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Hey there everyone, welcome to the 51st Bleach chapter reviewed by yours truly. That’s right; I finally got past the big 50 with my reviews since I started with my triple review of chapters 335 to 337. When was that you ask? Exactly one year ago on December 10th. At first I wanted to mention the 50th review last week, but then I noticed today’s date and thought I might as well save my joy for this week instead of last week. So here’s to the joyous fact that I’ve been reviewing for one whole year, with the downside being that I had to delete the pictures from my first review to make space for this week’s pictures … Anyway, most of you probably won’t care as much about it as I do, but I still found it worth mentioning it. Nonetheless, I’ll just get to this week’s chapter using pictures from the Mangastream scanlation just this once so I can get this review out today. So thanks to Mangastream for the quick release. But before we get to this rather enlightening chapter we still have last week’s poll to go over.

Poll Results

Last week’s chapter revealed Tousen’s mask and I was curious as to whether it managed to impress you or not. With 54 voters, we have the following results:
Coming in last there was only one person who shared my nostalgia as he/she too has always been a big fan of the Power Rangers. Sadly Tousen’s sense of justice is nowhere near the one I remembered from the Power Rangers, making his mask the only similarity.
Three people got the impression that they were right on the mark in the poll before this one, which means that Tousen lived up to their expectations. The only problem is that I can’t say whether that’s a good thing or not .
Of course for four people things didn’t change with the previous poll as they didn’t care about the mask in chapter 383 and chapter 384 didn’t help either.
Eight people had a better idea for Tousen’s mask as they thought it would look better if Komamura were to crush it. Whether that will be true or not isn’t shown in this week’s chapter, but who knows what could happen.
Then in second place we have a tie for two completely opposite opinions. Nine people were really impressed by the mask, while nine people really weren’t impressed by it. It seems that nine people saw some meaning in the mask, while others only saw something that’s supposed to go under the belt.
But the majority of the voters were a little impressed with 20 voters as they thought it worked fine, even though they were all hoping for more. Perhaps Kubo felt that as well as he gave us more in this week’s chapter.

One year’s worth of reviews

Just a handshake’s fine Tousen…

Last week Tousen showed us what he is capable of with his Hollowfication as he easily took care of Hisagi and had little trouble with Komamura’s attacks. In a response to Hisagi’s defeat, Komamura unleashed his Bankai along with his rage to put Tousen in his place. This week’s chapter continues where we left off last week as Kokujo Tengen Myoo and Komamura prepare to face Tousen. But rather than feeling any fear or discomfort, Tousen tells Komamura that he is foolish for thinking he can win with a “mere” Bankai. Perhaps if Tousen could see the giants in front of him he would be fazed a bit more than this, but as Tousen mainly uses his reiatsu tracking ability to go around and find his opponents he probably only “sees” the limits of Komamura’s power. But Komamura being who he is doesn’t give up just because Tousen thinks he should as the two glare at each other -assuming there’s some glaring going on behind Tousen’s mask- as the battle ensues. As Komamura starts going all out against Tousen we get to see the two of the intriguing revelations we got this week.

Kyouka Suigetsu’s edge

In just two chapters time Aizen manages to draw his blade!

That’s right. Aizen is finally drawing Kyouka Suigetsu for the purpose of cutting someone rather than hypnotism. At least that’s what he promised us… I’d say Shinji said it best in this week’s chapter by saying: ‘…Finally drawin’ your blade, eh? You sure do take your time.’ This easily sums up what most people probably thought when they saw this picture. While Aizen remains silent, Shinji starts his own provocations as he asks Aizen whether he’s scared. A strange question to ask a man who just claimed he was powerful enough to be considered a God, though Shinji has a pretty good reason to be as confident as he is now. Even though Shinji wasn’t able to see through Aizen’s plot sooner because he never opened up to him, there is actually an upside to it as well. It turns out that Aizen knows as little about Shinji’s abilities as Shinji knew of Aizen’s true plans 100 years ago. As Shinji points this out to Aizen, we actually see something of a response from him in the form of a really small glare. Shinji then finally reveals his Zanpakutou’s ability as he tells Aizen that Kyouka Suigetsu isn’t the only game in town when it comes to the control of senses. Releasing his Sakenade’s Shikai with the release command collapse it seems that Sakenade -irritation or rubbing a pet the wrong name according to the translator- is able to live up to its name by rubbing Aizen the wrong way. Though it isn’t as obvious due to the picture’s size it would almost seem like there is some discomfort for Aizen. Is it actually possible that Aizen didn’t know of his former captain’s Zanpakutou?
Sakenade at least is a rather intriguing Zanpakutou. Who would have guessed that Shinji and Aizen had this much in common? With the whole Zanpakutou’s ability and shape being a part of the Shinigami’s soul, it is obvious that if what Shinji said is true they may actually be more similar than we first thought. This would mean that the reason Shinji was able to find Aizen since he was in his mother’s womb -see the Turn Back the Pendulum arc- in spite of Kyouka Suigetsu’s ability has to do with the fact that Shinji has a similar ability. The question is of course whether the abilities are similar to each other or not. Sadly, this chapter doesn’t give us anything on Sakenade’s abilities or even its appearance at that as the scene changes back to Tousen and Komamura. I would almost say it is a bad thing, not seeing Shinji and Aizen fighting right now, if it wasn’t for what happened next.

I am thou and thou art I

We fight together, we cry together, we die together

As the scene changes back to Tousen and Komamura we see Tengen getting hit in his arm. At the same time a similar cut appears on Komamura’s arm as Tousen circles around again for another attack. Komamura then quickly yells out to Tengen as he manages to land a hit on Tousen. Even though the attack probably would have been enough to kill most opponents, it would seem that Tousen isn’t most opponents. Of course, Tousen wasn’t able to come out of it unharmed either. Tousen recovers from the blow dealt by Tengen as he starts talking to Komamura about his Bankai. Tousen confirms that Tengen is controlled by Komamura’s movements and that its power is one to be feared. The catch to this is that any damage taken by Tengen is transferred to Komamura as well. Tousen points out the fatal flaw in this Bankai as Tengen is quite the easy target to hit, meaning that if you deal enough damage to Tengen it could mean Komamura’s demise. Of course, Tousen is a bit too confident about the little scratch on Komamura’s arm as if that would be enough to stop him. Komamura is probably thinking the same as he just stand there looking at the person who’s in a terrible shape. With almost every bone in his left arm broken along with massive cracks in his chest armor, Tousen shouldn’t be too confident. But it seems that Hollowfication is Tousen’s friend as the arm suddenly starts to regenerate.

True motives

How could you have been so blind Komamura?!

Komamura identifies Tousen’s recovery as the same high speed regeneration Hollows use. He then once more tells Tousen that he has given up on his Shinigami pride by turning in that which they swore to fight. Tousen, however, tells Komamura that those words seem like an excuse as it almost sounds like Tousen is cheating with his regeneration. Komamura doesn’t even bother to give an answer to that statement, though he looks surprisingly cranky after Tousen says that it sounds as an excuse for his defeat. Tousen then comes back to the conversation he and Komamura had in the previous chapter about abandoning his subordinates and friends. Tousen then comes back to the same issue I mentioned in last week’s chapter as he shows us that the anger he felt towards the Shinigami who killed his friend is still present. It also turns out that the justice Tousen tried to pursue as a Shinigami was nothing more than his own as he only joined the Gotei 13 for the purpose of revenge. It seems that Tousen’s bonds with his diseased friend are stronger than the ones he had with the Shinigami he met as he feels it would be more disgraceful to forget his promise of justice than to abandon his friends and subordinates. As Tousen is revealing his true justice, his mask starts to crumble around his mouth as if responding to Tousen’s hidden feelings of anger.

Crack head

When kids start teething they often start whining as well

Tousen continues his rant as he asks Komamura how he never thought it was strange that someone would join the same organization as the person who killed his most important friend. Komamura tells Tousen that he thought Tousen was as noble as to take up his diseased friend’s ideals while pursuing the path of justice. Komamura deduced that following his friend’s ideals would mean that Tousen should become a Shinigami as well. Tousen, however, sees no justice in aiding the Shinigami. Forgiving the man who killed his friend, living out his live in peace, both are nothing but illusions of people who don’t know justice. The only justice Tousen seeks is revenge for the regrets of the departed as the other options can only be considered as evil in his eyes. Finally revealing his true nature, Tousen’s mask also seems to be showing its true nature. But as the illusion of justice created by Tousen crumbles so do Komamura’s hopes.


All that remains is justice…

With Tousen’s true motives revealed Komamura comes to the realization that the first person he ever came to trust was nothing more than a liar. The first friendship he ever had and everything that came from it was now nothing more than a lie. But rather than this setting him back, Komamura’s resolve hardens as he now realizes what he must do. Ever since Tousen betrayed him and the rest of Soul Society Komamura was trying to appeal to Tousen’s sense of justice, which Komamura thought to be the same as his own, however, it turns out that their sense of justice is not even close to each other. Komamura now realizes that they can no longer see eye to eye and that words can no longer solve these issues. Tousen can only laugh at this as he finds Komamura’s sense of justice laughable. The idea of getting rid of all those who do not agree with his opinion is indeed a rather cruel one which has been used by many tyrants in the course of history, but Tousen has no right to ridicule Komamura. But like before, Komamura is not fazed by Tousen’s words as he agrees with the things he said here. For the sake of all the other people in Soul Society who do share his vision of peace and harmony he has now decided to strike down the man he once called a friend, even if it is against his own will.
But now that Komamura has heard Tousen’s true beliefs he tells Tousen that he has forgiven him in his heart. The fact that Komamura tells Tousen that he has forgiven him seems a bit strange at first. But considering the fact that Tousen has become what he is now all for his closest friend is probably something that Komamura can understand. In the same way that Tousen has followed this path of justice in memory of his closest friend, Komamura is doing the same thing in memory of the friend he thought Tousen was. As such, Komamura has forgiven Tousen in his heart as he has now decided to betray his own friend in the same manner for his own sense of justice. In his mind, however, he knows that Tousen can’t be forgiven, though Tousen doesn’t see it this way.

The true Hybrid

Now this is a nice anniversary gift you have here Tousen

Tousen, having lost every trace of self restrain he had at the start of this chapter, can’t help but laugh at Komamura’s words as he didn’t seek forgiveness from someone like Komamura as he feels that only a God can judge him. He then tells Komamura that he can fight him if he wants, if he can still forgive Tousen after witnessing his resurrección that is. No sooner does he say those words or he releases his Suzumushi in Spanish. But instead of the dark sphere we know from his Bankai appearing, the darkness seems to engulf Tousen to transform him as only the mask remains. As the darkness spreads around Tousen the chapter comes to an end, promising us plenty to look forward to in the upcoming chapters.


What can I say, I’m really, really happy with this week’s chapter. This is everything I started reviewing Bleach for and then some. The mysterious relationship between Aizen and Shinji as reflected by their Zanpakutou abilities is probably one of the most intriguing things we’ve seen in this week’s chapter. Who knew that there would get so much with just the revelation of Shinji’s Shikai? Or at least that we would get this much with the revelation of the name and ability description of Sakenade at least. The revelation of Tousen’s true justice was pretty interesting as well. Perhaps not as surprising as most of us saw it coming for quite some time, but a confirmation is always nice. Komamura’s response to Tousen’s true nature was quite interesting as well. The fact that he has decided to fight Tousen with everything he’s got in spite of the emotional blow Tousen’s treason has really shows why Komamura is fit to be a captain and why people like Iba have so much faith in him. But my personal favorite of this chapter is Tousen’s resurrección. The possibility of Ichigo getting a resurrección crossed my mind quite a few times due to Tensa Zangetsu’s form. Neo-Ichigo’s appearance also seemed to suggest that there was plenty of room for Ichigo to develop and the thought of a resurrección being behind it was more of a joke than anything else. The fact that Kubo decided to use it like this only makes sense, especially after Aizen’s now famous remark on the Vizards being shoddy Arrancar. With Tousen’s Grillar Grillo releasing we may see a resurrección similar to that of the Espada, or perhaps a hybrid version of a resurrección and Bankai. All I know is that I can’t wait to see how this will turn out. Perhaps Ichigo will get a resurrección as well making Tensa Zangetsu Cadena Celestial Cortando la Luna (free translation of Heavenly chain cutting the moon), or maybe this is exclusive to Aizen, Tousen, and Gin. But I can’t wait for next week’s chapter, that’s for sure.


This week’s chapter left us with two cliffhangers. First we have Sakenade, Shinji’s Shikai, and second we have Tousen’s Grillar Grillo, the resurrección of a Vizard. The first one has an ability that is very similar to Aizen’s -according to Shinji that is- which makes it rather interesting to see how Aizen will counter it. The second one, however, is interesting as it only shows us that Aizen and Gin will have plenty up their sleeves with their Bankais, Hollowfications, and now Resurrecciónes.
My guess is that next week we’ll see what Shinji’s Sakenade will do to Aizen and whether Aizen is able to break free from it immediately or not. Perhaps Aizen will be able to counter Sakenade with his own Shikai, though perhaps he will need something stronger to break free. Personally I’m hoping for Aizen to show us something worthwhile before Ichigo arrives. But I’m not sure whether that should be a Bankai or a Hollowfication. There’s one thing I’m pretty sure about though, the Resurrección will most likely be saved for Ichigo.
Tousen’s resurrección will probably follow after the effects of Sakenade are shown, perhaps halfway through the chapter. My guess is that Tousen will finally have a Hollow hole and will go berserk in the same way Ichigo goes berserk whenever Shirosaki takes over as he already started losing his mind when his mask started to crumble a bit. Perhaps it will be similar to Neo-Ichigo. If it is, it could mean that Ichigo will have to learn to access the Neo-Ichigo state and that this battle in the fake Karakura town is far from the last. Next week’s chapter can end in two possible ways if it goes as I’ve described it here. Either Tousen will reveal a powerful ability to defeat Komamura, or Komamura will reveal a special Bankai ability to counter the Resurrección.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you enjoyed this week’s review. Let’s see if I can go for another year with these reviews . Anyway, be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review and to vote in this week’s poll. Now I’m quickly going to post this so that I’ll have released this review on December 10th like my first one, though this one is more than 12 hours later than that one… I’ll see you again next week!


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10 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach Review 385”

  1. First Finally. I like to thank God and Underscore. God been with us through thick and thin.Underscore Congratulations to hitting the big 50, i hope you be on wordonmars for a long time always great reviews polls, and predictions.

    Remember in the bleach 2nd movie there cannot be two of the same zanpakuto Aizen, should be able to break twice the spiritual pressure to create an Arrancar Shinji will put scratches on Aizen to point Aizen gets tired of playing around and reveal a bankai, or Aizen pushes Shinji to bankai then Aizen kills him and your right about Ichigo and Tosen. Tosen did it with his own will Ichigo was not aware at the time. I remember that his spiritual pressure went back inside of him something like Tosen Resurrection but smaller, any way that’s it for me later.

    Oh and Congrats again Underscore great job!!!!!! Looking out for #100 Next

  2. Awesome work! Here’s to another year, Underscore!

    I think it will be far from the last fight in the series but I think Tousen will be killed/apprehended in this battle. Maybe Komamura will be able to do it, if not then Ichigo. Despite these revelations he would still be the (presumed) weakest of the trio and it looks like he’s alol but made the Kubo conditions for an Espada death 😛

  3. OMG i love tousens mask even more now! to everyone who was saying that its to plain and needs more, you can now shut the hell up. it looks like some of the akuma from DGray man. chapter was sweet! i feel bad for komamura, since i had been hoping he would be able to convince his friend. but who knows, maybe this whole “i already forgive you” thing will lead to something like that.

  4. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (count em, Four!) did someone say sneak peek of the Ulquiorra fight!? why yes i did! i now love the chinese Bleach fandom forever for this! it is from a new videogame and i cannot stop watching it! XD
    please follow these links:

    this is pretty much the same in AMV form with a few extra scenes!

    OMG April cannot come soon enough now!

  5. by extra scenes you mean this one both of those are the same sssssssswwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Tony:
    Thanks, let’s see if I can keep this up for another year. The odds of this being the final couple of fights for Bleach is low as there are plenty of things left to be covered -top of my head we have Isshin for example- so I’m not all too worried about that one. Now, saying Tousen is the weakest of the three does seem to be the main consensus amongst everyone, which would also explain why he is the first to show us everything he’s got. The fact that Tousen seems to be pulling out all the stops does seem to point in the direction of him being killed soon though….

    Tousen’s mask did turn out quite nicely indeed, though I thought it looked more like persona 3’s Thanatos than the lvl3 Akuma from D.Gray-man. Whether Komamura’s words will reach Tousen or not is a different matter, perhaps once he meets his end, but until that time I’d say Tousen’s stuck on revenge.
    As for the Ulquiorra fight: Awesome, just awesome :).

    Awesome still :), perhaps even more so after watching it again.

  7. Having the former captains show of their resurection forms is going to be awesome. It gives the possibility of Ichigo needing to tap in to the power of Neo Ichigo (that bad ass form of his ) I’m really looking forward to it. what a twist !

  8. @manny814: long time no see huh, how’s it going? I thought everyone left WMA.

  9. Hey sam 😀 i’ve been really busy with school but you can expect me back from now on. I will always feel most at home here.

  10. Good to have you back manny ;). Be sure to read this week’s review which will be out in less than an hour -I hope.

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