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381 Words Just Don’t Like You

After a long week of exams and essays I finally get to write more… Wait, what? Oh well, at least the subject of this review is more entertaining than that of my essays . Now I know I haven’t been able to give any replies on your comments in last week’s review and that I usually use the ‘posts that were lost but not forgotten section’, but I won’t be doing that this week due to the fact that I’ll go mad if I have to write for too long a time for the fifth time this week. The fact that I have to write two more reviews this weekend also doesn’t help with my motivation, especially as they aren’t related to manga whatsoever… Of course I did read all your comments during the breaks in my studies and I appreciated the posts, so they weren’t for nothing or unhelpful in any way -breaks from studies with Bleach = good. At least you still get a Friday review as usual. Anyways, before words stop liking me as well I’ll be going over chapter 381 quickly using the Sleepyfans scanlation. But let’s go over what your thoughts were on Unohana’s actions first.

Poll Results

So here is what you guys thought of Unohana’s motives in last week’s poll:
Coming in last, with no votes, Unohana being in cahoots with Aizen. The thought of Unohana working for Aizen apparently is preposterous to you guys.
In seventh, with one vote, someone had the gall of saying Unohana-sama was plain lazy and decided to take a stroll… Maybe she is .
In sixth place, there were two people who thought it possible that Unohana was too busy looking for the Hougyoku and any other secrets Aizen could have hidden in Las Noches. Aizen has had plenty up his sleeves, so taking precautions by looking for any other hazardous objects is possible.
So no one believed Unohana would be working for Aizen. Four people knew better and plain out know that Unohana is the mastermind and that Aizen is working for her, making this option fifth in last week’s poll.
But there were more people who plain didn’t care about Unohana-sama’s motives, which is actually as bad as saying she is plain lazy isn’t it . Seven people didn’t care, making this fourth in last week’s poll.
Close to second place but just barely coming in third with ten votes were the people who admit a woman’s mind is too complex for them to understand. Though I could be counted with these people, my vote doesn’t count here.
So coming in second place with 11 votes, these people seem to have seen through Unohana’s guise and see her for the bloodthirsty demon she really is. They believe that Unohana is just as bad as Kenpachi except that she has the discipline to hold it in until she will face a worthy opponent.
But luckily for Unohana she is still respected by the majority of the voters as 22 people believe she only fights when necessary. They believe Unohana’s a genuine healer and that her blade is meant to save lives as well. Which is something I could also agree with if I would be able to understand the complexity of the female mind .
Sadly this week’s chapter doesn’t give a clear answer on this matter, but there’s plenty to go over.

The Other Gatekeeper

Been there, heard that… You did add your own twist though…

Channeling their reiatsu into two black spheres, Mayuri and Nemu manage to open a Garganta for Ichigo and Unohana. As opposed to the way Urahara opened the Garganta, Mayuri is using someone’s help to open it as well as those aforementioned spheres. The most interesting thing in all of this isn’t so much that Mayuri managed to figure out how to open the key, but that Nemu is just as capable as Mayuri is. Admittedly she is Mayuri’s “daughter”, though she always seemed more like the brawn rather than the brain. But it seems like Nemu gives you the full package, looks, brains, brawns, and the psychotic father that would dissect you if you ever were to come close to his daughter -though it wouldn’t be because you came close to his daughter as much as his personal interest. As the Garganta stabilizes, Mayuri proceeds with giving some instructions. First off, he won’t be giving any directions to Ichigo and Unohana. Second, one misstep will trap them in the gap between worlds forever. Simple instructions if you think about it, especially when you’ve heard them before.

Sticks and Stones…

… will hardly break any of his bones, but these words will definitely hurt him

Ichigo somehow manages to remember the words Urahara told him when he entered the Garganta for the first time as he looks at Mayuri. Mayuri asks Ichigo what he is looking at to which Ichigo replies by telling Mayuri he is reminded of the time Urahara looked down on him after opening a Garganta for him. As if that wasn’t enough to annoy Mayuri, Ichigo decides to keep talking and points out a few facts that Mayuri doesn’t want to hear from a subject in an experiment. Telling Mayuri he studied UNDER Urahara and that THEY ARE A LOT ALIKE, it isn’t all too strange for Mayuri to be slightly agitated. Where Mayuri was lenient last week, this time Ichigo chose the wrong words to use at the man who could kill him by closing the gate he just opened. That is if Ichigo actually didn’t intend to hurt Mayuri’s pride and feelings in any way….


Enjoy it while you can…

Seeing Mayuri’s reaction is enough to please Ichigo as he leaps into the Garganta, followed swiftly by Unohana. The poor Mayuri who just lost a suitable target to vent his anger is left staring at the Garganta which he worked so hard on opening. The joy he felt after discovering how to open it as well as the thought that he managed to keep up with Urahara weren’t enough to take in the insults made by Ichigo. Showing what could be viewed as concern, Nemu tries to talk to Mayuri. But rather than falling out at Nemu instead of Ichigo, he suddenly realizes he found an activity that would bring him more joy than trapping Ichigo and Unohana in the Garganta: Instilling fear into Ichigo. Where the fear of Mayuri is usually a byproduct of his experiments, this time he is actually setting out from instilling great fear from the get go. Byakuya is slightly interested by this sudden turn of events while Nemu reacts to it as she would to any other experiment suggested by Mayuri by saying she will think of a plan.

On a Highway from or to Hell?

At least give the lady a decent foothold!

While Nemu is putting more effort into maintaining the balance of the Garganta than Mayuri, Ichigo once more shows us that he still sucks at controlling his Reiatsu in spite of all that happened in Hueco Mundo. At least Ichigo has the decency of making a foothold for Unohana as well, crappy as it may be. As Unohana follows Ichigo she then decides to ask him a few important questions. She first confirms that Ichigo faced Aizen before, a question Ichigo finds rather strange. After that she asks Ichigo how the fight was, to which Ichigo honestly replied that he failed miserably as Aizen didn’t even have to use his Shikai or anything. Hearing about the Shikai part, Unohana can’t help but feel relieved. She then says that Ichigo was lucky that Aizen -read- was much stronger than Ichigo at that time. As Ichigo wonders how that is supposed to be a good thing, Unohana begins to tell Ichigo what we’ve known for a long time. Ichigo is the one that has to take Aizen down as he is the only one who can stand up to him. Surprised by this, Unohana starts to give an explanation as to why Ichigo is the only one who can do this by explaining how Kyouka Suigetsu works. But rather than immersing us into the details once more, Kubo gives us something else to pass the time instead of getting information we already have on Kyouka Suigetsu.

These little piggies went home

He has six legs Kenpachi, not 30 fingers, so cut it off, urr out

Still continuing his rampage from last week’s chapter, Yammy keeps bashing into the general area where Kenpachi is supposed to be. The one time he actually might have hit Kenpachi didn’t work out all too well for Yammy though, as he loses two fingers in the process. Irked by this loss of fingers he grabs a hold of his arm to count the fingers he has left -using his fingers…. I know, lame, lame. As he tries to count his fingers he finds something he wasn’t counting on, the creepiest bug he will ever encounter. Playing the part of a flea, Kenpachi looks at his tasty meal as he decides he wants to draw some blood. He then proceeds to leap towards Yammy’s head while swinging his sword. Of course, Kubo doesn’t want to bore us with the details of Kenpachi attempting to cut a monster about twelve times his size in two.

Feeling Unwelcome

I doubt the owners of the place want you there either Byakuya…

Remaining surprisingly calm about having his target taken from him, Byakuya starts a conversation with Mayuri. Asking Mayuri why he stayed, Mayuri believes Byakuya would not care for the answer. In spite of that comment, Byakuya is wondering why Mayuri would skip the opportunity of witnessing the events taking place on earth as all that is left in Hueco Mundo is Yammy. Mayuri, however, feels that there are still plenty of interesting corpses left in Las Noches and that Mayuri can wait until the Garganta is opened by others after the war ends before he goes to check up on earth. As the Garganta closes behind Mayuri during this little talk, Byakuya is surprised by Mayuri’s words.

No Pressure…

Who thought good things couldn’t come from not paying attention?

Going from question to question, Ichigo learns the -if you think about it- rather peculiar restriction placed on Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu. Unohana tells Ichigo that anyone who might have a chance to fight Aizen has already been put under Aizen’s absolute hypnosis, with the exception of Ichigo that is. This has to be one of the most levelheaded explanations given in Bleach up to date. Rather than saying she might be able to find a way to break the absolute hypnosis, Unohana already makes it clear that not even she is able to go against the hypnosis. The strangest thing in all of this is what Unohana has said here. When she spoke of all on earth who could face Aizen, she actually included the Espada and the other Arrancar. It is almost as if she is implying that Aizen’s power isn’t as great as we have been let to believe all this time. Aizen’s powers were briefly shown when he obtained the Hougyouku, and they weren’t that trivial as Unohana seems to suggest here. What’s more, Aizen held the Hougyouku for quite a while and with its ability to increase the power of souls it could have devastating results.
But none of this matters -for now- as Unohana continues her explanation of why Ichigo would be able to face that monster. She tells Ichigo that having captain class Reiatsu isn’t even his biggest advantage as much as not having seen Kyouka Suigetsu. She even goes as far as to say that the war will be lost as soon as he witnesses Kyouka Suigetsu’s Shikai. So the question is whether Ichigo will be able to fight Aizen while being cautious of the Shikai release as well as the problems he currently has with his Hollowfication. Remember, those who have obtained Bankai can use their Shikai with little effort and as far as we know Aizen only needs to show his Shikai for a brief moment.


Good to know the captains have faith in you, but what of the readers?

The scene then changes back to Mayuri and Byakuya for a moment. Mayuri is getting worked up again due to his curiosity, this time about what Byakuya seems to be suggesting. Byakuya then explains that the words chosen by Mayuri seem to suggest that Mayuri believes in the lab rat known as Garganta subject 1. Strangely affected by this, Mayuri glances at Byakuya. The scene then shortly changes back to Ichigo who gets things straight. He thanks Unohana for telling him all he needs to know about Aizen’s abilities and probably for her faith in him as well. With all Unohana told him he believes things are settled and that he will defeat Aizen. The look on Ichigo’s face, however, suggest otherwise. The same look he had a few chapters back is still on his face and rather than the usual determined frown Ichigo seems to be somewhat worried. Though it isn’t too strange with the lives of his friends, family, and the rest of Karakura town all put on his shoulders along with the burden left by Neo-Ichigo’s appearance. Mayuri then gets the last words in by pointing out the words chosen by Byakuya weren’t what he expected either. Which is funny as last week’s chapter already made it clear that Byakuya also has faith in Ichigo, or at least as he much as he could possibly muster. With all eyes on Ichigo, the chapter ends with an even more troubled look on Ichigo’s face than when he spoke to Unohana. Will this go well or is this the sign of imminent disaster?


Whew, almost done with the review. Not that I really mind writing this review as there was plenty to cover. Ichigo pulling Mayuri’s leg, Kenpachi pretending to be a homicidal flea, Unohana giving an explanation as to why Ichigo might have a slim chance of beating Aizen, and Mayuri showing something that could be called faith in Ichigo. The fact that Ichigo is troubled by all of this shows us there’s plenty to see in the upcoming few chapters. This chapter was quite an interesting read in spite of Ichigo’s departure taking more time than I expected at first. But this certainly shed some light on matters such as the hinted possibility of the Espada actually being powerful enough to face Aizen if it weren’t for the absolute hypnosis. But this could also be a very wrongful interpretation from Unohana’s part. Let’s just take a look at what I predict might happen.


Ichigo is finally inside the Garganta with Unohana, so there’s a pretty big odd of next week’s chapter starting with a Garganta opening. The location of that Garganta might even be Urahara’s basement as Mayuri pointed out that Ichigo has to find his own way back, so maybe we will see what Urahara has been up to. Of course, the odds are greater that Ichigo will end up in the middle of the fake Karakura town to witness the result of Aizen, Gin, and Tousen cutting loose. Perhaps we will catch a glimpse of what may have happened between Wonderweiss and Kensei as well. My guess is that there will be a lot of injured people as well as plenty of people who are giving their all to keep up with the terrible threesome and Wonderweiss. Unohana will most likely attempt to save Hiyori, as Ichigo has to face off against Aizen once more. Aizen will most likely greet Ichigo in the same manner as we could expect from him and he may even be able to see through Ichigo’s problems with his Hollowfication at the start. The chapter will most likely end with Ichigo telling Aizen he will fight him.
Another option is that the fight between Yammy and Kenpachi will be shown once more, maybe giving a reason for Byakuya to claim his part of the fight. Of course this would be coupled with a few scenes from fake Karakura town during the time where Ichigo is proceeding through the Garganta with Unohana.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. Seems like I managed to get it out on a Friday one way or another. Too bad I don’t feel like reading over the review again before posting it… I hope you guys were able to enjoy it even though this is a quick review -less than 2 hours instead of the average 3. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. Next week I will be sure to take the time to reply to all your comments with my exams and essays finally being over with. Anyways, I’ll see you again next week!


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9 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 381”

  1. this chapter was kind of boring, yammi, the zero espada, is still getting cut up by kenpachi, the guy who had trouble with the number five espada(wtf kubo!?) other then that the only fun thing was ichigo making an enemy of kurosuchi lol

  2. i remember when aizen made the espada he said you needed twice the restu as a normal captain. ichigo won’t stand a chance against aizen espically with the current problems with hollowfication and we see how strong his bankai is with hollow powers and don’t forget we haven’t seen aizen bankai.

    You know it would be wild quite shocking if unohana was somehow connected to aizen in becoming the soul king. Think about it if unohana attack ichigo in the grantina war is over and S.S loses.

    i pretty much doubt the second one lol oh and great job underscore

  3. Thanks for a great review as usual 😀 and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to still give us hope with your reviews on WOM

  4. Yammy is the biggest waste of space in Bleach. 😛

    Seriously he hasn’t really put any damaging blows on a captain-level opponent and is just losing limbs left and right at this rate. Great review Underscore!

  5. Bleach is becoming boring…

  6. Well, read my breakdown Cumulus

  7. sam: i always thought that maybe the reason aizen is so confident was because he had another captain working for him. however i doubt that the “team mom” Unohana is it. i always sucspected Kurosuchi actually, but this chapter proved me wrong so maybe that idea is to obvious and kubo will not go in to that.

  8. @TakashiD:
    The chapter did point out some crucial things. For one the fact that the absolute hypnosis is still active for the (former) Soul Society captains. Secondly it showed us that Ichigo now knows he has to fight Aizen, but that he still has his doubts. The chapter wasn’t quite as entertaining as last week I guess, but I still liked it.

    Aizen certainly has plenty up his sleeve. Ichigo right now doesn’t seem to stand a chance so we’ll have to wait and see how things will go. If Unohana somehow turns out to be part of the scheming it would make for quite an entertaining twist for me as I jokingly saw it coming :p. But I doubt Unohana would do something like that -though that’s what I thought about Aizen when I first saw him as well.

    You’re welcome. As long as there are people who enjoy reading my reviews I’ll keep making the time to write them. For now I finally have a few days off :).

    Yammy certainly seems to be goofing around. But I think he has something up his sleeve as he is by no means concerned by the fact that he lost a few gallons of blood, a leg, and a couple of fingers. Either he’s dense or he will be bringing out something to make him worthy of the title of Cero Espada.

    All I can say is that you’ll have to be patient as Bleach often tends to work out in a great way. Perhaps you should try rereading several chapters after each another so you can see the story is good that way.

    I’ll be reading your breakdowns as well :).

    The captains Aizen may have working for him could belong to the Zero squad…. That is if Aizen has any more Shinigami accomplices.

  9. BLEACH IS OUT!!! ^(0_0)^


    Really enjoyed this chapter.

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