The Underscore’s Bleach review 383

The Underscore’s

383 Too Early to Trust

Hey there, welcome to yet another Bleach review. After a long time without Bleach we finally get our fix again. So in order to get to the review as soon as possible, I’ll keep this little rant short. So thanks to Sleepy Fans for providing us with the scanlation which I’ll be using in this week’s review, and on to last review’s poll!

Poll Results

The previous chapter suggested there might be something to Tensa Zangetsu’s Shihakusho. I was curious about your thoughts on this matter so I put it up in the polls. These are the results of that poll:
Two people thought the Shihakusho’s only purpose is to increase Ichigo’s speed. This is something that could be deduced from Ichigo’s fight with Byakuya, which is why I think this should hold true as well.
Three people thought the Shihakusho may be the key to Ichigo’s Hollowfication getting to a new level. In the same way the mask changed when Neo-Ichigo appeared -or Ichigonater if you will- it is possible that to maintain the balance in powers the Shihakusho -representing the Shinigami powers- will change as well. But who knows if that’s the case or not.
But as we are talking about a piece of clothing, some people just won’t care. In this case there were four people who didn’t care. With this we come to the top 3 choices for this poll.
Sharing third place, each with 6 votes, were the people who thought that Ichigo’s Shihakusho is just a coat and the people who believe it will be the key to protect Ichigo from Kyouka Suigetsu’s ability. Quite the conflicting views but interesting nonetheless as it may only further the mystery of Ichigo’s Shihakusho. Or not when it comes to a total of 23 people amongst which there were 13 who thought it was just made up of Reiatsu and nothing more. These thirteen votes made the option of the Shihakusho being made of Reiatsu come in second place.
But the majority of the voters, with a total of 25, do think there’s more to Ichigo’s Shihakusho. The only problem is that they don’t know what it could be. Sadly I don’t have the answer either, nor does this week’s chapter. The chapter, however, gives us different answers.

Bow down to the smack down

You’d do the same if you were hit in the face by these two

Brought to most of his knees -at least three out of the max of fourteen-, Byakuya and Kenpachi feel they did enough to take down Yammy in the old fashioned cut off the Hollow’s head tradition. With the amount of blood coming out of the neck region the two Shinigami captains feel that they’ve finished off the Espada and decide to finish what they started last week; each other. Glancing at each other the two Shinigami intend to face off, but Yammy once more decides to get up. Kenpachi -with his awesome response- shows his surprise at the fact that Yammy got up…again. Byakuya, however, does not show any sign of being surprised as he only comments on how persistent Yammy is. Going mad with rage, Yammy starts to snicker and tells Byakuya and Kenpachi that they will regret angering him -someone’s been watching too much Hulk series- and they won’t be forgiven. Yammy’s legs suddenly start to retract into his lower body as it too starts to get smaller. Yammy’s upper body, however, starts to expand to an even more preposterous size. Sensing danger coming from this new development, Kenpachi and Byakuya get back before being crushed by…

Going Apes

Readers wanted ugly monkey, readers get ugly monkey

Just when we thought Yammy couldn’t get uglier, he managed to do so. As a side effect he also increased his size and most likely his Reiatsu. This sudden transformation, which I don’t think has to do with a segunda etapa parse, seems to have restored Yammy’s body to a fighting condition. All the hard work put in by Kenpachi (and Byakuya I suppose) seems to have been for nothing as the demonic gorilla towers over the two Shinigami. Yammy explains that this transformation is caused by his anger, staying true to his Ira’s name. The mechanics behind this seem to be that when Yammy gets angry, he gets more powerful. The more powerful he gets, the more his form and size change. The reason I don’t think this is a segunda etapa – even though I have been saying I want to see one from Yammy to make up for his disappointing performance- is that Yammy almost seems to suggest that he will be able to transform even further than this. Also, I doubt that the segunda etapa is something that can be triggered by something as simple as emotions, which I highly doubt Ulquiorra had many of. Looking at Yammy throughout the story, his transformations have been in line with his anger. First he grew bigger after being pissed at Ishida for making him fall down the tower; then he used his resurrección after being angered by the fact that Ulquiorra was beaten -and that he wasn’t able to do anything about it-; and now he is pissed at the fact that Kenpachi and Byakuya hurt him this much, resulting in this King Kong gone wrong. Perhaps he still has another level of being angered above this one -perhaps being something of homage to Dragonball Z’s Frieza- to pull out in a later stage.
As for what I think of the resurrección’s appearance itself. “King Kong gone wrong” keeps going through my mind when I look at it. The fact that he now has two legs instead of fourteen doesn’t hurt as it would suggest greater mobility. The shape of the feet seem to suggest that he might be able to fire off Bala’s with his feet now by making a fist with them. Perhaps quick jabs with his feet and a few powerful strikes with his now even more massive arms will be the way Yammy will fight now. The design of Yammy’s arms actually got a bit dull now. The previous form at least had those bones sticking out at the elbows and a few orbs in the lower arms, but this form only has oversized arms. At least the giant hornlike bones at on Yammy’s back add a nice touch to the design to make sure it doesn’t just look like King Kong. The masterpiece of this resurrección, however, has to be the face. Like I said, just when we though Yammy couldn’t get uglier, he did. It would seem that Yammy’s original mask has been restored to its former -for lack of a better word- glory. Where it only covered his jaw in the previous form, it now seems to cover about his whole face. Overall I find this form to be a bit bland, but like I said I expect there to be one final form for Yammy and a certain mad scientist has given me reason to think so.

Family outing

More fathers should take their children to see their colleagues fight giant monsters…

You have to respect Nemu for her actions. It is one thing for Mayuri to stay put like that to closely observe the Cero Espada, but Nemu shouldn’t be so sure of her own safety. The fact that she quietly sat down next to one of the last people around to protect her is nothing short of daring. Admittedly, she’s used to being hurt while fighting alongside Mayuri, but she could now have been helping Isane with the healing of the other people around. Instead, she decided to watch the fight, almost suggesting she’s been spending too much time with Yachiru. Anyway, back to the chapter, Mayuri tells Kenpachi and Byakuya to finish the fight before Yammy gets any bigger as it would make the dissection more difficult. Notice how he isn’t specifically referring to Yammy’s dissection. On the one hand, if Yammy gets too big, it will take Mayuri more time to go over the entire body -which is strange as it should turn into spirit particles after death. On the other hand, if Kenpachi and Byakuya get squished by Yammy due to his size, it will only be troublesome to make out what each splattered piece of them would be. Of course, the most important thing here is that Mayuri feels that Yammy can still get bigger than this. Whether he retains the same form or not isn’t sure, but apparently Yammy should be able to get bigger according to Mayuri, which I somehow believe to be quite possible.

The Awakening

This is the look we’ve been waiting for

The scene changes back to Fake Karakura town, where Gin and Aizen stand far above the scene of a grieving Shinji. Basking in tears and Hiyori’s blood, Shinji hardens his resolve. While still holding Hiyori, Shinji glares at Aizen for being the one who caused Hiyori to rush to her almost certain death. Commenting on this, Aizen tells Shinji that he looks as if he has awakened from a hundred year sleep, which doesn’t seem to be too far off as Shinji had a pretty similar look when he last faced Aizen 100 years ago. After hearing this from Aizen, Shinji’s look suddenly changes a bit. Shinji then looks at Hiyori as if to remind himself not to fall for Aizen’s taunts. We get a clear shot of Hiyori -who has never looked as feminine as she does here- while Shinji reminds himself not to fall for the taunt. Somehow it seems that Hiyori is still alive in spite of the severity of the injury. As Shinji holds Hiyori a bit tighter, Aizen decides to push Shinji even further by asking him if he hates Aizen. Aizen even promises to draw his sword if Shinji does hate him, which turns out to be enough for Shinji.


You promised now Aizen, so keep your promise!

Shinji calls Hacchi to the stage after hearing Aizen’s offer. Shinji then asks Hacchi to take care of Hiyori as best as he can with his injury until Ichigo returns. We then see that Hacchi is still in great pain after sacrificing his arm to defeat Barragan, though he still tells Shinji he will look after Hiyori. Shinji then leaves to face Aizen, who had nothing better to do than eavesdrop and think of a snappy remark. Sadly, the best Aizen could do was repeat what Shinji said, “Until Ichigo returns”, with a question mark. Luckily there’s more to this as Aizen goes into the matter of faith. Aizen feels that Shinji is showing signs of weakness by having faith in others. Shinji on the other hand feels that Aizen wouldn’t be able to understand the concept of faith/trust as he doesn’t even trust his own subordinates. Aizen then retorts by saying that only the weak rely on others. Shinji then tries to get Aizen back by telling him that he most likely asked his subordinates to have faith in him. Aizen, however, stays true to his character as he points out that he never told the Arrancar to trust him. He only told the Arrancar to follow him, never that they should trust him. The trust they felt towards Aizen was just a sign of weakness and instinct as all creatures want to obey those that are greater than themselves. The search for those greater then themselves is nothing but a spiral as those who have faith put into them will search for other greater than them to relieve themselves of the pressure. This spiral is what makes kings and in turn Gods. Concluding Aizen’s explanation, Aizen feels that he is a God as he has faith in no one while others instinctively have faith in him. To prove this, Aizen decides to show Shinji why he should put his faith in Aizen. Talking about people with blind faith…

Pulling out the stops

I doubt he is hiding his tears right now don’t you?

As Aizen begins his fight with Shinji, the scene changes back to Tousen, Komamura, and Hisagi. With Aizen joining the fray, Tousen sees this as a sign for him to finally show his true power. Komamura expects Tousen to use his Bankai now and wants to tell Tousen that he and Hisagi will do something as well if he does so. But before Komamura can tell Tousen what that is, he tells Komamura that he isn’t planning on using something as puny as a Bankai – somehow I think Suzumushi isn’t too pleased to hear that- as he received a power greater than that from Aizen. As Komamura comes to realize what Tousen is talking about, Tousen is showing signs of what we’ve long expected to be true by putting his hand in front of his face.
Judging by Tousen’s manner of speaking, it seems that Hollowfication can greatly surpass the Bankai ability of Shinigami. Whether this is because it adds a power of equal value as the Bankai to the Shinigami or because of a new set of abilities can’t be said for sure now. But it would seem that Tousen will be the one to show us whether this is true or not. As Tousen already showed us his Enma Kourogi Suzumushi Tsuishiki when he fought Kenpachi, a Hollowfication would be a good way to see the true effect of Hollowfication. Even though Tousen’s Bankai didn’t really add much when it came to power as far as we can tell, its ability certainly was frightful. So this week’s chapter ends with the prospect of Tousen’s Hollowfication in next week’s chapter. Or could there be more to this than Hollowfication?


After a week off, Kubo comes back with this week’s chapter. Basically three things happened in this week’s chapter. First, Yammy showed off a brand new form and was able to startle Kenpachi and Byakuya enough to prevent them from killing each other first. Then the scene changed back to the fake Karakura town -possibly to the moment after Shinji cried out for Ichigo to come back- where Aizen finally will draw his sword to fight for once. And finally, we get confirmation that the three former captains have undergone Hollowfication already and haven’t been waiting for the Hougyoku to naturally return to its full power. This was confirmed by Tousen, who is considered to be the weakest of the former captains, who seems to show signs of pulling out a Hollow mask. All in all, this week’s chapter was pretty good. Even though it did lack action as the entire chapter only revealed matters, it at least showed us that Aizen doesn’t have to worry at all even though he has lost all his Espada. With Aizen’s view on faith/trust he almost seems to suggest that he can handle everything by himself. The only thing I have to mention here is that for someone who thinks that people who have faith in others are weak, he was strangely cruel to the only one who never had faith or trust in him, Barragan. But that’s all in the past, so what of the future?


Now this week’s prediction will be a bit difficult. What will happen almost seems to be sure. The question, however, is in what order things will happen. Right now we have the following forces from Las Noches in battle: Yammy, Wonderweiss, Tousen, and Aizen. Gin somehow magically disappeared while he was standing next to Aizen a moment ago, so I’m not sure what he will be doing. Anyways, Yammy will face off against Kenpachi and Byakuya once more, though this time he seems to be quite a bit stronger. My guess is that Yammy will force his opponents to go all out, perhaps even forcing Mayuri to join the fight, all in order to prove that he is worthy of his seat in the Espada.
Tousen will pull out a Hollow mask, perhaps a bit different from the one we’ve seen up till now, and fight Komamura and Hisagi. This fight will most likely be greatly in Tousen’s advantage unless one of the Vizards will help out.
Wonderweiss and Kensei’s fight still can go either way for now. Even though Kensei is using his Bankai right now, it would seem that if he were to use his mask he should be able to become even more powerful. On the other hand, we have Wonderweiss who still has to even use his claymore and his resurrección. So depending on how things are going right now, the fight can go either way.
Then we have Aizen and Shinji. I am hoping to see Shinji push Aizen as much as he can, perhaps with his Shikai or Bankai. Sadly, with all the emphasis put on Ichigo being the only one who can fight Aizen as he hasn’t seen Kyouka Suigetsu it would seem that Shinji won’t be able to do more than push Aizen around.
As for why it is difficult to say in which order things will happen. Kubo tends to go over the fights in order of power. The weaker the opponent is, the sooner the fight is shown. It is possible that the order of the fights will be Yammy, Wonderweiss, Tousen, and finally Aizen. But it is also possible that the fights will be Tousen, Wonderweiss, Yammy, Aizen, depending on the strength of their opponents. For now I guess we’ll see Tousen’s mask at the beginning of next week’s chapter, followed by the fight that will be finished fastest. But I honestly can’t say which fight it will be as I’m expecting great fights all over.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you enjoyed it after the hiatus. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. Your predictions are always welcome as well. I’ll see you again next week!


~ by The Underscore on November 27, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 383”

  1. Awsome review, thanks

  2. poor hiyori! she looked so pitiful there! i think she is definatly dead, shinji just wants hachi to protect her body so that orihime can heal it. yammi…. well him transforming more gives me hope again but im still waiting for him to actually damage someone lol he gets bigger and bigger but still has not hurt any of his opponets yet.

  3. well i guess i was right i know they had to hollowfy tosen is just too weak. His mask could be Black and white of one of these

  4. @RDT: You’re welcome 😉

    @TakashiD: Hiyori does seem to be in quite the predicament. But for now Hacchi should be able to keep her alive for at least a little while. Perhaps Unohana can help Hiyori as well.
    Yammy’s transformation does look a bit more promising than his previous form. But you can’t say he never damaged his opponents as I think Rukia, Chad, and Renji would disagree with you on that one.

    @sam_i_am:)24: Tousen has already showed us everything he has, so the Hollowfication seems to be his only option. Assuming it is the type of Hollowfication we are familiar with.

  5. Underscore: lol i guess your right there, but he gets his ass kicked so much that i forgot all about that. i dont think they are trying to keep hiyori alive though, i mean you dont live very long after being cut in half. plus she is just lying there with her eyes opean and glazed over… i really liked how pissed shinji got though. kick his ass shinji! btw anybody see where gin went? i guess love and rose will fight him.

  6. I REALLY liked this chapter! Maybe Yammy will get more in edge-wise. I still wonder though with Mayuri. If his zanpakuto is repaired in a fast manner I’m sure Mayuri is capable of, I imagine it’d make quick work of the Cero Espada once and for all given his severe lack of defensive actions.

  7. the next poll should be (who do you think will take yammy down) byakuya kenpachi maryuri espada#4 or ashido)

    i think it’s possible that ashido may come out and use a bankai this a crazy idea i would love to see happen, but in truth it would be mayuri and his bankai Ashisogi Jizo poison to kill yammy or mayuri collected enough data to take him down with eaze

    weird night yo aizen bankai will be the one to fear i had a dream he released it and it was so horrible that i was covering my eyes and didn’t see what it was but i did peak and i think it has something to do with space. yes i meant outer space go head laugh it up.

    another note: it would be pretty cool to see Seigen Suzunami, Fujimaru Kudo apart of the zero squad or to see them in a new arc called the Shinigami from the past.

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