more recent events, Ichigo turned into a monster of even greater proportions by responding to her cry for help. In spite of the monster being nothing like Ichigo in the way it did things, it still moved with the same desires Ichigo would have. As such Orihime probably feels that if those two were still inside those Hollows, there should also be humans within the Arrancar she has been faced with -their human appearance would also strengthen this idea. And Orihime being the pacifist she is, it would result in her grieving the loss of any human live. Yammy on the other hand is just a jerk who doesn’t care for camaraderie.


It seems there’s a little rodeo going on here

As Ichigo compares the perspectives of Yammy and Orihime he comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t like Yammy’s point of view as he frees himself from the Bala. He isn’t too surprised of Yammy’s opinion as he understands that is just how Yammy is. The important thing to note here is that Ichigo doesn’t mind taking his opponents down, yet he doesn’t say anything about killing them. Ichigo still feels that he will beat down any opponent to the point of them giving up and that he will keep beating them down as many times as they will attempt to harm others. Ichigo being one who cares for others enough to keep doing this just doesn’t like the fact that Yammy doesn’t even consider this point of view. But is it possible that the Hollow he is speaking to may be Shirosaki? He blames Shirosaki for killing Ulquiorra, going against his own believes. He basically became the same as Yammy, not caring for anything but fighting. As such Ichigo decides to take down Yammy with his mask in order to prove that he still is the same.
But as Ichigo pulls out his mask, the liquid that makes it up suddenly stops in mid-air not shaping the mask. Notice how the patterns are already on the white liquid. This part of the chapter seems to suggest that Vizards form their masks by releasing their Reiatsu and turning it to the liquid above them and pulling it over their faces to form the masks, as opposed to it squirting from the openings in their heads. Of course in the picture above the liquid is going in the exact opposite direction of what Ichigo wants it to, surprising him and entertaining Yammy.

The Battle’s end

We didn’t see this one coming now did we? Or did we?

Yammy makes use of the opening Ichigo shows in his surprise by grabbing a hold of him. Yammy can’t help but laugh at the fact that Ichigo can’t pull his mask out anymore -why do all Arrancar do that?- and as such believes the fight is at its end. Meanwhile Ichigo is left to wonder why he can’t pull out the mask anymore as he thinks it could have to do with the heavy feeling of the mask. There are two possible explanations for this. One is that Shirosaki has started his schemes to take over again and as such is preventing Ichigo from pulling out the mask. This does seem a bit unlikely though as Ichigo putting on his mask would only give him the opportunity to take over even easier, though it is still a possibility. The second explanation I can think of is the time limit all the other Vizards have. With the limits going from 3 minutes for Love up to more than 15 hours for Mashiro, it may well be possible that Ichigo has finally reached his limit. Perhaps the increase in power of the mask also increases the speed at which the limit is reached. Or Ichigo is back to his old 11 second limit due to the sudden increase in power of the mask. Ichigo probably had the mask on for about 11 seconds at most, and before he wasn’t able to summon his mask for a far longer time after that. So it is possible that Ichigo has gone back to where he was before fighting Grimmjow due to Neo-Ichigo’s sudden appearance. Too bad Ichigo doesn’t have the time to think about it any longer as Grimmjow decides to finish things, which at least seemed to be the case until two monsters decided to interfere.

Tag Team from Hell

Why is it that these two are so different yet so alike?

A Soukatsui without a chant strong enough to stagger the Cero Espada and envelop him in it entirely followed by a demon walking up to cut off one of his six legs. That’s right; the Soul Society captains have come to prove their worth. The only problem is that they both want to show their individual worth, be it for their own pride. Byakuya showed us -or perhaps Rukia- what a real Soukatsui should look like, while Zaraki just plain wants to fight the strongest opponent up to now by cutting off one of his legs with his eye patch on. They then start to bicker about who gets to fight the Cero Espada as Zaraki feels that Byakuya stole the first blow while Byakuya says he was there first. These two never grow up do they?
Zaraki does seem to be a bigger man than we would expect in this situation as he basically tells Byakuya that he can do what he wants though it is at his own risk. But what can we say about this situation? These two captains interfering are somewhat of a pleasant surprise to me. Ichigo has issues preventing him from finishing the fight, if he would be able to sort things out during the fight with the strongest Espada it would only end up with another unexplained power up. Zaraki cutting off one of Yammy’s legs with so much ease while wearing an eye patch is something I’m not too happy about though. Unless it is just some kind of spare he put on to give himself a light handicap when it comes to sight and it doesn’t have the ability to suck Reiatsu, I think that Kubo will have to make a really good excuse for the sudden loss of a leg. Even if Yammy’s guard was off, which he often tends to do, Zaraki cutting off the leg in one go while the Getsuga Tenshou only scraped him is a bit over the top. Byakuya’s Soukatsui at least stayed within the realm of likeliness as it didn’t deal severe damage and Byakuya never showed any problems against Zommari when it came to power. But we’ll find out how this will work out in next week’s chapter.


Boy oh boy, what a chapter huh? With Yammy, Zaraki, and Byakuya -the three demons- showing off again in this chapter while Ichigo finally shows the repercussions of Neo-Ichigo’s interference -the defect- the chapter was quite the entertaining read. Kubo is finally hinting at some answers to Ichigo’s power ups soon in this chapter, which makes this chapter even better for me. Admittedly Yammy just messed up again, putting shame to the strongest Espada’s name -Starrk was much more impressive when it came to strategy- by being caught off guard again and going down for the second time in two chapters. But this chapter gave us plenty to think and speculate about, so I’m happy with it. So what can I see happening next week?


Next week Ichigo will start off by showing his surprise once more at the appearance of Byakuya and Kenpachi. Yammy will get up again with plenty to be pissed about and will fight both captains at once. Perhaps he will show signs of regeneration to fix that leg of his. Yammy will be pushed by the two captains while the scene could shift to Mayuri for a little while. Ichigo will regain his composure and decide that he too will have to fight Yammy, perhaps after Nel and Yachiru show up as well. The fight may push Yammy to reveal a different, more compact form -similar to or a segunda etapa- which makes it more difficult for the captains to fight him. Unohana could then show up with Isane, where Isane has to patch up the ones that are hurt and Unohana finally shows us what she’s got up her sleeve.
Man it’s been a while since I last made this type of prediction which has such a high probability of never happening . But that’s what I would like to see in the upcoming chapters

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. I’ll see you next time!


~ by The Underscore on October 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 379”

  1. WOOT!! Ulquiorra has the best release!! glad that the voters agreed with me. Man im starting to get dissapointed with Yammi, his bala didnt really do any damage to ichigo and he hasnt done any other damage. BTW How in the HELL did kenpachi cut off a leg with only one hand and eypatch still on, yet ichigo at full power mask can only do a scratch!!!???

    P.S seince i am an Ulquihime shipper that part about inoue being in pain after ulquiorra died made me grin

  2. Kenpachi power!!!!!!!! 😀

    I voted for Byakua, but maybe is the combination of Kenpachi and Byakua best solution for the fight…. and it would be more fun for us. 😀

  3. Yammy is one more fall from a TKO. It makes sense for Kenpachi to to cut off his leg. Kenpachi was able to break Nnoitra hierro who claimed to have the strongest skin of the Espada. Seeing as how he lacked any othe major Espada talents to such a degree I’d say there was some truth to that claim.

    Ten dollars says Mayuri spends the rest of the series raiding/ridiculing Szayel’s lab.

  4. @TakashiD
    Ulquiorra did exceptionally well in last week’s polls. But to be completely honest, if he didn’t have the segunda etapa I honestly doubt he would have made it that far. As for Kenpachi cutting off Yammy’s leg, people are saying it is possible because he also managed to cut Nnoitra who is/was supposed to have the strongest Hierro of all the Espada -including Tony here.

    Seeing Kenpachi and Byakuya taking on Yammy together should make for quite the spectacle. If they somehow were to be able to combine their attacks I doubt that Yammy will have an easy fight. To say those two should finish Yammy off is something I won’t say until next week’s chapter, I’m hoping Yammy will prove himself worthy of having those two as his opponents.

    Yammy never was that focused on his Hierro, so that would also be able to explain how it went so easily. If we ever see Mayuri again it is possible that he’ll still be playing around with Szayel’s specimen of whatever he has.

  5. I bet Zaraki will go into BANKAI and beat the Cero Espada…..

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