Ja everyone.  It is paintheclown here.  This post, as the title suggests, is my resignation.  I thought I could do these (Bleach Anime Breakdowns), but I unfortunately can’t.  I’m sorry.  I feel as if I have let everyone down.  Well, I will still visit.  But, I just can’t handle doing these.  I don’t know how to explain it.  But, I guess I’m better at Manga I know better (Naruto and OP)  Anyways, this isn’t farewell, just a brief parting.



~ by Noneatencookie on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Resignation…”

  1. =( well i figured something was up since you had not post for awhile. dont feel like you let us down, its up to you if you want to do the breakdowns or not.

  2. TakashiD is right it’s your choice to do them, i like your breakdowns i prob didn’t post to many comments (sorry bout that) but i did enjoy reading them i hope you continue to stay with us on Mars.

    Another Note: Maybe 1 day next year the site will return to it rightful glory-days, also i might try the anime breakdown

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