The Underscore’s Bleach review 380

The Underscore’s

380 Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil

Hey there everyone, welcome to yet another Bleach review. This week we have a title again, and somehow it comes close to the title I gave last week’s chapter -Three Demons and a Defect- . Personally I found this chapter to be the funniest in a very long time, which made it all the better for me. But we’ll get to that in a bit. For this week’s review I’ll be using the Sugooi scanlation, though I’ll be going over last week’s poll first as usual.

Poll Results

After last week’s surprise entrance by Byakuya and Kenpachi, I thought it could be possible more captains would show up. Admittedly I thought Mayuri would be too busy with Szayel’s lab, but this week’s chapter already proved me wrong on that end. But there should be plenty of people who ought to be able to face Yammy and I wanted to know who you guys wanted to see fighting him. And these are the results:
In last place was the option of Mayuri fighting Yammy on his own. As Mayuri wasn’t around as he was playing in Szayel’s lab for all we know, and he has no true reason for wanting to fight Yammy on his own it only makes sense that no one voted for him. Of course, the other options are more interesting than this one.
In seventh place was the option of Byakuya fighting Yammy on his own. For some reason only one person felt it was first come, first serve. Or maybe there were more people who believed it would be impossible for other Byakuya to fight on his own due to the other people present.
In sixth place, with six votes, was the option of Ichigo, Zaraki, Byakuya, Mayuri, and Unohana joining forces to fight Yammy. It would be quite the epic battle if Yammy could somehow manage to force all five of them to face him at once, so that wouldn’t be too bad.
In fifth, with seven votes, there’s the option of Ichigo fighting Yammy on his own. This could give Ichigo the opportunity to finish what he started way back in Karakura town as well as the opportunity to regain control over his mask in battle. Other than that, it could prove that Ichigo is up to the task of beating stronger opponents as well.
In fourth place, with eight votes, there was the option of Zaraki going at it on his own. Zaraki going wild is always fun to see, so no surprise here.
In third, with 11 votes, people didn’t really care who would fight Yammy as long as he gets beaten. With the popularity results from two weeks ago it was already obvious that Yammy’s release wasn’t a favorite amongst the readers. Perhaps the fact that he had no votes also had to do with Yammy himself. Maybe people just don’t like Yammy and just want him dead.
In second place, with 15 votes, there was the option of Unohana fighting Yammy. Like I’ve been saying for the past few reviews, Unohana has to have something great up her sleeve and she should show it off as soon as possible. The -probably- strongest creature left in Las Noches or Hueco Mundo at that would make the perfect subject to see what she has.
But the tag team from hell just had a bit more to it as 17 people voted for Kenpachi and Byakuya to keep to their agreement. These two devils have enough in their arsenal to take on the Cero Espada, and seeing them work together should give us plenty to enjoy. Sadly, this tag team isn’t shown in this week’s chapter as only Kenpachi gets his time to shine.

Dropping the Tension

And here you thought you would be crushed to death

If there ever was a picture to set the mood for this week’s chapter, this is it. Ichigo was about to be killed by Yammy as he held Ichigo tightly in his hand. Suddenly there’s a bright light in the form of a blue explosion and Ichigo finds himself in the afterlife. Not his afterlife, but an afterlife still -Hueco Mundo, remember-. Ichigo didn’t notice anything from the moment the Soukatsui hit Yammy up to the point where Yammy falls down next to him. Ichigo looks up only to find Kenpachi and Byakuya who just finished their talk from last week. We now see that part of the sandblast in front of Byakuya in last week’s chapter probably was Ichigo, rather than just Yammy falling in front of him. Ichigo utters his surprise about the sudden appearance of these two devils, where the fact that Kenpachi is standing next to Byakuya like that seems to be the greatest surprise. But before Ichigo can ask any questions, Yammy gets up behind him with five legs left and a bad temper by slamming his fist onto the ground. Ichigo then tries to prepare for battle, but Byakuya and Kenpachi are thinking otherwise.


Talk about from the frying pan into the fire…

Before Ichigo can even get back up, Byakuya tells Ichigo to fall back. Not knowing of the little understanding Byakuya and Kenpachi made while Ichigo was falling down, Ichigo is surprised to hear he isn’t included in the fight. Kenpachi then points out that Ichigo is basically worn out as usual, up to the point of being beaten up half to death. As Ichigo almost died again, Kenpachi feels that Ichigo shouldn’t be fighting Yammy as it would be bad for him… Yeah I don’t believe this either . Showing his “concern” -as if- Kenpachi handles things as smoothly as we would expect from him; by trying to kill someone who has had 3 near death experiences and one as good as dead experience in a couple of hours time. My guess is that he would have let Ichigo off the hook at first, but the thought of Ichigo doing so badly while Kenpachi is the one that should fight him in a worthwhile battle just made him angry to the point of wanting to finish Ichigo off right then. Also, seeing Ichigo in this state twice in all the time he has been in Las Noches probably didn’t help either -against Nnoitra. When Ichigo points out that the attack would have killed him if it would have hit, Kenpachi gladly confirms his motive as he once more attempts to kill Ichigo. Luckily for Ichigo there’s someone to help him out.

The First Item on The List

Who was trying to save who from whom again?

As Ichigo quickly points out that this isn’t the time for Kenpachi to try and kill him -is there ever a time then?- Kenpachi’s primary target intervenes. Somehow saving Ichigo from certain death after trying to kill him, Yammy punches Kenpachi right in his guts, and almost all over at that. The somewhat surprised Kenpachi -how hilarious is that look of his in this picture- is sent flying into a building a few miles away as Yammy is back on his -now- five feet. Concerned with Kenpachi -the man who a second ago would have cost him his life-, Ichigo shouts out to him as he and Yammy see how Kenpachi crashes into the building. Yammy then loses another gallon of blood as he complains how it hurts losing one of his legs. The most notable thing about this complaint is that it seems exactly the same as when Rukia used her Soukatsui on him a few chapters back. You would think losing a leg would have Yammy be a bit more troubled than this. Could this mean that Yammy has something up his sleeve that would make all these injuries seem futile? But Yammy then does what we have come to expect from the Espada of rage, by going into a rage on how unforgivable it is to hurt him as much as he has been. Where Zsayel once took Yammy’s little catchphrase, Yammy took his as well by uttering unforgivable a couple of times. As Yammy prepares to go into a rampage, he is the one being interrupted again.

Flies and Worms

If I had a fly like him in my soup, I’d order a new bowl

With a piece of a building almost hitting him, Yammy instantly reacts by quickly swinging behind him. Hitting the piece of wall away, we see it came from the building Kenpachi slammed into. Kenpachi apparently fell down a floor, and rather than going around or over the wall between him and Yammy, he kicks through it while almost hitting Yammy in the progress. The 11th squad captain then starts to taunt the Espada as he points out that Yammy had more in him than he showed when he punched Kenpachi as he “barely felt a thing” then. Kenpachi then points out that Yammy probably wasn’t trying as Kenpachi is nothing more than a big fly to him, but that he’ll have to do better if he wants to kill him. An annoyed Yammy then calls Kenpachi a small fly -how witty- as he rapidly moves to an entertained Kenpachi to bash in on him. Ichigo then expresses his concern once more as he yells out to Kenpachi -really who, or rather, what does he think Kenpachi is?- who is cornered by Yammy. Byakuya then points out to him once more that he told Ichigo to fall back as he thinks Ichigo should go back to the human world and get out of his sight. Ichigo then points out that the Cero Espada isn’t one to be left around and that he can’t go back without Urahara opening a Garganta for him. His first argument is a bad one as Byakuya and Kenpachi are more willing and able than necessary to deal with that issue, and sadly for Ichigo, his second argument is overruled as well.

Return of the Scientist

Why go with a wacky scientist if you can get a mad one?

Ichigo turns around to find Mayuri to whom he refers without his honorifics. It’s almost like Ichigo has a death wish by doing this, but luckily for him Mayuri is in a good mood as he feels it is enough that Ichigo doesn’t solely refer to him with just his first name unlike two others. I honestly can’t think of which two he is referring to in Las Noches as I only know for sure Ishida calls him by his first name. Perhaps he is talking about Pesche as well, though I doubt Mayuri would bother by remembering something like that. Byakuya notices this lenient behavior from Mayuri as he rightly points out that it has to do with the cart Mayuri has with him. Mayuri then gets tingly all over at the thought of all the specimens he found in Szayel’s lab and the fact that he managed to successfully analyse a Garganta. Especially the latter helps putting Mayuri into a good mood. The fact that he didn’t have as much knowledge of Garganta as Urahara was bothering him all this time, and now he feels he knows at least as much about them, if not more. So the blathering of the half-Shinigami primate in front of him does not bother him -well said- as he can now put this new knowledge into practice. It is rather impressive that Mayuri actually managed to go over all of Szayel Aporro’s research subjects and figured out how a Garganta worked in so little time. But this just shows that Szayel is beaten by Mayuri in more ways than one -again.

Subject number 1

Just be glad he doesn’t know about Neo-Ichigo

Mayuri then orders Nemu to make the preparations to send Ichigo through his self made Garganta as he is eager to put his knowledge to the test. Even though Ichigo tries to tell Mayuri that he isn’t ready to leave, Mayuri tells him that he has no right in this matter as he has now become his first test subject. Even though Ichigo’s primary concern probably had nothing to do with going through a Garganta made by someone who never did it before, Mayuri referring to it as an experiment made him realize that things may not be as easy as he thought they would be. But this time Ichigo gets help from captain that’s completely different from the other three that are present in Las Noches.


The only captain in Las Noches who won’t kill Ichigo for being annoying… probably

Telling Ichigo she will accompany him, Unohana and Isane arrive on the scene. Mayuri can’t help but be surprised at the fact that Unohana is willing to participate in an experiment that could go horribly wrong as far as she would know, but Unohana knows better. She points out that if Mayuri were to fail, Urahara would have a field day and as she knows Mayuri won’t give him that pleasure, she believes the experiment will go smoothly. Bothered by her remark, Mayuri points out that he knows enough about Garganta to be able to use it to trap her in limbo, possibly resulting in her death. Not bothered by that remark, Unohana gives out some instructions as she tells Isane to stay behind so she can help Byakuya handle the situation while she and Ichigo go back to Karakura town. It is a bit disappointing to see Unohana only strolled through Las Noches and fought no one in all her time there. As far as we know she hasn’t done anything in Las Noches. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t done anything to oppose Aizen other than prevent him from killing Hitsugaya and have Isane tell everyone he was still alive after fooling them back in Soul Society. Does this somehow suggest that Unohana is on Aizen’s side? Or is she really such a pacifist that she feels she should only draw her blade against worthy opponents?
Not caring about any of this, Ichigo still feels that he should stay in Las Noches to fight Yammy, probably feeling that he holds the power to defeat Yammy. But then reality checks in with Ichigo once more.

The Sense of Duty

Make that punk do his work Byakuya!

Once more, Byakuya has to put someone in his place. First the prideful Zommari, and now the 15 year old punk who thinks he can be of any use during the battle of a Shinigami captain. As Ichigo tries to tell him that he wants to help out as he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, even Kenpachi -good luck with that one- or any of the other captains, Byakuya asks him what his duty is. Ichigo is a bit dumbstruck for a moment as he can’t imagine Byakuya asking him about any duty Byakuya would care about. But Byakuya then explains to Ichigo that he is still the Shinigami representative of Karakura town and as such he should go to protect that place. Ichigo realizes that Byakuya actually put his faith in Ichigo by telling him he is (worthy of being) a Shinigami representative and this makes him harden his resolve.

Ready to Return

Just don’t expect there to be a bright light at the end of this tunnel

Just as Ichigo makes up his mind, Mayuri manages to open up a Garganta. Ichigo then takes a good look at Byakuya, who finally put his faith in him, as he tells him he will live up to his expectations by fulfilling his duties. Perhaps Ichigo realizes that he has plenty of other friends as well as his family to protect in Karakura town and that he should protect them as Aizen already went to Karakura town. Ichigo does know that the rest of the Gotei 13 are in Karakura town, so until Byakuya told him his duties again he probably felt there was no need to check up on the situation. But as he now knows that everyone is safe in Las Noches, he probably wants to check up on Karakura town now.
And so the chapter comes to an end with almost everyone gathered in one place and Ichigo returning to Karakura town. The questions that remain now are whether it will only be Ichigo and Unohana who will be going back, or whether Ichigo will go back with everyone other than Byakuya, Kenpachi, Mayuri, Nemu, and Isane. Where will the Garganta made by Mayuri end up? And whatever happened to Nel, Pesche, Dondochakka, Yachiru, and Hanatarou? But most importantly, what will Ichigo find once/if he gets to the fake Karakura town?


Ichigo put in his place, almost put in his grave four times over -by Yammy, Kenpachi, Kenpachi, and Mayuri respectively-, and put back on track, this chapter did plenty. Ichigo’s return to Karakura town is a lot sooner than anticipated, especially with Yammy still being around and his Hollowfication issues not solved, yet I don’t mind this little twist. The first half of the chapter was plain hilarious, while the second part of the chapter worked wonders to put everything back into perspective. Kenpachi and Byakuya will deal with Yammy; Isane and Mayuri will take care of the injured; and Ichigo and Unohana will go through the Garganta to check up on the situation in Karakura town as they are currently unaware of the situation there. The only thing I am curious about is whatever happened to the promise Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, Chad, and Renji made when they first invaded Las Noches. Nonetheless, this chapter really made my day. So what could we see happening next week?


The next chapter may start off with more people gathering around Ichigo first to see who will be going through the Garganta. This will include Ishida and Orihime arriving to debate this as the importance of Orihime had already been pointed out a few chapters back when Hiyori was cut in two. My guess is that only Ichigo, Orihime, and Unohana will go through the Garganta for now as Ichigo and Unohana are the only two who might be capable of handling any situation in Karakura town. This is because Mayuri has to stay behind to make sure he can open more Garganta if necessary and Byakuya and Kenpachi have their hands full with Yammy. Orihime will probably go along after pleading with Ichigo and he decides it is better for her to come along in case of an emergency. The three will then pass through the Garganta to find a massacre happened with only a few people left standing. Unohana then will join those few left standing in battle while Ichigo protects Orihime who will -try to- fix up those that are fatally injured. Meanwhile Kenpachi and Byakuya may finally have to do some teamwork to fight Yammy who will be pissed because Ichigo has left and he now has to chase him. Perhaps Yammy will reveal the reason why he is so unconcerned of losing limbs in the process.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. Next week’s review will probably come out a bit later though as I have exams coming up next week. So expect a Saturday review. Anyways, I’ll see you again next week!


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  1. Nice review. 😉
    Good luck on your exams. 🙂

  2. Good luck on the exams, Underscore! I liked the change of pace this week.

  3. Great as usual Underscore Maybe Unohana may use a bankai against Garganta, and ichigo his next time he puts on his mask he might not be able to take it off.

  4. i hope something interesting happens while ichigo is in the garganta, because this has gotten a little tiring. ichigo cant beat aizen so wheres the suspense here? i at least, dont think ichigo could win yet, even with his neo ichigo form. hopefully ichigo gets lost in the garganta, or yammi starts showing us why he is the strongest, cause im not impressed at all so far.

  5. Nice Review Underscore!

    Btw, just wanted everyone to know that I will be doing Bleach Anime on WoM for awhile.

    Also, good luck on your exams.

  6. @PainTheClow
    You are doing Bleach anime? And fillers too?

  7. @Cumulus

    Yes, even fillers. This filler is actually good. And the Bount and Captain Amagi Fillers were good.

    Naruto fillers are the worst though. Well, besides the Guren Filler…

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